Monday, August 31, 2015

Night-Marathon on Elm Street

Yesterday - Sunday August 30th, 2015 - the horror community was rocked with a tragic loss. After a long, private battle with brain cancer Master of Horror Wes Craven passed away. It came as a huge shock to many people I know, and it completely floored me. Wes Craven is an icon in the world of horror - bringing to life memorable characters and stories such as original Hills Have Eyes, The Serpent and the Rainbow, the original Last House on the Left, the Scream franchise, Swamp Thing, and the infamous A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. So many amazing titles!! Wes Craven was also very active in the horror community and appeared in many documentaries talking about his films and the history and advancement of horror as a genre - Wes Craven loved horror and it showed.

Time to dust off them DVDs and settle in for some good ol' 
80's slasher horror!

Coincidentally enough, my blogger buddy The Cinemartyr and I had been talking about doing a marathon of the Nightmare on Elm Street series not too long before we received the sad news about Wes Craven's passing - but now it seems to be the perfect thing to do to celebrate this man's legacy. Starting today, The Cinemartyr and myself will be watching our way through the entire Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and you're more than welcome to watch along! Connect with us through  FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, or leave comments on any of the posts on either of our blogs to get in touch with us and coordinate our watch times. We would love to have you join us in celebrating the lifetime achievements of the incomparable Wes Craven!

A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
Wes Craven's New Nightmare

We have yet to decide if we're going to also watch the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Samuel Bayer and written by Wesley Strick - what do you think? Should we end our marathon with original 7 and Freddy vs Jason or come full circle? Leave a comment below!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Starship Troopers

Four best friends are all nearing the end of their senior year of high school in Buenos Aires and are looking forward to their bright new futures serving their country in the military. But this isn't like the military that you and I are familiar with. Our story takes place in the 23rd century and space travel has become a norm for planet Earth. But while out colonizing other planets in the galaxy, we ran into a problem. A distant planet known as Klendathu turned out to be the home planet to a species of giant insectoid aliens we dubbed Arachnids, and they are a hostile bunch. Once Earth and it's planet-hopping inhabitants caught the attention of the Arachnids, we've become a target for them ever since. And so the military that our 4 friends are looking to join in the fight against space-bug terrorism.

Saving Earth from intergalactic insect-icide!!

Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris) is a psychic and is desperate to join the intelligence agency, Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer) and Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) are itchy to join in the mobile infantry branch, and Rico's girlfriend Carmeb Ibanez (Denise Richards) dreams of becoming a pilot and joining the fleet. When graduation day comes and goes for these high schoolers, all 4 rush to enlist in the military with excitement - much to Rico's parent's dismay. They don't want this life for their son - they want him to flourish in an environment that won't potentially end in death! But Johnny wants to become a full-fledged citizen of Earth - by enlisting in the military you become an official citizen and are endowed with rights like reproducing, going to good colleges, and getting out of debt. More than anything though, Rico just wants to impress his girlfriend Ibanez - no matter what his parents think.

Rico is reporting for duty - maybe NOW Ibanez will finally sleep with him!

All 4 friends head off in their different directions. Ibanez is off to flight school and Carl is sent to some top secret locations to work on his brain power - Dizzy and Rico are the only two who stick together in mobile infantry, but Rico is far from pleased at this. Dizzy has always had a major crush on Rico, and he doesn't want to have some girl he only wants as a friend fawning over him! But thankfully he's going to keep busy enough in basic training to not have to worry about her too much. Training under the iron fist of Sergeant Zim (Clancy Brown), Rico and his fellow trainees are taught military strategy, weapons, and forced to endure hours of grueling physical training and exercise. Rico wants nothing more than to be at the top of his class, and the day finally comes when he gets to prove his leadership skills during a simulated battle exercise that employs real fire power,...but one of his team members is killed on site and Rico is devastated.

One fatal mistake...and it's all over for Rico. 

Morbidly ashamed of his careless actions, Rico decides that the best thing for him to do is go home. Clearly this isn't the place for him. But as he's about to walk off the base camp compound, there is an uproar near a series of television monitors. An enormous comet sent hurtling through space from the Arachnid planet wasn't caught by the atmosphere patrols and the comet crash-landed in Buenos Aires - Rico's home town! The entire city is obliterated and the casualties are in the millions. Rico no longer has a home left to go back to, the only home he has now is Earth. And if he doesn't do anything to save it then those nasty space bugs are going to take it over! Rico re-enlists and is instantly deployed alongside his squad to the planet Klendathu to slaughter some Arachnids and take find a way to stop this attacks on Earth once and for all. It's going to be the most insane battle Earth has ever seen, millions are going to die but the living few are going to save Earth and take down those buggy bastards for good! HOO-RAW!!!!


