Friday, December 19, 2014

Crocodile Dundee

NYC reporter Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) is always chomping at the bit for new and interesting stories to bring to Newsday, the newspaper she works for - and that her daddy owns. And her latest lead is a doozy! There is a legend of a man in Australia who apparently was out fishing when he was viciously attacked by a crocodile, that the crocodile bit his leg off, and he crawled through miles of terrifying Australian underbrush to get to a hospital! Talk about a story! And while her boyfriend and editor Richard (Mark Blum) is not too happy about his precious city girl jetting off for the wild Australian Outback, Sue is not a woman to shy away from adventure. So with her notepad and camera in tow, Sue is on a plane for Australia where she connects with Walter Reilly (John Meillon).

Welcome to the Outback Sue!

Walter Reilly escorts Sue to Walkabout Creek, a tiny little ghosty town in the middle of nowhere where Walter is the proud co-owner of a wild life safari business he runs alongside his business partner Mick J. "Crocodile" Dundee. And Mick happens to be the very man that Sue is on the hunt for. And she meets him soon enough, when Mick comes barging into the bar later that day with a stuffed crocodile under his arm. Being a rough-and-tumble guy from the Outback, Mick isn't really too inclined to sit at a table and give a civilized interview so an alternative plan is set - Mick will backpack with Sue to the same place that he was attacked and he'll tell her the whole story along the way. Sue may be a city girl, but she's not going to show weakness so she laces up her hiking boots and off they go!

Would you trust him in the wild? 

Over the next three days, Sue gets more than enough for her story. From watching Mick hypnotize dangerous creatures in the wild, to seeing the location of his wrecked boat and hearing the harrowing tale of the day he was attacked...even being nearly killed by a crocodile was a fun addition to her adventure! Mick definitely came off as being a pain in the butt and highly sexist, but Sue has softened to his rough much so that she's not ready to leave him behind in Australia. As a continuation of her story, Sue decides that she is going to bring Mick with her to New York City and show him her world in the exact same way that she got to see his. And it's going to be the biggest culture shock of his life!

Sorry Mick, you won't find too many crocs in NYC!

From the moment Mick set foot on the airplane - his first time flying naturally - its clear that this will be the adventure of his lifetime. Merely surprised at the size of the city and amount of people living in Manhattan, Mick decides to apply his Aussie way of life to life in the Big Apple. He chats up strangers as if they're lifelong friends, climbs lamp posts to get a better look at the city around him, terrifies muggers with the size of his Bowie knife, and puzzles over the purpose of a bidet. And everywhere that Sue ushers Mick, people are enamored by him! But despite the fact that Sue and Richard are in a committed relationship, it's clear that there is a bit of a competition over who gets Sue's affections: Richard or Mick. The two actually are competing for her love! But in the end, there is no contest, Sue has her sights set on one man. And he has brought out her wild side.

See? That's animal magnetism at work right there.

This movie is, yet another, classic from my childhood that I'm still surprised my parents allowed me to watch. I guess it'll fit nicely on the shelf beside Grumpy Old Men and Predator! Overall, this is a total 80s movie and I loved every second of it - it's got great comedy, action, adventure, and some really cheeky romance. Plus, I can't lie - Paul Hogan is a total hunk! I mean, for a weathered older man... If you're a fan of a fun Aussie-New York comedy with light dustings of romance, all set to the glam of the 80s, you need to see this movie! And the two sequels, which I hear are equally funny.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Silent Night

This is a movie I've been sitting on for a few months now - a friend of mine sent it to me back in May and I won't lie, I've kept off watching it because its a Christmas movie! But even though we're a few weeks deep into the holiday season, I've been scared to watch this movie. I've heard that you either really love it or really hate it, that's a kind of polar opposition that scares me away from movies. Well, it turns out that I had need to worry. This Trash-Tastic Thursday I am giving you a quick tip on what NOT to watch this holiday season - while next week I'll pick something much more fun! How lucky are we that Christmas will be on the Trashiest night of the week?? Happy holidays readers, now here's what to avoid!

