Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's so crazy to think that this time last year I was freshly tattooed with John Wayne's portrait on my leg - it's amazing how time flies! And it's even more amazing that somehow I became anointed as the family John Wayne obsess-ee? Since last year I've acquired some of his movies, but I've been gifted more of his movies as well as a giant portrait of The Duke, and his signature that was given to me by my Great Aunt Elvina. I may not be the biggest John Wayne fan in the world but thanks to everyone around me, I'm definitely on my way ha ha! And I can't complain because I love The Duke's movies, just like this classic from my childhood.

A portrait, movies, my tattoo, phone case, photos and even John Wayne's signature!
I'm not the biggest John Wayne fan in the world but it looks like I'm on my way!

John Chisum (played by John Wayne) owns the largest plot of land in Lincoln County, New Mexico but he's by no means a selfish man. On top of also owning vast herds of horses and cattle, the Pecos river runs right through the center of Chisum's property which he has allowed other ranchers in the area to irrigate so they can water their land and animals as well. Chisum believes in helping your neighbor, but some people have other ideas about what needs to be done with his land. Lawrence Murphy (Forrest Tucker) has come to Lincoln County and sees the land as having massive potential - so much room for booming business in stock and trade and manufacturing...but he can't do any of those things with Chisum owning so much land. But Chisum won't accept a buy-out so Murphy has to figure out a different way to get the stubborn rancher off his hands...

This is his land, and John Chisum isn't letting go easily.

It all started innocently enough, Murphy passed word along to some bandits to steal some of Chisum's livestock and preoccupy him while Murphy swoops in to take over his property. But that doesn't work, and what made it worse is that an innocent man got hurt. Henry Tunstall (Patric Knowles) was a kindly man who lived in the county and had taken on a former outlaw as his protege. That outlaw had once been known as Billy the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel) but Tunstall did the best he could to educate him in the ways of reading and manners so Billy the Kid simply became William Bonney. But when Tunstall found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was shot dead by a couple of Murphy's cronies. And this sets William off the deep end. Abandoning everything Tunstall ever taught him, William is hell-bent on exacting revenge on Murphy and his men - but he has reverted back to his outlaw ways instead of seeking justice. So now its up to Chisum to intervene and save Lincoln County from Murphy and William Bonney, and to save William Bonney from himself!

If it were up to William, he'd let this city burn.

Loosely based on the Lincoln County land war, this is a great classic western. Per usual, John Wayne plays the infallible hero who conquers over the evil men and imparts wisdom and kindness on the lost souls of the territory. There are some awesome action scenes, sweet romance between some adorable young lovers at a town formal, and the ending shoot-out of this movie takes some shocking turns that tie this movie up with an amazing finale! John Wayne fans who love his later movies, and those who love classic westerns will also enjoy this movie. And how can you hate a movie that has it's own theme song?

Another killer John Wayne movie, and one with a great song to boot!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have something embarrassing to say. For some reason I thought that this movie was a sequel to WYATT EARP up until a couple of years ago. And now that I've re-watched both of them I feel like a total bone head. How can Tombstone possibly be a sequel when Wyatt Earp ends WITH THE END of Wyatt Earp's life?? Man, I think I need to get my head examined. This weekend has been extremely stressful, I'm babysitting some rather high maintenance dogs in the land of no cell service or wifi and I did good by choosing this movie to unwind with. Tombstone is one of the most INSANELY epic Westerns I have ever seen in my entire life. 

Following along with the happenings of the legendary Wyatt Earp, our story begins with Wyatt's need to get away from law enforcement and try to create a better life for himself and his brothers. Wyatt (Kurt Russell) alongside his older brother Virgil (Sam Elliot) and Morgan (Bill Paxton) have decided to distance themselves from their famed peacemaking ways in Kansas and start life anew in Tombstone, Arizona. Silver mining has just become a booming business in the desert town and Tombstone is building upward and becoming a well-established city for class and those who strike it rich. Wyatt figures that with the help of his brothers, they can find a way to get their hands on some of this easy cash and live comfortably in the Arizona sun for the rest of their lives. But there's one problem: The Cowboys.