THIS MOVIE COMPLETELY BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!!!! I was expecting some kind of dorky Sci-Fi movie that had some good merits but not many - kind of like Event Horizon or Jason X. But that is probably the most false statement I have ever made! This movie was brilliant, exciting, and stunning from start to finish! The plot is great, the characters are compelling and legit, the graphics and computer animation was done extremely well, and the gore is AWESOME!! This movie kind of struck me like a Total Recall - The Fifth Element hybrid mixed in with the kitschy teeny styling that made movies like Clueless super fun! Fans of great Sci-Fi movies, alien invasion movies, war movies, and teeny-esque movies are going to LOVE this movie! A cult classic? Nay! I saw ALL AROUND classic!

Brilliant! Fast-paced! Violent! Yes!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

80s horror franchises are probably my favorite franchises out there - slasher movies, gory monster movies, I love them all! But I've always been a little hesitant as far as the Hellraiser movies went. I never knew anything about the plot, and I didn't understand the characters - it's easy to pick up on the characters in a slasher movie - but these things...I just didn't know. I really enjoyed the first movie a lot, I was on the edge of my seat and thoroughly entertained. But Hellraiser II was far more intense than I anticipated. Before I say more, let's talk about the actual movie.

SPOILER ALERT!!! This IS the second movie in the franchise so if you have yet to see the first Hellraiser and want to keep everything a surprise, GO WATCH THE FIRST ONE NOW. 

Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) went through Hell the last time we saw her - literally! Discovering that her stepmother Julia (Clare Higgins) was luring men into her father's home, Kirsty learned that her uncle Frank (Sean Chapman) had been having an affair with her stepmother, had trifled with a puzzle box which opens a portal to another dimension filled with evil demons called Cenobites, came back from this Hell as a corpse and needed to feast on human flesh and blood to regain his body once more. Wanting to make things right for her father, Kirsty took it on herself to destroy both Frank and Julia and banish the Cenobites back to their dimension by closing the puzzle box. But no one believes Kirsty's insane story - it's so far-fetched. Which is why she wakes up in a mental hospital.

Kirsty has been through so much...

Kirsty is questioned by a police detective who is convinced that Kirsty is hiding the real cause of the murders in her family home but what more can the girl offer them aside from the truth? When the detective realizes he is getting nowhere with the girl he leaves her in the care of Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham), the leading neuroscientist and brain surgeon in the hospital where Kirsty is being held. And he instantly becomes taken with her wild stories. Kirsty overheard from the detective that the only things remaining in her father's home are the corpses of the men sucked dry by Frank, and a blood stained mattress...the mattress that Julia was killed on. Kirsty begs the detective to have the mattress destroyed - because Julia died on that mattress she can be brought back to life through the mattress too, it must be destroyed! Well, Dr. Channard cannot help his curiosity...

A tale with so much blood and intrigue...who wouldn't be curious!

Listening to Kirsty's stories of murder and rebirth, Dr. Channard does something unthinkable - he has the murder mattress delivered to his home which he sets up in a spare room surrounded by candles and other occult-ish objects. He then brings one of the clinically insane patients from his hospital to his home, he chooses one in particular that rips and tears at his own skin because he has visions of bugs and maggots crawling all over his body. Dr. Channard has the patient take a seat on the mattress and hands the poor man a knife. The man goes to town ripping at his flesh, bleeding all over the mattress when suddenly a body claws its way out of the mattress and kills the bleeding patient! It's Julia! She's all muscle and bones - but it's definitely a very bloody Julia! She's back from the dead and Dr. Channard couldn't be happier.

Welcome back to life Julia!!