Deputy Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King) knew Christmas Eve was going to be hard this year, but for an entirely different reason. This is her first Christmas without her beloved husband, and she doesn't know if she'll be able to handle the day. But thanks to an officer that goes missing, Aubrey is called into work anyway. And it's not going to be an easy day at the office. Her first call of the day is to check out an abandoned house with a gross smell coming out of it...but instead of finding a rotten raccoon, Aubrey finds a dismembered corpse...and the charred body of the missing officer wrapped up in blown out Christmas lights! Of course this is disturbing for any day, not just Christmas Eve. But things in this quiet MidWestern town are about to get a whole lot worse.

So much for "happy" holidays, right Aubrey? 

All day long, Aubrey and Sheriff Cooper (Malcolm McDowell) get continuous calls from frantic townsfolk who keep finding their friends, family, and neighbors brutally murdered. A mother finds her young daughter skewered like a pig, the remains of a young woman are found packed inside of a wood chipper...their only clue is a luckily placed video camera that catches a glimpse of the killer: a masked man dressed as Santa Claus. Well that narrows down the list of suspects...NOT! It's Christmas Eve and the entire town is crawling Santas! But Aubrey and Cooper can think of a few cynical Santas that might have murder in their agenda...but what if they're wrong? And if they are wrong, how many more lives will be lost before the real Killer Claus is brought to justice??

Someone must have left out a bad batch of cookies last year...

This movie was a bit of a stinker and I'm bummed about that! I've heard some people rave about how much they love this movie, and other say that this is one of the worst things to be popped out of a DVD case. I am a big fan of the 1984 Silent Night Deadly Night, which Silent Night is loosely based off of, but I felt like the inspirations that were taken from the 80s classic were botched and just glazed over - how do you NOT highlight the iconic antler killing scene?! I also learned that Silent Night is also kind of based off of the Covina Massacre - a multiple murder that took place on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles several years ago where a deranged guy in a Santa suit shot up a bunch of people at a Christmas party before shooting himself. I guess, overall, I feel underwhelmed. The gore was alright, there was some decent suspense...but Silent Night is forgettable. And I'm saddened by that.

Now I can sleep in heavenly peace knowing that I never have to experience
this movie ever again!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sound of Music

In all the years that I've been running this blog and all the holiday movies I've posted about, I have yet to do one on The Sound of Music. Granted, I have absolutely no clue why this movie is always played around the's not even a Christmas movie. But, just like It's a Wonderful Life, I always look forward to The Sound of Music being on TV. And this was actually my first time breaking open my Rogers and Hammerstein collection - yay! But I'll warn you, the holiday season always gets me in the mood for musicals so if you start seeing posts for Carousel and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers you're not allowed to be too surprised.

I've owned this for almost 10 years...and just now broke it open....

Inducted into a convent, Maria (Julie Andrews) wants nothing more than to serve and love The Lord...but life as a nun hasn't come to her as easily as it has for the others in the convent. While the other girls are devout in their prayer and studies and work, Maria can't help but whistle in the hallways and always seems to have her head in the clouds. She's late for chapel, but is the first in line for dinner...and she can't resist leaving the convent and roaming the beautiful Austrian countryside, singing her heart out. The elders of the convent are worried about her - she's an honest girl, and her devotion is real! But life in the convent is not for Maria, so Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood) finds something more fulfilling for Maria to do - she finds her a job as a Governess.

She's not a bad nun...she's just better at other things!

Nervous, but excited for the challenge, Maria packs up her few belongings and her guitar and catches a bus to the lavish Von Trapp Estate. Maria's shocked at how large the grounds are and how enormous the mansion is, she can't wait to meet the widower father and his children. But the Von Trapp family is not entirely what Maria expects them to be. Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) is a stern and rigid man who wants everything kept in tidy order, which includes all 7 of his children whom he calls for with a naval whistle. And sure enough, the high-pitched whistle fills the air and all 7 of the children march down the stairs in their little uniforms where the quickly introduce themselves: Liesl (Charmain Carr), Freidrich (Nicholas Hammond), Louisa (Heather Menzies), Brigitta (Angela Cartwright), Kurt (Duane Chase), Marta (Debbie Turner), and little Gretl (Kym Karath). Children who are expected to study all day, march at the sound of a whistle and wear uniforms....Maria definitely has her work cut out for her!