So much for the nice small town the Earps had hoped to settle down in!

The Cowboys are a band of outlawed rough riders who all band together with the same low principles: take what you want, the law can't touc you. And to some extent it's true - the Cowboys have grown so large in numbers that most deputies and marshalls let them get away with murder, literally, as so not to stir up too much trouble. But that's not the way the Earps have ever done business, and they are not shy about this fact. Wyatt and his brothers are actually approached multiple times by the county marshall and Tombstone's mayor to get involved in law enforcement for the town yet again. But Wyatt is convinced that their future is paved with silver instead of handcuffs so he continues to decline. His brother Virgil on the other hand cannot help but feel a tug at his heart...

These desperados aren't looking to make life in Tombstone quiet!

Virgil feels helpless whenever he looks into the eyes of the people of Tombstone - he has a history in keeping the public safe, and it's hard to deny what he feels in his heart. So against Wyatt's wishes, both Virgil and Morgan agree to take over the reigns of Tombstone and try to set things right. But this angers the Cowboys,and especially angers their leader Curly Bill Brocious (Powers Boothe). This is Curly Bill's town! No one is going to take that from him, and no man would be fool enough to stand against the Cowboys! Wyatt is also enraged by his brothers' decisions to right the wrongs of Tombstone - it's none of thier business! But when the Cowboys start taking dirty shots and hitting too close to home, Wyatt realizes what needs to be done. 

"You tell 'em I'm coming, and Hell's coming with me!"

With his younger brother murdered and his older brother left crippled, Wyatt has decided to call down the thunder. Any man wearing the trademark red sash of the Cowboys is fair game to be shot down in cold blood, Wyatt has guaranteed this. Armed with his famed Peacemaker rifle, Wyatt is joined by former members of the Cowboy band who have seen the light and his trusted best friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) to bring justice to Tombstone and end the tyranny of this wicked gang. And through this venture, Wyatt will learn the true meanings of love, friendship, family, and duty. 

Hell hath no fury...

As much as I love Wyatt Earp - which is a whole lot - I love Tombstone even more! It is weird seeing these familiar characters begin played by such different actors though. I always have Kurt Russell pinned in my mind as this hunky action actor from the 80s who stole my heart in John Carpenter's The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China, but I loved his strong performance as Wyatt Earp! Amazing! Plus, what Western fan in this world doesn't automatically love a movie starring Sam Elliot? It's basically a law of the universe. Overall the acting and actors in this movie are spectacular as well as the beautiful setting, the well-written plot, the jaw-dropping suspense, and the adrenaline filled soundtrack. Nothing about this movie sucks, it's totally goosebump-inducing and every second of it is picture perfect. 

Smiling like an idiot because this movie is SUPERB!! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars

I have never been able to hide the fact that I love me some trashy tv! Now I don't mean trashy like Trash-Tastic Thursday trashy, I mean like petty reality show trashy. I love dramatic but superficial shows like Drop Dead Diva and Greek, it totally feeds my inner girlie-girl. I was really hesitant about watching this show though because I very rarely enjoy anything teen based. I've been out of high school for about 6 years now and the dramas of adolescent life has been left in my past. But one of the girls I used to work with LOVES this show and always raved about it...and with Netflix making everything so easy how am I to resist? 

High school is never an easy time for anyone, but it's especially difficult when your best friend is murdered. Right at the beginning of their Sophomore year of high school best friends Alison (Sasha Pieterse), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Aria (Lucy Hale) are having a slumber party in the barn behind Spencer's house. Typical high school girls, they're gossiping about boys and clothes and laughing - just having a great time in each other's company. But after the girls all go to sleep, something weird happens. Alison disappears and no one has any clue what happened to her. Alison's parents and members of the community all search for her but weeks go by and there's no word of Ali and life sadly must go on...

