Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Why are there not more horror movies that start with the letter X? That's what I want to know, it would have been nice to have some kind of options to choose from for My ABCs of Horror, but this was all I could come up with... So here we have Xtro! I have been so nervous to watch this movie. Everything I've read about it has seemed super sketchy, people saying that there's something to do with a kid and his father being an alien and a whole bunch of other confusion things. This sounded like a better candidate for Trash-Tastic Thursday than My ABCs of Horror to be honest! And you know what? I was right.

Young boy Tony (Simon Nash) believes with all of his heart that his father was stolen from him. That one afternoon while playing in the yard, the entire sky went black and a blinding white light pulled Tony's father Sam (Philip Sayer) into it. But it simply isn't true. Tony's mother Rachel (Bernice Stegers) keeps insisting to the young boy that his father left them three years ago, that there was no blinding light and the man wasn't taken. But little Tony knows better. And then something disgusting
and miraculous happens - Sam comes back!

Tony was right, his daddy did come back!

One afternoon Rachel goes to pick up Tony from school when she learns that Tony has already been picked his father! And it's true! Rachel finds Tony with Sam, how is this possible?! Back at their apartment, Sam says that he isn't sure of where he has been for the past 3 years but he wants to try and return to a normal life. But maybe that isn't something that Sam is ready to do just yet. And this becomes abundantly clear when Sam eats one of Tony's pet snakes' eggs right in front of the boy! And then when he bites little Tony on the neck and either sucks out some of his essence or pumps essence into the boy... I'm not sure which is which.

I think someone needs to explain to this guy what bonding with your
kids actually means!

After this weird interlude between father and son, Sam confides in Tony and tells him that while he doesn't know where he went...he changed. He changed into something else. But we know this because we saw the nasty alien creature that crawled out of the woods, bit the neighbor lady, and then gave birth to a full grown Sam! You read that right! And now whatever Sam is, Tony is part of one too. He wants to bond with his son again, and the best way to do so is for them to apparently share the same alien DNA. And then things start to make no sense at all.

A new twist on the "Where do babies come from" question...

A midget clown (Peter Mandell) starts causing mischief in the house - I think it's a toy of Tony's that he brings to life with his mind? Tony attacks his nanny (Maryam D'Abo) while they're supposed to be playing a game of hide and seek, he spins her into this spiderweb-esque nest where she starts popping out eggs like a gumball machine. A roaring black jaguar is seen. Tony's mom wants to get back together with Sam but doesn't know if she should... and then has sex with his while he decomposes /transforms. Lots of weird things. And then the movie just ends with this thing that happens...and yeah...

Phone home, go home... I don't even care at this point!

This movie was totally bizarre to the max! I don't know if I was left feeling scared so much as confused and a little bewildered. Basically this movie felt like Ed Wood - the creator of Plan 9 From Outer Space - got his hands on E.T. and Village of the Damned and made his own mish-mash of the two movies. Whoa. There is plenty of creepy gore in this movie, which is great, but nothing as far as suspense or true terror. But there's just a lot of weird junk that happens that really felt unnecessary to the movie. So, this is my plea to filmmakers and those in Hollywood: PLEASE MAKE A HORROR MOVIE STARTING WITH THE LETTER X THAT IS DECENT! This crap fest of weird needs to be put on the back burner for the rest of eternity. No more of this creepy nonsense!

Want to know what's even worse than this movie? The fact that
it has A SEQUEL! Check out the trailer for Xtro 2: The Second Encounter here. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wolf Creek 2

I absolutely love that yesterday and today have been dedicated to two amazing sequels! With only 3 more movies to go, I've watched some pretty lame-o horror movies in My ABCs of Horror but I feel like this past week has been filled with sheer awesomeness! Which is not something I would have ever expected from modern horror, or modern horror sequels for that matter. A couple months ago I revisited the first Wolf Creek movie, which I really liked and was very freaked out by. And with the trailer looking so amazing for the sequel, I was anxious to see how the story would hold up. Little did I know that not only did this sequel hold up - it sky-rocketed past any expectations I had! Crazy!