Tidy little uniforms for tidy little soldiers...not children!

From day one, Maria proves to be unlike any of the other Governesses that the Von Trapp children have had. Unlike the others she knows how to roll with the punches and even knows how to deal out a few of her own. But overall, Maria just wants the children to act like children - which goes totally against the Captain's wishes. So Maria goes behind his back to make play clothes for the children out of her bedroom drapes, she teaches them to sing and play and have fun! And when the Captain finds out, Maria is sure that he'll send her right back to the convent...but his heart has softened. Because the Captain is in love.

Warmth? Kindness? The Captain is twitterpated! 

A beautiful woman only known as The Baroness (Eleanor Parker) has the object of the Captain's affections for some time now, but he's finally decided to bring the Baroness to his home to meet all of his children. And the Captain is overjoyed to hear his children singing and laughing, his idea of a perfect little family is coming together. But seeing how his children adore Maria and fawn over her, is something new to him too. As compatible as he is with the Baroness, maybe Maria would be a better match for him. But the time for romance will have to wait, the Third Reich in Germany is rising and Austria is said to soon be under siege. The Captain wants nothing to do with this horrible war, he wants to keep his family safe. And he'll do everything necessary to keep them that way.

I won't lie, if you haven't seen this movie you've lead an extremely empty life. I don't care what your age or gender or relationship with television is - this movie is a bonefide classic through and through. Literally everyone has seen it! I can understand that if you have yet to see it, you're likely not a musical fan but you'll want to see it for the comedy and the adventure! And the fact that Julie Andrews is simply perfection. I don't know when it comes on TV, but I'm happy that I got a jump on watching The Sound of Music this year.

A classic, and I love every second of it!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It's official: my best friend is no longer allowed to pick movies to watch when we hang out together. I'm not kidding, it's like she has this horrendous talent for picking movies that are just god awful! Granted, many of them seem like they have potential....but they end up being flops. But what I find the most hilarious about this situation is that while Bri always picks bad movies, I am usually asking to watch a different movie instead that Bri isn't interested in....and it ends up being awesome! Case in point: Bri chose for us to watch The Awakening while I was voting for Red State. Bri chose Mama, but that time I honestly didn't fight it even though I wanted to really watch Sinister. See? Bri makes bad decisions! Just like Oculus...

Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) has finally reached his 21st birthday - for most people this means a time of legal drinking and partying, but for Tim it means he'll finally be released from the psychiatric hospital where he's spent over 10 years of his life. When Tim was younger, his entire world fell apart. His parents were involved in a brutal suicide-murder incident that left him and his older sister orphans, but Tim was stark raving mad! He kept insisting that there were ghosts in the house, that something else had killed his parents - this is why Tim was taken into custody. But before he was thrown into the back of the squad car his sister Kaylie called out to him, demanding that he promise to come back and right the wrongs that were done in this house. Well, Tim is a free man now. And Kaylie (Karen Gillan) is ready to make good on their promise. But Tim has changed his mind.

They may be reunited, but they're different people now.

The years of intense therapy have helped Tim to realize that there was nothing supernatural about the deaths of his parents - his mom got sick, his dad killed her, and then he killed himself. That's it! Tim has come to peace with these terms - but Kaylie is dumb-founded. She remembers how everything changed the minute they moved into their huge home on Hawthorne Street. She remembers the horrible things that were said and happened in that house, how could Tim just pretend like nothing happened? But he still comes with her to their old house, which is still abandoned and sees that Kaylie has set up an elaborate studio to record the experiment that she will be performing, to prove what really happened in their home. To prove that the true killer, was the elaborately carved mirror that hung in her father's office.

A mirror killed their parents? Uh...did they sent the right
kid to the psychiatric hospital?