Looks like their five-some has shrunk down to a foursome. 

Because of the incident, all 4 best friends drifted apart and went their separate ways for the summer. But come fall, they find that they've each become different people. Aria spent her summer in Iceland with her family and has returned to find herself infatuated with a very sexy guy named Ezra (Ian Harding)...who winds up being her English teacher. Yikes! Spencer, always the bookworm, has immersed herself in summer studies and tennis lessons - anything to get her into her Ivy League school of choice. Emily's summer has been spent at swim practice meets honing her skills, and that all left Hanna alone to turn into the school 'It' girl. But despite the fact that these four friends have grown apart, they're about to be pulled together by something so heinous and insane that friendship with each other is their only key to survival. 

They've gone different ways, but their paths are all about to join up again.

As the show progresses, it becomes obvious that these girls are all troublemakers and keep major secrets about some pretty deep stuff that went down in their tiny little town in the past. But out of friendship all these secrets were kept under lock and key. But there seems to be a fifth person who knows all about their dirty deeds from the past and is looking to stir up trouble. On the first day back to school the girls each start getting texts and messages from anonymous phone numbers, and each message is signed by the same person. And that person is calling themselves 'A'. Now this is terrifying on its own, but the messages all have meanings that deal with the secrets these girls all kept...things that only Alison would have known about. Is Alison really dead or is she still alive and plotting revenge against her friends for their petty girl fight stuff? Or could there be someone else out there who knows all their secrets and is pretending to be Alison? 

Who is 'A'??

So on top of trying to cover up secrets and not get caught in the act with the little booby traps that 'A' seems to be plotting for them, big things are happening in their small town of Rosewood too. Aria is trying her best to hide her budding relationship with Ezra from everyone, which is made slightly easier when her parents separate...but how is she supposed to juggle a secret boyfriend and the emotional burden of dealing with her father's infidelity and mother's stubbornness? Spencer's older sister comes back into town and uproots Spencer's plans of independence and a drama-free household. Emily realizes that maybe her boyfriend isn't the right match for her and she might be leaning more towards...girls. And Hanna is plunged into a terrifying world where her mom's income is no longer supporting their fabulous lifestyle and they are both put at risk when her mom starts stealing money from the bank where she works. Rosewood is a town filled with secrets, and these four friends are the keepers. Unless 'A' manages to uproot everything and expose every skeleton in everyones closet. 

Can you keep a secret?

As silly as it might sound, this show is suspenseful and addicting! I love the mystery and the teeny-boppy suspense in this show, each episode has me begging to find out more about the secrets hidden in the little town of Rosewood. Sure, there are some stereotypical elements to the show. Like how all the girls NEVER wear the same outfit twice, all own their own cars, and are able to shop all the time even though none of them work and their parents have very average jobs. But if you're not totally picky or one of those people who will nit-pick this show to death, I recommend it! The mystery is fun and engaging, and who doesn't love some serious girl drama from time to time? The show is currently on its 5th season on ABC Family and is already signed on for at least another 2 seasons - yay!! More marathoning for us!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

During my last movie haul, I had been focused on buying all the Saw movies but I got distracted by some gorgeous cover art - which happened to be this movie! After watching Prehistoric Women a couple weeks ago and being disappointed, I was still craving something on the more savage side. And my appetite has been sated! It's movies like this that make all the typical sludge of Trash-Tastic Thursday totally worth it, this movie is a diamond! And I need to share in my spoils!

Sure, it didn't exactly fit in with the rest of my purchases but at least now I know
that EVERYTHING I bought is a keeper!