German couple Rutger (Phillipe Klaus) and Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn) have come to Australia to enjoy themselves a little vacation. Normally outdoorsy people, like many others who come to Australia, they've come to see the breathtaking sight of the Wolf Creek Crater but they're looking to get a little more out of their adventure. Not bothering to rent a car, Katarina and Rutger decide to walk and hike their way across the outback, and hopefully bum the occasional ride off strangers. Several times they get lucky on their way to the Crater and make it up and down the hillside before dark. But with traffic thinning, the couple goes off the main road and pitches their tent for the night determined to set out first thing the next morning.

Vacation fun! Woo!

Getting ready to tuck in for the night, Rutger sits up in the darkness...he hears something. And sure enough, a large beat-up pick-up truck slowly drives out of the darkness and shines its bright lights on the tent. Rutger steps out of the tent and comes face to face with none other than Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), the psychotic killer from the first Wolf Creek movie! Mick explains in a good natured way that Rutger and Katarina are camping inside of a national park, which is illegal in Australia. He offers the couple a ride into town so they don't accidentally get caught by a ranger and receive a heavy fine, but when Rutger repeatedly declines Mick's offer he gets impatient. Mick pulls out his hunting knife and stabs Rutger right on the spot! Rendering the man helpless, Mick leaves him in the dirt and goes after Katarina...but she turns out to be a runner.

He's baaaaack!

Katarina flees through the brush but Mick is literally right on her tail in his truck, barrelling over small trees and large bushes to get to her...but then Katarina finds refuge! A jeep driving on through the night! She leaps in front of the car and the drive, Paul (Ryan Corr), pulls Katarina into his car...only to have Mick come roaring onto the road behind them! And then Mick gives chase! But when he finally corners Paul and Katarina, he shoots the girl through the face and accidentally kills her. Damn! This isn't fair! If Paul hadn't interfered Mick would probably be having his way with her, but now she's just another dead body. Mick is furious...and lucky for him he has somewhere to target his aggression. And so he goes after Paul.

You never come between a man and his prey...

Mick proves to be just as vigorous in hunting down Paul as he was with Katarina. Paul tries to lose Mick through the desert, but in doing so he gets hopelessly lost himself. Once he does finally find a main road again, his car is on the verge of overheating so he pulls over to get some help from passing motorists. But who is the second person to come along the road? Mick in a semi truck! And the chase gives way again! Right on his heels again, Paul keeps his foot to the floor as his dying Jeep loses more and more power climbing up large hills. But then when his car finally does die, Mick pushes him over the side of a cliff! And then sends the semi down after him! But Mick isn't done with him Paul yet. Not by a long shot. After all, Mick is a skilled hunter and tracker. Wherever Paul goes, he'll be able to sniff the man out. And Mick is going to make him pay for getting in the way of his latest conquest.

"Somebody's gotta keep Australia beautiful!"

PERFECTION!! I was expecting this movie to be a really lame version of the first Wolf Creek movie, but instead I was treated to something far more brilliant! Instead of just telling the story from the prey's point of view - a true story keep in mind, we get this elaborate picture painted of who Mick Taylor really is. Instead of just being some weirdo who picks up hitchhikers and butchers them, we find that Mick is all around nuts and is just killing whomever he pleases! This movie was maddeningly intense and fear-inducing, just like the first movie. Fan of movies like the latest remake of The Hills Have Eyes and The Strangers will go totally bonkers for this movie! And I am not ashamed to say that if there ends up being a third Wolf Creek movie, I will be one of the first to buy a ticket and see it in theaters. If it's anywhere near as amazing as the sequel, the third movie will be GOLDEN!

My ABCs of Horror ends in only 3 short days! Can't believe it's 
almost over!

Monday, October 27, 2014

V/H/S 2

I am so excited to tell you about this movie! Unlike many people, I am a fan of the first V/H/S movie. Granted, some of the stories within the first movie weren’t that good so it was hard to like the entire movie. But this sequel was totally different. It pushed limits, it made me squirm – this was a full-on fright fest! And I loved every second of it!