When Kaylie and Tim first moved into this house alongside their parents (Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane), it seemed full of possibilities! But their father was a busy, absentee man - his office was the first thing set up in their house and he insisted that it be off-limits to everyone else in the house, and it was in this office that he hung a huge, ominous antique mirror that we'll come to know as the Lasser Glass. It took several days for life in the Russell household to start getting weird, but once it did everything fell together in a landslide of tragedy. The first sign of trouble was that all the plants in the house started dying, and then their family dog got horribly sick and disappeared. And then Kaylie and Tim's mother got sick...but their dad insisted on keeping her confined to their bedroom and wouldn't take her to the doctor. Their dad's behavior became secretive and cruel - the minute that Kaylie or Tim tried going for help they were brought back home. It wasn't until their own father shot and killed their mother, and himself that the police came.

They had to go through so much - now they need to make sure
no one will ever suffer they way that they did.

Now, because of Tim's therapy he came to believe that this was just a horrible incident that happened - his father was always capable of killing their mother, it was a freak accident. But Kaylie knows it was the Lasser Glass that was behind the murder-suicide that tore their family apart. She even did extensive research on the mirror and found that every single owner of the antique had died in some horribly tragic, and unexplained way - the bodies piling up over the centuries! But she is determined to prove that the mirror is evil and that she will put a stop to its tyranny. With a barrage of video cameras, computer monitors, temperature gages, and alarms rigged with reminders to keep hydrated and keep eating - Kaylie is going to catch these demonic happenings on tape. At first Tim is skeptical and insists that Kaylie just looks stupid...but then things start happening. Objects move and plants die, Tim and Kaylie both start seeing things that aren't really there. The mirror is lashing out at them...could Kaylie and Tim have the willpower to destroy it before it adds them to its list of victims?

Don't turn your back...

This movie had a lot of potential to be really creepy, but it kept falling flat for me. Yes, it had all the right jumps and jolts but it also had some serious continuity errors that had me pausing the movie and asking what I missed. So, that took away from the movie. One bonus it did have in its favor is that the story includes flashbacks that also weave into the present so we can see the original terrors that happened in their childhood and how they're trying to combat those now. But overall though, this movie was big snooze - some shock and awe, but not enough to make me sleep with the lights on. But! This movie is actually an elongated spin-off of a short done in 2012 called Oculus: Chapter 3 - "The Man With the Plan" - which I found out about this morning on Youtube. The short did Oculus justice, and it was better done as a short. But, oh well. If you're curious I would say to give it a shot but for me it was a bit of a dud.

This is Oculus: Chapter 3 - if you're curious about the full-length
Oculus movie, I would recommend just watching this. It packs more punch!

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

So, this wasn't what I expected at all. Judging from the title I thought this movie was either going to be about a love triangle, or about a guy who falls in love with his best friend's boyfriend - something witty and silly like that! But instead I was met with this massive cliche. Granted, I love romance movies as much as the next girl - I need to feed my estrogen somehow! But I like a little bit of creativity though too...this movie didn't even try. And now I'm grumpy. Granted I could still be experience some grumpy resonance from yesterday's viewing of Eraserhead but I'm sure, this movie was just a bummer.

Jesse (Alyssa Milano) hasn't really been sure if she's ready to put herself back into the dating scene quite yet. After a heart-wrenching divorce from the love of her life, Jesse has been living with her awkward brother (Tom Lenk) for three years and works as a waitress in a cafe. It's not like she can't land a man - she's smart, funny, and completely beautiful! She just doesn't know if she can handle the idea of being potentially rejected again. But then she meets Ethan. Ethan (Christopher Gorham) is a sweet, shy young man who has been struggling to break into the writing business for ages. On a complete and total whim, Jesse offers Ethan her number and it doesn't take him long to call her for a date.

Aren't they adorable together?

After their first date - sipping milkshakes in the middle of a deserted baseball stadium - Jesse and Ethan start spending more and more time together. They go on dates, Ethan introduces her to his family, Jesse's brother even starts inviting Ethan over to play video games. Everything is going perfectly and they are both so happy, which is why in a mere matter of weeks Ethan takes Jesse to one of his favorite look out points and proposes to her. And while they are perfect for each other and would undoubtedly live happily ever after, Jesse says no. What? What happened? Ethan is completely floored! Why doesn't Jesse want to marry him? They get along perfectly, their lives aren't complete without each other, what happened? But Jesse just goes home and then breaks up with Ethan in a letter. She doesn't even bother to call him! So what happened? Well....Troy happened.