It turns out that Channard's curiosity with the mattress and bringing Julia back to life was more than just a mild curiosity - it was a lifelong obsession that he's wanted to investigate. Channard has been collecting information on the Cenobites and the puzzle box - which is called the Lament Configuration - and plans on using Julia to help him get there. But he must help her regain her human form first. Well, it turns out that while Julia was crawling out of the mattress, there was someone else in the room aside from Dr. Channard - a fellow doctor from the psychiatric hospital named Kyle (William Hope) had gone to Channard's house after overhearing the telephone conversation where Channard had ordered to have the murder mattress delivered to his home. And Kyle witnessed the entire rebirth of Julia! Terrified, he rushes back to the hospital to tell Kirsty what is happening. Not wanting to relive the same nightmare, Kirsty teams up with a catatonic psych patient named Tiffany (Imogen Boorman) who has a knack for solving puzzles, and the two must stop Julia and Dr. Channard from opening the portal to the Cenobite dimension and unleashing another nightmare unto the world!

Keep these bad boys - and girl - out of our dimension Kirsty!!

Undoubtedly this is going in my personal top 10 list of horror movies that have made me physically squirm. I do not remember being so taken aback by the first Hellraiser movie, but this one had me so physically uncomfortable with the sheer amount of GORE!! I love gory movies, please don't get me wrong...but this movie was SO in my face that I did feel super squeamish and even had to look away a lot! That being said, the incredible attention to details in this movie in unparalleled to any other movie I've ever seen in my life - the characters, the costumes, the's all so in depth! If you're in the mood for an intense gory science fiction horror movie then you have totally found your match. I would even say that this movie surpasses the first - but let's see if the third movie measures up at all...

Monday, August 24, 2015


The nightmare is finally over. FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) has spent the better part of his career trying to catch Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage) - a rogue terrorist who plans thorough and devastating attacks across the country with no rhyme or reason other than the desire to cause mayhem. And it was never a secret - Troy was well aware of Archer on his heels and six years ago Troy decided that he should just eliminate the problem. Archer was at the park with his son one day and Troy decided to just off the agent right there in the park...but his sights weren't set that day and he accidentally shot and instantly killed Archer's young son Michael.

This is the face of madness...

Devastated by the loss of his son, Archer's desire to bring down Troy kicks into overdrive and he fully commits himself to finding this monster. His wife and daughter become secondary in his life, but Archer doesn't care. He will bring down Castor Troy. And he does! With the help of his fellow FBI agents, Archer sets up a sting operation at an airport where Castor and his younger brother Pollux (Alessandro Nivola) are conducting business - and the team is successful! After all these years of hunting and fighting, Troy is in their hands! But the nightmare isn't truly over. Castor lets it slip that he's planted a bomb in a heavily populated area of Los Angeles, and it's going to detonate soon. But that's all Castor says before being knocked into a coma! Damn! But thanks to science, there is still hope.

Archer will NOT give up!

While Castor may be trapped in his coma, his little brother Pollux is still very much lucid and has actually been sent to rot in a maximum security prison. If Archer can get Pollux to reveal where the bomb is hidden, there's a chance that he can save lives and end the Troy brother terror forever. But how does he get Pollux to open up? Top secret scientists working for the FBI reveal a controversial procedure that Archer can take part in to gain Pollux's trust - basically they surgically remove both Castor Troy and Sean Archer's faces, and do a transplant. This face transplant will also allow for their DNA to re sync and basically turn Archer into a living breathing version of Castor Troy. It's risky, and mentally traumatizing but Archer is willing to do anything to bring an end to Troy's reign.

Going under the knife. 

Archer goes under the knife and wakes up to see Castor Troy starring him in the mirror - it's a terrifying transition but he is committed to doing his best to make the world a better place. Archer as Troy is booked into the maximum security prison alongside Pollux and is not faced with the challenge of needing to convince Pollux that he's legit - it's not an easy task but Pollux reveals the location of the bomb! Yes! Victory! But a short-lived victory. While Archer was gathering information in prison, Troy woke up from his coma...without a face! Faceless Troy manages to overpower the scientists in the laboratory and finds out what Archer is doing. Well two can definitely play at this game. Troy undergoes the same procedure and has Archer's face adhered to his own body and goes through the same transformation. But instead of digging up dirt on Archer, he's going to get back at him in the most dementedly sick ways he can. He's going to break Archer before he has a chance to expose the plan. It's the ultimate battle where you don't know who is who - or who will win!

Who has whose face now???

This is the first ever John Woo movie I ever saw and I remember that my first experience with Face/Off left me completely FLOORED!!! The plot is genius, the cast is stellar, the action is INSANE - my jaw drops every time I watch this movie! Aside from the shoot outs, explosions, chase scenes, and insane plot twists what I love more than anything are the amazing performances given by Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. Watching these men essentially play two characters in a movie, and in a way that is cohesive is brilliant! Why Cage and Travolta didn't receive some kind of award or recognition for their performances, I'll never understand. John Woo fans who have yet to see this movie need to do so immediately, and if you're generally a fan of fast-paced action movies then I highly recommend this one as well!