Private investigator Larry (Lawrence Michael Levine) is on his way to start a new case. Accompanied by his assistant Ayesha (Kelsey Abbott), they’ve been called by a worried mother who hasn’t heard from her son in over a week. Granted, this woman’s son is in college and there’s a likely chance he’s just doing dumb college kid stuff but the investigators head to the guy’s house to see what they can find. No one appears to be home, so Ayesha and Larry slip through a back window to discover a house that is basically empty minus one thing. There are multiple televisions in several rooms, and large piles of video tapes all over the house. Larry goes into the next room to look through some notebooks he sees laying around while Ayesha starts watching some of the tapes to see if there is anything helpful on them.

Could there be a clue on these tapes?

And from here we watch the VHS tapes along with Ayesha, this is where the movie branches off into an anthology of 4 short horror stories. But by watching these tapes in a certain order, Ayesha is unknowingly causing something within the empty house to stir.

Phase 1: Clinical Trials – In this story, a man in his late 20s (Adam Wingard) has just had a life changing operation. After having one of his eyes horribly injured in a car crash, he receives a field test bionic eye that acts kind of like a video camera. But the minute that the man gets home he starts to see bloody children and pale men in his home that don’t belong there. And a visit from a girl (Hannah Hughes) who had a similar operation but with her ear, helps to clarify the man’s worst fears about what he’s seeing.

What would you do if you could see the dead? 

A Ride in the Park – With a GoPro camera strapped to the top of his helmet, Mike (Jay Saunders) is excited to get some footage of him tackling the local mountain bike trails at the park. Mike is cruising along when a frantic woman covered in blood comes screaming out of the woods begging for help…but before Mike can run for help the woman lunges at him and bites into his forearm! And before Mike can go for help, he finds himself turned into a blood thirsty zombie descending on innocent park-goers.

Undead in the park!

Safe Haven – A group of documentary filmmakers have been given the rare privilege to enter The Gates of Paradise: a religious compound in Indonesia housing a religious fanatic and his followers that are shrouded in mystery. While filming the building and the people inside, it becomes very clear that there is something not quite right about this place. The Gates of Paradise is devoted to something much more sinister that spiritual enlightenment…and the film crew has arrived on Judgement Day.

Safe Haven? Maybe not.

Slumber Party Alien Abduction – A pair of teen brothers, their dog Tank, and some of their mischievous friends love shooting their antics with their handheld camera. From strapping the camera to Tank’s back to filming their pranks they pull on the brother’s older sister and her boyfriend its all harmless fun. But then one night during a sleepover a blaring light and terrifying blast noise shakes the entire house…and then before the group can find out what happened they discover their home has been invaded by aliens!

What are they and why are they here?

I was floored by this sequel! Usually horror sequels - with the exception being 80s slasher movies - are total crap and no fun at all. But this one blew past any doubt I had! The suspense, and not just the suspense added with all found footage movies, is unreal! And the gore twisted my stomach, during A Ride in the Park I had to put my box of Cheez-Its aside because I was sure I was going to throw up. And now I've learned there will be a third sequel: V/H/S Viral! Could it be better still? I really hope so! If you love found footage movies, nasty gore, killer suspense, zombies, aliens, and paranormal happenings I highly suggest checking out this movie!

V/H/S: Viral - this trailer looks for intense!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Uninvited

U is for The Uninvited, which is okay I guess but I'm super peeved that I ended up watching this movie. Originally for U, I was going to watch Urban Legend, a movie I've never seen before and looked awesome! Plus I've been having lots of fun watching 90s horror movies this go around - see my posts on Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. But then Amazon Instant Video had to go and remove Urban Legend from it's streaming list! Seriously?! Who deletes movies from streaming sites in October?! Much less the week before Halloween?!? So last night I was scrambling for find a horror movie that started with the letter U that I would watch. My choices were The Unborn (2009), Uninvited (1988), and The Uninvited (2009) - I chose The Uninvited. I can't really explain why, but it was a decent enough decision at the last minute.