With a face like!

Remember that first day they met? When Ethan got Jesse's number at the cafe where she works? The moment that Ethan left, Jesse came face to face with a hunky dreamboat named Troy (Michael Landes) who was in to pick up a take-out order. And Jesse was so swept away by his charisma, charm, and well-tailored suit that she can't help but fork over her phone number. And she starts dating Troy as well! That's right, Jesse went from no men to all the men! The whole time Jesse was dating Ethan, she was also seeing Troy. She only intended to keep up this double-dating for a couple weeks max, she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! But between Ethan's sense of humor and sensitivity, and Troy's remarkable success in the advertising business and passion for life - how could she possibly choose? Well, Troy helped make that decision for her.

A couple of days before Ethan proposed to Jesse, Troy told Jesse that he was being offered a new assignment at work. He would be travelling regularly between his home office and the branch in Texas - but he didn't see that as a reason to end their relationship, so Troy asked Jesse if she's want to join him in this next step in his career. Jesse wasn't sure what to do, but the minute that Ethan pulled out that ring she knew what she had to do. Yes, Ethan was fun but he was also struggling with getting his life together - Troy could provide for her! But even though he was never given a reason, Ethan knows that he and Jesse are supposed to be together. And he'll do anything he can to show her how much he loves her.

They are meant to be, Ethan wants to see that they stay that way.

Yes, this movie was very cutesy...but it was hardly anything original. A beautiful girl with a tortured past who wants to find love, ends up having to choose between two picture perfect guys. Uh....sounds like every other romantic comedy ever made in the history of everything! So, if you like romantic comedies and you're looking for something pretty generic I would recommend this movie but it doesn't have the fun or imagination I was personally seeking.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


One of my favorite things about being part of Zorch Radio is that I get to interact with all our awesome listeners. Naturally, they all tune into the show and hang out in the Real Punk Radio chat room for the killer psychobilly and rockabilly music that we play - but there are some movie nerds hidden in there too, and I like drawing them out with my Trash-Tastic Thursday reviews. But better than discussing the movie that I've watched that week is getting suggestions on things I should be watching in the future, my list keeps growing because of them! One of our most devoted listeners, King Bubba Truck, is always suggesting movies to me and this has been one of them. I'll admit that I've been nervous to watch it since I've heard its bizarre, but my final push was when my fellow movie blogging pal Psycholiloquy sent me a DVD copy. I guess I should thank King Bubba Truck for the suggestion and thank Psycholiloquy for the DVD, but I can't. Because I have no idea what the crap I just watched.

So I don't know what this movie is about at all. And all the plot summaries I've read on IMDB and Wikipedia haven't really helped me either. So I am sorry that I can't give you an accurate depiction of what goes on in Eraserhead but I can do the best I can. And if there's anything I miss or didn't touch on, or if you have an insight, please leave a comment on this post! I want to know what I just watched! But until then, I'll try to tell you what you're in store for - I'm sorry for the mess. 

  • There is a man named Henry (John Nance) and he is dating a girl named Mary (Charlotte Stewart). 
Henry's facial expression never changes the entire movie.
  • Henry learns that Mary is pregnant when he meets her parents for the first time.
  • Henry marries Mary and they start living together in Henry's apartment which kind of looks like it's growing mold and/or mushrooms on the furniture.
  • Mary has the baby and it comes out looking like some disgusting dinosaur/sperm/wormy thing. It lays on a table swaddled in a blanket and coos.
There's ugly babies...and then there's this thing...
  • Mary goes crazy trying to console and care for the baby, so she storms out of Henry's apartment in the middle of the night. 
  • Henry tries to care for the baby and ends up getting it sick.
  • There is also a swollen-cheeked girl (Laurel Near) who apparently lives inside of Henry's radiator (or he fantasizes about her living in his radiator) that dances on a stage and sings a coo-y little song about everything being fine in Heaven. 
It seriously looks like she either smuggling jawbreakers, 
or she's has a bad allergic reaction to something.