In the far off space ages of 1998 - oh wow, so far into the future! - the American Space Program set its sights on exploring space and the first planet to be visited would be Venus. The first rocket launched with the intention of landing on Venus exploded in mid-flight, but this didn't stop science! In a mere 6 months, another ship was readied with a crew of 2 men and a human-like robot to launch into space. This mission was more successful, Captain Kern (Georgiy Teykh) and Howard Sherman (Yuriy Sarantsev) were able to travel the distance between Earth and Venus and were on the cusp of safely landing on the planet when their ship lost contact with Ground Control and crash-landed. Unable to reach them, the back-up team of astronauts launched into space a mere 2 hours later to begin their rescue mission.


Commander Lockhart (Vladimir Yemelynov) alongside astronauts Hans (Georgi Zhzhyonov) and Andre (Gennadi Vernov) safely landed on the surface of Venus and found themselves locked in a bizarre, foggy world. The entire surface of the planet appeared very rocky and there was a continuous vapor hovering in the air, but there was more to be discovered on this alien planet. Like dinosaurs! Mini tyrannosaurus-like dinosaurs and large pterodactyls roamed the land like they weren't extinct anywhere else! How crazy! But the time to ponder the dinosaurs would have to come later, Sherman and Kern and Robot John were still out there somewhere badly injured and in need of help. But it's going to be hard to focus on this mission with sexy mermaid-esque alien ladies roaming the planet too!

Sexy alien babes! Score!

This movie was a shocking gem! Comprised of recycled pieces from the movies Planeta Bura and Voyage to the the Prehistoric Planet, this movie wastes no time and launches right into the cool plot and we are instantly engulfed in the bizarre mysteries of outer space. The sci-fi and dinosaur stuff is really cool, I think I need to find more movies with both of these elements present. And let's talk about these sexy alien ladies. Wowza! They're actually dressed a lot like mermaids, which is of course sexy, and their leader is none other than famed sex symbol Mamie Van Doren! Talk about a hottie! This movie is the perfect mash-up of sci-i, dinosaur-packed, and spacey romance that I've ever seen! Granted, the production quality isn't great but as far as Trash-Tastic Thursday goes this movie is a win-win!

I'm totally in love!! Thank you random/amazing cover art for coming through
for me yet again!!

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Radio done right every Thursday night!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wyatt Earp

I'm not sure what's pushed this little mood of mine but I am all of a sudden on a major cowboy kick right now! In the past, I'm sure it's kind of obvious that I have a deep love for Westerns and this is one I've held close to my heart for some time. Growing up I watched a lot of Westerns with my family and movies like Jeremiah Johnson and The Cowboys really stuck with me, but there were some movies that I never watched and was always curious about. The cover of this movie always caught my eye, such a killer action shot! And who on this planet isn't familiar with the name Wyatt Earp? I watched this movie a few years ago and fell completely in love, and now I finally own it. And my life is pretty close to perfection because of it. 

Just a few of the Western/Country music based movies I have yet to blog
about - any requests or recommendations??

As a child, Wyatt Earp was born on a corn farm in the American Midwest right on the cusp of the Civil War. His older brothers James and Virgil left home to go enlist in the army, Wyatt wanted nothing more than to follow them but his father insisted that the most important thing Wyatt could do was be home with his family. But once the war came to an end and his brothers returned home, it was decided that the Earp family needed to plant their roots somewhere new. And so they set out for the wide open spaces of the untamed West to start a new life. And Wyatt grew up into a responsible and well-mannered young man. 

All grown up and looking to make something of himself, Wyatt (Kevin Costner) left his parents in California and travelled to Missouri where he decided to study to become a lawyer under the tutoring of his grandfather. But a love for the law wasn't the only thing bringing Wyatt to the South, he was in love with a beautiful young woman named Urilla (Annabeth Gish) and Wyatt fully planned on marrying her. And he did. Wyatt's life was perfect - he had the woman of his dreams, he was studying to become a lawyer, he was working as a Constable for the local police department. Life was perfection. And then Urilla was struck down with Typhoid fever. 