Anna (Emily Browning) has just spent the last 10 months going through intensive treatment at a psychiatric hospital. Only days after the sudden and violent death of her mother, Anna attempted suicide by cutting both of her wrists...but the rest of the details of that night are shrouded in mystery. All she can remember is being at a party, making out with a cute neighbor boy named Matt (Jesse Moss), and then going home...but then there's a gap. The next thing she remembers is seeing the boathouse her mother was staying in explode! And then everything goes dark again. What happened in those gaps? And through all of her counseling sessions, Anna has worked so hard trying to recover memories and process her feelings about this incident, and her shrink Dr. Silberling (Dean Paul Gibson) believes she is ready to go home and start living a normal teen life again.

Is Anna ready to be a normal girl again? 

Returning back to her beautiful lakeside home, Anna is greeted by her father (David Strathairn) who has become a published writer in the time that Anna was away at the hospital..but there's something else new in her dad's life too. Rachel. Rachel (Elizabeth Banks) is the nurse who helped to take care of Anna's mom while she was sick...and now she is Anna's dad's girlfriend. This makes Anna severely uncomfortable, and her older sister Alex isn't too happy about this budding relationship either. Come to think of it though, Alex (Arielle Kebbel) isn't very happy with Anna either. The sisters were best friends all their lives, but when Anna went away she left Alex behind to adjust to life with her dad's new girlfriend. And it's clear from the moment Anna enters the house that something isn't right.

She's home, but it doesn't feel like home anymore.

The very first night in the house, Anna has a horrible nightmare that her mother's charred corpse comes to her in the middle of the night screaming "MURDERER". Granted, Anna is horrified...but it happens again the second night too. She thinks her mother's spirit is trying to tell her something...and possibly point out her possible murderer. And when Anna confides in Alex about her dreams, she has no problem jumping to the idea that Rachel is their mother's killer. It's the perfect crime! She kills off the sickly wife to a man with major celebrity potential all so she can get his money - but if they expose Rachel for being a fraud, maybe they can convince their dad to get rid of her. But it turns out that Rachel isn't the murderer. Not even close. And the real murderer is not someone Anna would have ever suspected...

"Pinkie pact"

This movie was very creepy! Right from the beginning it had lots of creepy jumps and jolts, and the effects of the dead mother were definitely things that you could see crawling out of your nightmares. But then at the end the movie lost it. As much as I love watching teen girls try to reveal that their weirdo soon-to-be step mother is really a psychopathic murderer, I was hoping for something more intense. BUT! That being said! There is a twist at the end of the movie that literally dropped my jaw and I loved that! Overall, this movie was fun...but it's forgettable which bums me out. So here's hoping that in the future I'll be able finally see Urban Legend and it'll be every bit as awesome as I had hoped it would be!

The Urban Legend trailer - I will see this movie if it kills me!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


T is for Tusk, a movie I have been DYING to blog about for so long now! I watched this movie an hour after I saw As Above So Below about a month ago (yes, I've been sitting on this post for a month) and was honestly a little worried. As Above So Below had scared me so badly, what if I was about to reduce myself to tears by submitting myself to another horror movie? And this time I was going it alone - I didn't have a movie-going buddy to hide behind! But I was in luck. Instead of trying to crawl underneath my seat to find a happy place, I was on the EDGE of my seat both fascinated and laughing like crazy over this crazy bizarro movie! And now I can finally tell you about my adventure! I hate to say it, but I really think Kevin Smith needs to stick with horror movies now - after seeing this and Red State, I think this man has found his true calling in life!

Mind-melting terror accompanied with black comedy horror:
a dream double feature!