And there  it is! That's Eraserhead! Shot in black and white, this movie is bizarre and really creepy. I almost wonder if this is supposed to be one of those movies that's better seen on drugs, but since I don't take those I guess I'm SOL this time. As far as what the movie is about...I just don't know. The only straw I can grasp at is that director/writer/creeper overlord David Lynch is trying to tell us that pre-marital sex is bad and you'll be cursed with ugly worm babies if you do it. Right? Is that it? Someone help me, I'm drowning in nonsense!! This movie is a total guess-and-check, I don't know who to recommend this to. If you like Science Fiction movies, maybe check it out? If you like David Lynch's work, maybe check it out? If you're painfully curious, maybe check it out? I don't know how to help you! All I can say is good luck, and I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 

It was interesting and I'm glad my curiosity has been sated. But that's it. 

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sassy Pants

Bethany (Ashley Rickards) is trapped in a literal hell hole. She should be in the prime of her life, a gorgeous young girl freshly graduated from high school and all. But she's not. Bethany and her younger brother Shayne (Martin Spanjers) are both being home schooled by their overbearing mother June (Anna Gunn), and when I say overbearing I mean overbearing! After their father Dale (Diedrich Bader) was found having sexual relations with Bethany's music teacher, June pulled both of her kids out of school and started teaching them herself...and controlling their lives. Shayne and Bethany literally never leave their house for anything, they do their school work and then their mother watches over them like a hawk. But now that Bethany is 18 and ready to strike out on her own, its not going to be as easy as she had envisioned.

Yeah, June, being the Valedictorian of a home-schooled class
is not really something to celebrate. 

Bethany has secretly been harboring the dream of going to school to study fashion, she pours over glamour magazines like they're holy scripture and keeps a journal of her inspirations. But June thinks her daughter should stay home and continue her higher education from home, on her computer. Another four years at home? No thank you! But Bethany can't express what she really wants without her mom attacking her, or telling her how ungrateful of a daughter she is. But then June goes too far. After Bethany sneaks out to go to a party with her neighbor/crush Hector (Rene Rosado), her mom drags her back home only to pull out Bethany's inspirations journal and pick apart everything inside, calling her daughter a slut! How dare she! And Bethany won't take it anymore, so she leaves. For good.

On to bigger and better things!

Not even bothering to change out of her pajamas, Bethany stuffs her backpack full of clothes and uses what little money she has to buy a bus ticket to her dad's house to stay with him. Which is a total change from life with her mom! Dale lives in a trailer park with his young, bartender boyfriend Chip (Haley Joel Osment), and is away at work all day selling used cars. After a shopping trip with Chip, Bethany decides that the next step for her is to sign up for community college classes...but without her high school diploma how is she supposed to get accepted? So then she starts hunting for work...but keeps getting shot down for not having experience! Great! What now? But then Bethany hits a stroke of luck - the ultra hip clothing store Jail Bait accepts her application! Yay! Life is finally turning around!

So this is what being a real life human being is like!

Bethany begins work and takes her job very seriously - she learns all about styling and working with money, and is also given some valuable life lessons too. She starts 'dating' a creepy, possessive guy she meets at the bar where Chip works, she spends time with the bitchy girls at work and learning things like girl talk...she's functioning like a real person! But when Bethany feels like things are finally going her way, everything comes crashing down. Her dad breaks up with Chip, and Bethany doesn't plan on staying with her alcoholic/self-abusive father. And then her mother comes into Jail Bait while she's working and tells her that she needs to come home because her grandmother (Jenny O'Hara) is dying...and then she gets fired! Not having any other options, Bethany moves back into her mom's house but she quickly gets a job at a local clothing shop where she's able to flex her creative muscles. But now that her mother is in control again, does Bethany have any chance of leaving home a second time?

This movie was suggested to me after I watched Rid Of Me, which I wasn't a fan of. But Sassy Pants is a total win! The girly girl in me loves coming of age movies, and who can resist a movie about a messed up family dynamic? I loved watching Bethany taking control of her own life and fighting to make her dream come true, it's so inspirational! Plus, it's nice to know that my mother isn't as overbearing and frightening as other mothers out there, my life suddenly feels okay again. If you love offbeat indie movies with a killer soundtrack - very (500) Days of Summer-esque - this is a fun movie to check out.