John Woo is the KING of action movies!! Hail to the King!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon 2

When we last left the land of Bark in the first movie, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) had showed his fellow vikings that dragons were never their enemies but could actually be their friends. And some major strides have been made so dragons and vikings could live happily alongside each other. Every viking on the island of Bark now rides their own personal dragon, which all sleep in customized stables. The dragons also have a steady food supply so the livestock have nothing to fear, and a new sport has even been invented called Dragon Racing! Life is once more peaceful in Bark...but Hiccup is not experiencing the same day to day joy as everyone else. As his father Stoick (Gerard Butler) is the chief of Bark, Hiccup is automatically the heir to the throne...but he doesn't want to rule the kingdom. Hiccup wants to take his dragon Toothless out into the great unknown lands of Scandinavia and explore! Which is precisely where we find him today.

Hiccup and Toothless are exactly where they want to be: the big wide world!

Missing out on another riveting round of Dragon Racing, we find Hiccup and Toothless out exploring once more. They've come across a new island which Hiccup is in the process of charting when his girlfriend Astrid (America Ferrera) finds him. Hiccup explains that he is afraid of disappointing his dad, so he just avoids him after Stoick tried having the "someday you shall be Chief" talk with him again. Astrid doesn't understand Hiccup's hesitation to become the leader of Bark but their conversation is cut short when a large ship descends on them, capturing Astrid and her dragon! Aboard the ship, Hiccup demands the release of his friends and learns that the captain of this ship is a man named Eret (Kit Harington), and he is a dragon trapper who works for a man named Drago Bludvist. Eret explains that he just wants the dragons and that Hiccup and Astrid can go freely...but Hiccup and Toothless spring into action and the group escapes back home!

Nice try Eret, maybe next time!

Once back in Bark, Hiccup explains to Stoick what this stranger Eret told them - about a man named Drago Bludvist who is trapping dragons and using them to form a dragon army. Stoick instantly gets quiet and insists that all villagers and dragons lock themselves in their homes and stables - no one leaves! Hiccup is confused, they can't just hide from this Drago person. If anything, they need to go to Drago and explain their relationship with the dragons. Maybe they can reason with the man to leave them and their dragons alone! Stoick explains that he met Drago once, and the man swore he would rule the world with all the dragons and that those who didn't follow him were his enemies. But Hiccup chooses not to listen - he has to keep his friends safe, human and dragon alike! Hiccup leaves against his father's wishes to go reason with Eret and ask to be taken to Drago himself, but Stoick and Hiccup's friends all follow a short time later. No one believes in him! Ugh! Distraught, Hiccup and Toothless leave...and meet someone unlikely and terrifying in the sky.

Who is this now???

Above the clouds, Hiccup and Toothless meet a silent, masked stranger riding an enormous dragon unlike any they've seen before. The masked stranger says nothing to them, but a second dragon ambushes Toothless and Hiccup causing them to separate! Hiccup and Toothless are both captured and taken to an enormous ice cave where the masked stranger reveals their identity - it's Hiccup's mom Valka! Valka (Cate Blanchett) was kidnapped years ago when Hiccup was just a baby during a dragon raid, a dragon felt that Valka belonged amongst their kind and took her with it that night. And ever since then, Valka has acted as a rescuer of dragons and brought the wounded victims of Drago's cruelty to her ice castle refuge. Hiccup and his mom are more alike than he ever dreamt - they're both dragon lovers! Maybe if Valka and Hiccup band together, they can stop Drago from feeling that he needs to build his dragon army. But it's all too little, too late...because Eret has found the location of the dragon refugee cave.

They're going to need some BIG help to stop Drago's men. BIG help. 