Podcasters Wallace (Justin Long) and Teddy ( a slightly pudgy Haley Joel Osment) are reveling in their success. Pioneers of the witty comedy podcast The Not-See Party, Wallace and Teddy have risen to the top. With their witty banter and off-beat in-studio guests, the twosome treat their listeners to racy material and questionable stories and their next show is gearing up to be just like any other. Wallace has agreed to fly North to Winnipeg, Canada to interview a Youtube sensation, but once he arrives at the house of the interviewee...he is shocked to find that he committed suicide! Great. Wallace is now stuck in Canada without a story to bring back to the States, what is he supposed to do now? But this trip hasn't totally been in vain. Pinned under some flyers in the bathroom, Wallace finds a sheet of paper offering free room and board in exchange for someone to listen to a well-traveled man's stories. In need of a story and without hesitation, Wallace dials the phone number and gets an address before jetting off into the desolate wilderness of Canada.

Any story is better than no story at this point!

Two hours later, Wallace pulls up to the gates of a huge mansion called Pippy Hill. And it is here that he meets Howard Howe. Howard (Michael Parks) is an elderly man confined to a wheelchair who wastes no time in launching into his stories. Bringing out tea to share with Wallace, Howard begins his tales by recounting his time in World War II where he met Ernest Hemingway and then trails off into other sea-faring tales when he comes to the story of the walrus. While hunting a fabled Siberian great white shark in the chilly Scandinavian seas, his ship crashes and sinks to the bottom of the sea and Howard is forced to cling to a life preserver and swim in any directions to find shore. But he wasn't alone. It turns out he was being followed by a walrus who actually took him in and the two developed a bizarre friendship before Howard was rescued...but he always carried a fondness for that walrus. But while Howard is recounting this tale, Wallace finds himself falling unconscious...and then there's nothing but darkness.

"What happened last night?"

Wallace wakes up to find himself strapped into a wheelchair and with no feeling in his legs, his head is pounding and he is completely disoriented. But there's Howard sitting across from him in his own wheelchair. Howard sadly tells Wallace he was bitten by a brown recluse spider while they were chatting, and it was this bite that caused Wallace to pass out. But there is more tragic news. Because of the severity of the bite, half of Wallace's leg was amputated! And while this is horrifying enough, Howard does nothing to soothe or help Wallace. Wallace begs to use a phone and call someone to come get him, he demands to know why he isn't in a hospital, he wants to see a doctor - but Howard gives him a bizarre run around about the doctor taking all the phones away and not being around any unsanitary things makes no sense. But hours later at dinner time, Howard confesses exactly what happened to Wallace's leg. And what is going to happen to the rest of him.

Wallace is in for a whole new level of pain.

Remember that story Howard told Wallace about his loving relationship with the walrus? Well, Howard never forgot about that walrus. So much to the point that he wants a walrus in his life again, and the only way that will happen is to create one. Howard has created a special suit that he plans to surgically sew Wallace inside of, it's a walrus suit. He wants to turn Wallace into a walrus! And Wallace loses his mind - why is this happening to him? How is going to get out of this alive? Will Teddy or his girlfriend Ally (Genesis Rodriguez) look for him? But it's not like Wallace can fight, all he can do is get drugged up and Howard literally does all the work. Maybe if Wallace is lucky he can get out of this situation, but will Howard see that he is a mad man trying to turn a human being into a walrus? Probably not, but Wallace does not plan on going down without a fight!

Against a mad man like this, who knows if
Wallace will make it out alive.

This movie was tremendously brilliant and surprising, both things that make me extremely happy! The beginning is very eerie and spine-tingling, but then about halfway into the movie when Wallace becomes the walrus the movie shifts into a very laugh-out-loud black comedy type of movie which made me happy! I was totally prepared for a Human Centipede-type movie from start to finish but being able to laugh was so fun! But, I will admit that I was the only person in the theater laughing - which I am okay with! And what I love even more is that this movie is based off an actual ad found on a website similar to Craigslist - to hear the birthing of the idea for this movie check out this episode of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's podcast. Overall, this movie was a crazy fun experiment in terror and comedy that I highly recommend. It's great for the heebie jeebies and some silly laughs, it's a fun mix!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Saw: The Final Chapter