Young love struck down in its prime...

When the Typhoid took Urilla's life, Wyatt was completely lost. His life no longer made any sense and he didn't want it to. He set his beautiful home on fire the night he buried his wife and turned to alcohol to comfort himself. But after months of drunkenly stumbling around town and robbing people for more liquor money, Wyatt was thrown in jail where he was pretty sure he'd waste away until his grandfather found it in his heart to post his bail. But that bail money came with a price: Wyatt's grandfather ordered that he leave the state and start over, that Wyatt actually make something of himself! And he did. 

He's a bit worse for wear, but Wyatt is finally ready to start over.

After trying his hand at multiple jobs like buffalo skinning and dealer poker at a gambling house, Wyatt found himself in an unusual situation that would change his life forever. While working in Wichita, Kansas, Wyatt's morning was interrupted by a drunk throwing a tantrum and shooting his gun off in a saloon across the street but the town Deputy was far too terrified to risk his own life to stop the drunk. Wyatt had enough, so he grabbed the Deputy's pistol and brought the man to justice on his own! And not even thinking twice, the town Marshall appoints Wyatt as the new town Deputy and he wastes no time cleaning up Wichita and eventually moving on to clean up Dodge City.

An honest man like Wyatt was born to work in the law

Time goes by and Wyatt has established himself as a man not to cross in this town - he doesn't tolerate public drunkenness, an requires that all visitors check their guns into the Sheriff's station. And while Wyatt has done good for the town, some of his partners and the townsfolk don't much care for his iron fist - and this creates many enemies for him. Despite working mostly with his brothers, Wyatt also takes up with some questionable characters like the infamous Doc Holliday (Dennis Quad) who manages to become his lifelong friend and a reliable one at that. The later half of our movie chronicles some of the most infamous moments in Wyatt Earp's lifetime - the bandits and roughnecks he takes down, the woman who later stole his heart, and the showdowns in Tombstone, Arizona that built up his legacy. 

"There's nothing closer than blood, everyone else are just strangers"

I couldn't love this movie anymore if I tried! As much as people like to make fun of Kevin Costner for being a total control freak with a super ego, he does an amazing job portraying Wyatt Earp in this movie. Yes, this movie is over 3 hours long but every second is well worth it. Raging action, beautiful landscapes, unbridled passion all make this one of the greatest westerns you could ever watch. But you know what really seals the deal for me with this movie? The buffalo. In the part of this movie that focuses on the time in Earp's life where he worked as a buffalo skinner we are treated to scenes where hundreds of buffalo, enormous herds, are being filmed and none of them are CGI. Sure, this doesn't sound like a whole lot to most people but this part of the movie instantly brings me back to the jaw-dropping buffalo stampede scene in How the West Was Won. This scene adds to the authenticity of this movie, and I love nothing more than a Western that I can believe in. If you love historical movies, especially ones about the infamous characters of the wild west then I highly recommend you check this one out. Otherwise, it's a killer Western with great action and a killer plot that I would still highly recommend. 

A forever favorite - Kevin Costner definitely knows what he's doing!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Jungle Book

In a way, revisiting this movie has been less about nostalgia and more about conquering an old fear. When I first saw this movie when I was young, I was terrified! Scary-real animals, including the horrifyingly HUGE anaconda, and quicksand all haunted my dreams after seeing this. Because of The Jungle Book, I had an irrational fear that I was going to be sucked down by quicksand if I didn't watch my step! And while I've left this fear behind me many years ago, and I'm not longer afraid of this movie, I still don't think this is a very kid-friendly choice for family movie night. Allow me to explain. 