As wary as I am of sequels, I never should have hesitated when it came to watching this adorable gem. As adorable and fun as the first How to Train Your Dragon is, this movie completely blows it out of the water! Seeing all the adorable dragons and their personalities interacting with their humans is so precious - and the addition of all these brilliant new dragons is strikingly imaginative! And I LOVE that Hiccup's story continues being about him cutting his own path and following his heart, it's so inspiring and sweet. Fans of the original How to Train Your Dragon movie are going to completely love this movie, no question about it. And with a new movie projected to come out in 2018, I can hardly wait for more adventure!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Killer

Today and tomorrow I'll be treating you to a John Woo double feature! I'm not well-versed in his movies, I've really only seen a couple of them including Face/Off and Hard Boiled, but I have loved all the ones I've seen and don't see that changing in the future. I actually didn't know that John Woo was the director of Hard Boiled until my blogger buddy The Cinemartyr pointed it out to me. And then he also pointed out that Chow Yun-Fat starred in both movies as well. Could I possibly go wrong with this movie? Hardly! More action, more explosions, more gun fights, and more awesomeness!!

John (Chow Yun-Fat) worked as an exclusive hit man for an organized crime ring known as The Triads. But all of that changed the night that he took Jennie's sight. It was an ordinary night like any other, John was sent to a nightclub to take out a couple of men. A beautiful singer (Sally Yeh) was performing at the club that night, and she was caught in the crossfire which resulted in poor Jennie losing her eyesight. The last thing she remembers seeing was John with his gun pointed, but obviously she would never be able to identify him. Racked with guilt, John took to visiting Jennie at the nightclub and watching her get home safely from afar. But one night, a group of thugs try to steal Jennie's purse but John steps in and beats them up. Jennie is grateful and John escorts her home to her apartment. 

Time to hang up the gun, all for the sake of a girl...

John continues to visit Jennie on a regular basis, and a sweet romance begins to blossom between the two of them. And then John's hit manager (Chu Kong) comes to him with a new job proposal. It's nothing he hasn't encountered before, except that this time the hit is to be performed on a South American drug ring leader named Tony Weng. John is hesitant to accept the job, but when his request for $1.5 million isn't turned down he leaps at the job. He explains that this will be his final job - he is only accepting it because Jennie has the opportunity to go in for an expensive eye surgery that could restore her sight. He would need the $1.5 million to cover the operation, and the timing is perfect because the operation must happen within the next month or else it will be too late for her eyes to take to the corrnea transplant. 

Sure he'll kill again - only so Jennie can see again.

The next day at the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, John arrives to the ceremony in a speedboat with a rifle. He successfully takes the shot and offs Tony Weng with no issues...other than being spotted by Detective Li (Danny Lee) while trying to speed away from the scene in his boat. Li and his partner Tsang (Kenneth Tsang) both jump into a boat to pursue John but fall a few minutes behind him. Once John makes it to the opposite shore, he abandons the boat and is about to pat himself on the back when something doesn't feel right. And his hunch was right. The Triads' leader sent assassins to kill John instead of pay him!! Managing to evade being shot and shaking off Li and his partner, John races to find his manager and demand his actual payment...where he walks into another ambush! 

John escapes the second attempted assasination once more, and now it's his turn to exact his own revenge. But while John is out plotting how to get back at the mob boss, Li and Tsang have become devoted to finding John and who he works for. So John is being pursued by two groups of men - one that wants him dead, and another that wants him locked away...but the later is being ruthless in their own way. Li and Tsang have gone so far as to track down Jennie and even tell her the truth about who really caused her to go blind that night in the club - an unforgiveable act. John will not sit quietly and watch these detectives hurt the woman he loves. But with so many people on his tail, is there any chance John will make it out of this mess alive? Much less, with the money that Jennie needs for her operation? With a gun in each hand, there is only one way to find out...

Shoot first, no time for questions!
This movie is an insane, complex thrill ride like only John Woo could deliver! Filled with brooding drama, insane stunts and action sequences, blood-splattered violence, and mind-bending plot twists - I could hardly keep up with this movie! Talk about a wild ride! If you are familiar with this movie and don't recognize some of the names, don't blame me - according to some research translated versions of this movie have given the characters all different names so I do apologize for that. I will say, that as great as this movie was, the plot was kind of hard to keep track of at moments - it gets pretty twisted and bent around. But overall, I highly recommend this for fans of intense action movies from the late 80's - catch it on Netflix before it's gone!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I first saw this movie years ago, likely when I was far too young for it. When I was younger I remember being shocked and enthralled by it, I thought it was amazing and that I had never seen anything like it. But that was years ago. Since then, I've had a hankering to watch this movie but I never got around to it. A couple of months ago, I did stumble on a cheap DVD copy of Deliverance so I no longer had an excuse not to watch it...but now after I've revisited this movie, I'm really wondering what I saw in it the first time around.