Well aren't you in for a treat readers - today I am doing a double feature for the letter S in My ABCs of Horror!! I didn't originally plan on this, I was just going to treat you to the solitary selection of Scream. But then I took a little trip to the mall last weekend. I have been trying to collect all 7 Saw movies for a while now, and I've also been correspondingly irked that there hasn't been a 7 disc collector's set released yet. My first haul gained me the first 4 movies. And then came 5 and 7. But no 6! I could have ordered it off of Amazon and just been done with it but I love the hunt! And finally, this past week I found number 6....and also found that there has recently been a 7 disc set of all the movies combined released. Thanks guys! But hey, I can't complain. Because last Saturday I took a luxurious bath, brewed some tea, and watch my way through the ENTIRE SAW SERIES. Ending with the only one I haven't seen: The Final Chapter. And so here we are, S is not only for SCREAM but it is also for Saw: The Final Chapter!

Marathoning all these movies was so satisfying!!

WARNING: If you have yet to watch all the Saw movies in order and really don't want to read any spoilers I highly recommend watching all of the movies NOW and then reading this. I don't want to give away dirt this good!

The Jigsaw killer - John (Tobin Bell) - has been long dead, but his reign of terror remains. What we know, and what the police officers trying to crack the case don't know, is that Jigsaw's work has been carried on by Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) and he has been using his knowledge and Jigsaw-esque tricks to perform his own kind of justice. Without realizing that he's been creating a pattern, Hoffman has been killing people who have all been linked in the murder of his beloved sister. And while Hoffman is definitely tricky and learned plenty from Jigsaw about how to stay a few steps ahead of everyone, he's got several officers that are close to discovering his identity.

The devil's work is never done. 

While Hoffman works his tail off to conceal his work, there is a new game about to be played out. A man named Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) came forward as a victim of one of Jigsaw's cruel games. Bobby wrote a harrowing book about his experience where he had to take two large hooks and pierce them through his pectoral muscles, and then hoist himself to a platform before time ran out. Since the release of his book, Bobby has been doing television appearances and running support groups for other victims of the Jigsaw games. And while Bobby comes across as the strong survivor who chooses not to be a victim, he is also a liar. Bobby was never tested. He was never given the choice to accept death or fight for his life. And Jigsaw knew.

Bobby doesn't understand true pain. Not yet.

Bobby wakes up inside of an iron cage where he finds himself being submitted to a series of tests. Bobby must choose to save the lives of his coworkers, the people who've helped him fabricate this false story of survival in order to save the most precious person of all: his wife Joyce (Gina Holden). The tests are gruesome, but Bobby must complete them in order to keep Joyce safe. But while Bobby is trapped in this hellhole, Hoffman is trying to find Jigsaw's wife Jill (Betsy Russell) who sentenced him to die in one of Jigsaw's many nightmarish devices. Hoffman escaped. But now he is through. The games will end with Jill, and the memory of Jigsaw can begin to fade away. What Hoffman isn't anticipating though is that there has been someone else who worked faithfully alongside Jigsaw without him knowing - someone who has their own oath to keep. And Hoffman needs to tread lightly before everything ends where it began...

Back to the beginning...

Firstly, I need to apologize for the quick little blurpy posts I did on the first 6 Saw movies. They're not good or descriptive but I have to be honest - I don't think anyone watches these movies for the plot! I know that for me, I love to see creative new ways that people get slaughtered. I don't usually get all caught up in the plot unless there is some major twist during the middle or the end - which happens in this movie. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE ENDING AT ALL!!! But it felt so conclusive and perfect, I'm so happy that it happened! If you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to see for yourself - just remember to scoop your jaw up off the floor before you trip on it. And as for the 3D aspect, it's really hit or miss. There are a small handful of moments where it is used, and it's painfully obvious - which makes watching those scenes in 2D kind of lame. Overall though, there are excellent death and torture scenes in this movie and the most AMAZING twist at the end. A perfect end to one of my favorite horror franchises. Don't miss out!!

So happy that the saga has come to a close in such a KILLER way!!