During the time of the British "invasion", so to speak, of India Colonel Geoffrey Brydon (Sam Neill) is being led to the city where he is supposed to act as a temporary Governor by a barrage of local guides. With these strangers from England coming to India, a lot has changed in the land - especially in the jungles. Many of the British soldiers don't undestand the concept of hunting for need rather than sport, which is Indian jungle law - and this has caused a great upset. And Shere Khan, the mightiest tiger in the jungle is the one who restores this balance. The first night of Colonel Brydon's journey to the city, Shere Khan pays a visit to the soldiers and attacks the troupe! During the mass confusion, a young boy named Mowgli who was the son of the guide leading the soldiers, becomes lost in the jungle and is never found. At least, by mankind...

That little boy wasn't lost forever!

Nearly 15 years go by and life has gone on for Colonel Brydon, his men, and his daughter Kitty (Lena Headey). And life has gone on for that young boy Mowgli as well. Adopted by the animals of the jungle, Mowgli (Jason Scott Lee) was raised by Bagheera the black panther and a pack of wolves. He grew up learning the jungle laws and how to communicate and live in harmony with all the creatures around him. But that doesn't mean growing up in the jungle was a big picnic! Mowgli faced plenty of challenges, and we're coming back to his story just as he's about to duke it out with some curious monkeys. As a young boy, Mowgli and Kitty had been friends and the night of Shere Khan's attack the little girl had given Mowgli her favorite bracelet after he sneakily kissed her. Mowgli has worn that bracelet all these years, but while he was sleeping a monkey came by and stole it! Thankfully Mowgli was able to get it back, but not before journeying into an abandoned city that has been taken over by a cheeky orangutan and his "loyal subjects". 

Never a dull day in the jungle!

That particular day, after Mowgli secures his treasure from the monkeys, he is drawn toward another city - although this one is thriving and filled with people. Growing up in the isolated jungle, Mowgli hasn't had any contact with humans since he was a child but that is about to change today. He steals inside the walls of the city to explore and eventually finds himself face to face with the grown up Kitty! They don't recognize each other at first, but Mowgli is captured by the guards of the household and taken down into the dungeon. While Kitty's father is more interested in finding out if this young man was attempting to kidnap his daughter or steal her virtue, Kitty has a totally separate interest in him. This young man has never interacted with people, he has the soul and mind of a wild animal. Maybe with the help of her friend and tutor Dr. Plumford (John Cleese) they can "humanize" him! And that's when they discover his real identity. 

Will he ever be human again?

Upon learning that this jungle boy is Mowgli, Kitty becomes even more excited about her project of educating him! She teaches him manners, language, history - everything Mowgli would need to know to survive in the human world. And while Kitty and Mowgli are enjoying themselves and their friendship is slowly being rekindled, Kitty's jealous suitor lurks in the shadows. Captain William Boone (Cary Elwes) and Kitty have been seeing each other for some time now, and Boone is disgusted at the relationship his lady is developing with the jungle boy. And in order to get things to go his way, Boone decides that he needs to get Mowgli out of the picture and Kitty back into his arms. But true love cannot be broken, Mowgli knows that his destiny is to be with Kitty but Boone has to be bested at his own game. So Mowgli decides to lure Boone into the jungle with the promises of hidden treasure that will make him a rich man. Boone takes the bait, and adventure ensues...

Mowgli loves Kitty and he'll do everything he can to keep her.

This movie is actually very amazing if you're not too busy trying to compare it to the animated Walt Disney 1967 adaptation. The acting is very good, the action between man and beast is intense, and I'm a total sucker for a story that involves true love. And even though this is a Disney movie too, I don't recommend this one for kids. Yes, there are some comedy moments that are child-friendly and the animals in this movie are really cool but the violence is very intense AND THERE IS DEATH EVERYWHERE!! People get mauled by animals, animals get shot, people drown in quicksand, get buried in ancient Indian booby traps - this is all terrifying stuff for kids! Overall, use your best judgement but I'd recommend this more for the adults who are children at heart. 