Best friends Ed (John Voigt), Lewis (Burt Reynolds), Bobby (Ned Beatty), and Drew (Ronny Cox) are going on an adventure in the deep South! Packing up their cars with camping gear and loading up 2 canoes, the men set their sights on the Northern Georgian wilderness, there in the Cahulawassee Valley a dam is going to be constructed across one of its major rivers which flood the entire valley. And these fellas want to witness the beauty of the untamed wilderness before it is plunged underwater. The plan is to drive to a town close to the mouth of the river they plan on canoeing down, ask a couple of the locals to take their cars and drive them several towns over to a bend in the river where they plan on ending their trip in several days, and in the meantime the boys will make their way down the river and live off of the land. But right from the start things just aren't right.

Who's ready for some fun?!

The guys stop at a cabin along the dirt road that leads to the river and they ask for someone to help them out with their vehicles, and it instantly becomes clear that they're far from the busy city of Atlanta where they all live and work. The folks out here have no electricity or indoor plumbing, and looking in the windows of the cabin they find children with physical deformities that could only come from inbreeding - but Ed presses on. The man of the house tells Ed to go on down the road to another cabin and ask for a pair of brothers who work on trucks that will likely help them. Sure enough, down the road the friends find the brothers they were told to find...but they're strange. All quiet and sneaky looking...but the brother hope into their pick up truck and follow Ed and the gang to the river where they unload and shove off for adventure.

Just four fellas and their canoes!

The first day everything goes pretty well. They encounter some rapids along the river but have fun navigating their way through them. Ed, who's been on several camping excursions like this before, is well prepared to hunt for the group and catches plenty of fish that they roast over the fire that night. They're all having a great time! But the next day proves to be a little rough. Having shared a canoe with chatty Bobby the day before, Ed asks Lewis to take Bobby off his hands the next morning and the twosome set off early while Ed and Drew clean up the camp. Getting a bit too much of a head start, Bobby and Lewis drift to the riverbank to wait...and that's when the trouble starts. While waiting in the woods, a pair of hillbillies with a shotgun emerge from the woods - Lewis is tied to a tree while Bobby is chased by the other one before being caught and violently raped! Leaving Bobby sobbing in the leaves, the hillbilly makes his way back toward Lewis...only to be shot through with an arrow by Ed!

Hang in there Lewis, your buddies are coming!

The hillbilly with the shotgun turns tail and runs into the woods while Ed and Drew help to untie Lewis and brush off Bobby. Poor Bobby is badly shaken and terrified, everyone in the group is shaken up...and now they have the body of a dead redneck rapist on thier hands. After a bit of a squabble over what to do, Ed declares that they bury the body and say nothing to anyone and go back about their weekend canoeing adventure. Everyone loads back into the canoes and heads down river where they encounter more rapids...but theses rapids are much larger than the ones they've encountered before. And just as they're about to tackle this latest obstacle, SHOTS RING OUT. The hillbilly with the shotgun is back - he shoots Drew dead on the spot, leaving Lewis to crash his canoe headlong into the rocks emerging from the river. Panicking, Bobby and Ed try to help but Ed is wounded by a gun shot as well and their canoe overturns. The three remaining friends are now trapped in a raging river with a crazed redneck holding them at gunpoint! Is there any chance they will survive this weekend? Or are they doomed to die in the backwoods of Georgia?

Weekend of fun has quickly turned into a weekend of Hell - 
what is in store for them next???

While it was fun at first to go back and revisit this movie, now I just feel bummed out. The excitement and danger that first came with watching this movie is definitely no longer there for me, if anything this movie didn't seem to hold much interest at all for me anymore! And that's a huge bummer! Where I was sure there were going to be lots of creepy rednecks and weird encounters to make my skin crawl, I just felt kind of bored. The only thing I genuinely enjoyed about this movie was the part at the beginning where Drew plays 'Dueling Banjos' on his guitar with a redneck boy accompanying him on the banjo. The suspense isn't really there, there's not a whole lot of danger and intrigue. If anything, the scenery is really pretty in this movie so that's cool. But otherwise, I am no longer impressed. And worse still, this movie is preserved by the United States National Film Registry and labelled as "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant". I think this is just the only movie that openly depicts male rape, so it's just one-of-a-kind in that factor. If you're curious, give this movie a watch just so you can sate your curiosity. Otherwise, leave this one at the store - it's not worth the money.

Not the best, but it's something to see so you can cross it off your list!