You know what the best thing about Friday is? THE WEEKEND IS HERE!! And because the weekend is here, on top of continuing on with my My ABCs of Horror, I've decided to do a double feature Friday!! Instead of getting one 'S' movie, you're going to get two!! And we're going to start off with a classic slasher movie from the 90s that also falls under the same lines as Rosemary's Baby and The Others. These are all movies that I either know the plot line, or have seen the ending of but I've never watched the movie all the way through. While I loved watching how the story unfolded in The Others, I felt like knowing what happened in Rosemary's Baby sort of ruined the movie for me and made it fall flat. Would Scream be the same way? So far I've had a good and bad experience, and I almost considered not watching this at all because I didn't want to be disappointed. And that would have been a HORRIBLE decision because I am so in love with this movie that it almost hurts!!

The small town of Woodsboro has been shaken up by a great tragedy. High school student Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) and her boyfriend Steve (Kevin Patrick Walls) are found brutally murdered late one night while Casey was home alone. There is no sign of the killer, only the bloody bodies he left behind. But the killer doesn't stay away for long, he's already chosen his next target: Sidney Prescott. Sidney (Neve Campbell), like everyone else in the town of Woodsboro, is super freaked out by the murder and while her dad is out of town for business that weekend Sidney decides to stay over at her friend Tatum's house. But while sitting at home waiting for Tatum (Rose McGowan), the killer strikes!

"Hello Sidney..."

Waiting on the couch in the front room, Sidney innocently answers the phone when it rings only to discover that she's talking to the killer (voiced by Roger Jackson). In his sleazy voice he tells the frightened girl to stay on the phone and listen to him, and that he knows exactly what she's doing. And then he bursts through the front door, wearing a goofy ghost costume and wielding a large carving knife! Sidney rushes to get away from him, but when she calls 911 the killer disappears...only to be replaced by her boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich). What is Billy doing here? And what is that he has...a cell phone? Was it Billy making the calls?! Luckily, the police arrive alongside Tatum and they arrest Billy.

The next day at school, Sidney is a prime target for teasing and ridicule. People don the costume of the killer and run through the hallways laughing, TV reporters line the sidewalks outside the school, and her fellow students turn up their noses at Sidney for turning in her own boyfriend for possibly being the killer. Sidney gets so frenzied and panicky that the school principal takes action and suspends school for all students until the killer is found, and the local police administer a 9pm curfew for everyone in the town. But not all of the students are ready to rush home and hide under their beds. In fact, Tatum's boyfriend Stu (Matthew Lillard) and his best friend Randy (Jamie Kennedy) decide that they're going to throw a raging party to celebrate school being cancelled! Armed with beer, food, and stacks of horror movies - the entire school is invited to Stu's house to party it up. And how perfect is that. With the killer on the loose, all these teens in one place is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel!

Raise your beer, you're gonna die tonight!

As the party rages on, Sidney finds herself upstairs having sex with Billy as some kind of peace offering for their relationship. Meanwhile, persistent news reporter Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) has teamed up with Deputy Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) to hunt for clues on cracking the case of this masked killer. But the more people that go off on their own, the more likely they become targets for murder...and one by one, the body count rises! The killer is making quick work of Sidney's friends, saving her for last. But Sidney is determined to survive, the killer didn't account for that. But when Sidney finds out who the killer really is, will she still be able to keep her wits about her in order to stay alive?

Shoot Sidney! You have to stop him!

This movie ROCKS!!! While I thought I Know What You Did Last Summer had to be a prime 90s slasher movie, Scream surpasses it in every way possible! Right from the beginning, the movie is overflowing with suspense and terror! I had to double check the timer on the movie because I was sure I accidentally started it in the end or the middle. But that's the mentality of this movie, it grabs you by the throat and never lets go! But there is also plenty of fun in this movie too. What makes it so iconic is that there are a few horror movie gurus in it that analyze the formulas of every slasher movie ever made and basically we are able to track the killer's progress through these rules. It's amazing! But I think the biggest shock to me, was that this movie was the brainchild of Mr. Wes Craven himself, the very man who brought us the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. No wonder this movie was slasher perfection! If you love teen slasher movies, and 90s movies - this is a perfect combination of the two and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Superb! Awesome! And so much yes!