Not terrified anymore! Yay, I'm growing up!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deep Blue Sea

This is another movie from my early years of discovering things on HBO! My family didn't get cable TV until I was 9 years old, and when we did it opened an amazing door for me and my little sister. We had access to movies and TV shows that our friends in school always talked about but we never got to see - things like Scream and South Park and even Blue's Clues! But the bad thing about all this access to movies was that it left our impressionable brains a bit scrambled with some of the scarier stuff we saw. Jason X is one of the first movies that springs to my mind - all the crazy sci-fi slasher action and mega nudity was a total brain blaster for me. But this is the movie that stands out above all others during my early days of cable TV, and this also stands out as the number 2 reason why my sister is TERRIFIED of sharks. Ah the memories!

Sure, she's a little scared of everything but shark movies are her BIGGEST fear!

In the middle of the ocean lies a floating research facility owned by a company called Aquatica. Aquatica has established this facility to study the different uses of brain tissue in sharks in battling life-threatening human diseases, one of the biggest ones being Alzheimer's. While the work that is being done at the Aquatica facility is totally valid, there are still some huge concerns. A boat of teens several miles from the facility became victims of a deadly shark attack, but the behavior of this shark was vengeful and had purpose - like it was targeting this boat. But sharks aren't programmed that way...unless something is going on at Aquatica that hasn't been authorized. So an executive is sent into the field to find out the truth. 

Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson), a corporate executive for Aquatica, flies out to the isolated facility to investigate further into these shark attack allegations and what he finds is startling! Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) has been skirting around the designated procedures and has been enlarging the brain tissue of some of the sharks they've been working with so she can harvest more tissue and save more lives. Sure, she's trying to do a good thing but she's doing it in a bad way. Why is it bad? Simple: bigger brains make for smarter sharks, and these sharks are mean! 

Jumping into the water with one of these genius killing machines is a bad idea!

During Russell Franklin's stay, Dr. McAlester offers to demonstrate her procedures so he can have a first hand look at her work. All goes according to plan...until it doesn't! While extracting tissue from a shark's brain the anesthesia wears off and the shark attacks one of the assisting doctors! It seizes his arm in its jaws and rips it off! Now they've got a man on the verge of bleeding to death on their hands, a shark in the water with a taste for human blood, and a hurricane brewing only a few miles away. Crap. But, of course, that couldn't possibly be the end of their problems! That shark that's swimming around with a taste for human blood wants more, and it's smart enough to figure out how to get it. 

Human: he's what's for dinner!

With a few carefully placed attacks, the shark RAMS the large glass windows of the underwater facility, causing them to SHATTER and the entire lower half of underwater Aquatica to flood and sink! Trapped in a rapidly flooding and sinking medical facility with blood-thirsty, and mega smart sharks - the doctors and crew still trapped inside need to get to the surface if they have any chance of surviving. So it's up to ruggedly handsome shark wrangler Carter Blake (Thomas Jane), the bible-beating chef everyone calls Preacher (LL Cool J), and what remains of the research team to find a way to get to the surface, get help, and not get eaten by a super smart shark in the process.

Watch your back Preacher!

I'm honestly torn about my feelings toward this movie. I really loved it when I first saw it all those years ago - I legitimately thought this was the coolest movie ever and watched it ALL the time whenever it was on HBO. But now that I've re watched it... I just don't know. On one hand, the action is pretty cool and there are some pretty tense moments and scares. But the CGI for the sharks is so bad! For some reason I thought I remembered the sharks as being the cool robotic ones from the Jaws era, but these were god awful! From the movements and expressions on their faces, even the mangled bodies look horribly fake and pathetic. I was really bummed out about that. Yes, there are some robotic sharks but their presence isn't enough to make up for the disappointing animated ones. Overall though, this is a fun shark attack movie and I do recommend it simply because LL Cool J is hilariously awesome and at least the actors try to make the whole fight-for-survival thing convincing. 

This one totally fits in with my nostalgia kick! What's your fave childhood horror/action movie?