Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mothra vs Godzilla

Great news Invaders, readers, and those new to CineBlog - I AM RETURNING TO ZORCH RADIO TONIGHT!! YAY!!!! I have missed being on the show so much, now I finally get to give you the skinny on all the trashy movies I've been watching lately, and this is a great one! And there's more exciting news regarding the Thursday Night Wrecking Pit, Real Punk Radio's steady evening of Psychobilly radio programming. Tonight, Dan from Gone Mental will be broadcasting a whole TWO HOURS tonight!! But don't worry, once Dan has had his Psychotronic fill for the night Zorch Radio will be taking over the airwaves immediately afterwards so don't shut off that Internet radio dial early! And it all starts at 6pm PST tonight!

Gone Mental from 6-8pm PST and Zorch Radio from 8-10pm PST

During the grand opening of a beautiful new public beach on the Japanese coast, an amazing and bizarre discovery is made. An enormous egg is seen bobbing in the water just off shore, and by enormous I mean that it's about the same size as a 3 story building! Reporter Ichiro Sakai (Akira Takarada) and his photographer Yoka Nakanishi (Yuriko Hoshi) are amazed and don't hesitate in preparing a big story about the discovery and what science will do with it...but then they learn that the head of Happy Enterprises, a major Japanese corporation, has bought the egg and plans to profit off it. How horrible! But science losing the egg is one thing, it's true owner is far more distraught at the loss however. 

Two tiny little women (Emi Ito and Yumi Ito) approach Ichiro and Yoka pleading for their help. These tiny women are no more than a foot high and are dressed like precious little flowers, and they have quite the extraordinary tale to tell. The little ladies came all the way from their home on Infant Island, a primitive island where nuclear testing had been done for many years. On this island live many strange and amazing creatures, including the enormous moth-like creature named Mothra. And that enormous egg, just so happens to belong to Mothra. They need it to come back to the island because Mothra is their guardian, and this egg is Mothra's heir. Without it, the villagers will be left helpless! But when the reporters beg for Happy Enterprises to release the egg, they are instead propositioned to sell these tiny women!

How could you deny those sweet little faces? 

Leaving the offices, the little women are distraught and return home to Infant Island on the back of Mothra. But the reporters don't want to give up - it's not fair that some big wigs will feel so sympathy when it comes to leaving an island without it's protector and its prodigy! But soon they've got bigger problems than restoring the egg to it's mother - GODZILLA HAS RISEN FROM THE EARTH AND IS ATTACKING JAPAN ONCE AGAIN!! Unsure of what to do, Ichiro and Yoka travel to Infant Island and beseech the help of Mothra to defeat Godzilla. At first the villagers all say no...but Mothra has other plans and flies to the mainland to take on the giant beast! But when Mothra is left critically wounded, it is up to the people of Infant Island and their power of prayer to coax the baby Mothra from it's egg and to finish the job it's mother started. But will two twin baby Mothras be strong enough to take down the King of the Monsters?

Back away from that egg Godzilla!

This movie was fun on so many different levels! I loved the fast-paced battle scenes between Godzilla and Mothra, and the scenes on Infant Island brought back fond memories of King Kong vs Godzilla. But I need to admit that I'm starting to get worried. We're now starting to enter the colored era of Godzilla movies and I felt like Godzilla's SKREEONKS are getting monotonous...does this mean a decline in the quality of the Godzilla legacy? I sure hope not, but only time will tell! Make sure to check back in tomorrow where my Grand Godzilla Gala viewing will be of Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster! And also remember to tune in tonight to the Thursday Night Wrecking Pit, and to Zorch Radio where I will give you my live interpretation of this movie during the Trash-Tastic Minute!

Volume 1 of the Godzilla Collection has been completed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Godzilla, King of the Monsters

I had a little bit of a heart attack when I was getting set to put the DVD into the player. First off, the 1954 Godzilla disc and this disc looked pretty identical in regards to color and font. And then when I looked more closely at the discs, I saw that BOTH OF THEM had the titles 'Gojira 1954' and 'Godzilla, King of the Monsters!'. Did I make a horrible mistake? Did I fail to notice that these movies are the exact same thing with different titles? Am I going to be laughed out of the Kaiju community?? Well, I was only half right! While this movie IS the same thing as Gojira 1954, it's still different. Allow me to explain:

See why I panicked? 

Steve Martin (Raymond Burr) is an American journalist from Chicago on his way to Egypt to follow a hot story. While his plane is on layover in Tokyo, Japan he is taken into a back office and questioned by the Japanese airport security. The officer wants to know if he experienced any discomfort or strange goings-on during his flight...which Steve Martin didn't, but being a reporter know he must know. What is happening? Reluctantly, the officer explains that a ship off the Japanese coast completely disappeared in a blinding flash of light and no one knows why. And being the savvy investigative reporter that he is, Steve Martin extends his hand in the investigation.

Of course he's a knowledgeable investigator - he has a pipe!

Search parties are sent out to look for survivors of the missing ship, and to hopefully gain some insight into what happened. But any survivors that were found died of shock and excessive injury from strange burns found on their bodies. The search for answers takes government officials and Steve Martin to a small island off Japan's coast that claim to have witnessed a monster rise out of the sea and take the ship down into the depths. Unsure of what to make of this information, the troop spends the night on the island hoping for better luck in the morning. But many didn't survive the night. In the dead of night, a violent rain storm engulfed the island and then something else... a ferocious shriek filled the air and many of the buildings were crushed and smashed to the ground. What could have caused this destruction? The natives all said the same thing: "GOJIRA!!". The next day, some of the surviving islanders came back to Tokyo with Steve Martin and crew to be questioned about what happened during the night.

Investigations proceed, islanders are questioned, and then something incredible happens: physical evidence is found. Enormous dinosaur-esque footprints are found in the mud of the brutalized island! But while measurements are being taken, something better than footprints is witnessed: THE GIANT BEAST GODZILLA HIMSELF!! Rising over 400ft tall and bellowing his high-pitched SKREEONK, all the disappearances and destruction make sense now! But now they need to figure out how to keep the beast from causing more damage, and potentially killing hundreds of thousands of people. And they need to come up with a plan soon, Godzilla is lurking in Tokyo's harbor, and it's likely that nothing can stop him.  But maybe there's a secret weapon hidden within their midst that can take this killer Kaiju back to the bottom of the sea!

Good luck trying to stop this brute!

WOW. Just...WOW!! This movie was so much fun and I enjoyed every second of it! Basically, this movie is just the original 1954 Godzilla movie but with an English dub and inserted scenes with American actor Raymond Burr. It was a pretty clever way to bring Godzilla to America, I think they did a pretty seamless job. Well, minus the fact that some of the Japanese dialogue translated horribly. Although, I enjoyed the consistent butchering of the word 'phenomenon' ha ha! I would say that if you're looking to get into the earlier Godzilla movies but aren't one to watch movies with subtitles this would be your best introduction. Tomorrow begins an exciting transition into the Grand Godzilla Gala: the first of the 'Godzilla vs...' movies! YAY!! I can't wait to see Godzilla take down the winged beast in Mothra vs Godzilla - don't miss out!

Two down, another 24 to go!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Godzilla Raids Again

Fellow Kaiju fans, I need to admit something that I am rather ashamed of. I just read my post that I wrote several years ago on the 1954 Godzilla movie and I am appalled! I sound like such a pretentious little snot! I know that as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate some movies a lot more than others, especially when it comes to B movies and such. But I'm just embarrassed that I posted my youthful ignorance on the Internet! So, I beg that you pardon my ignorance from years past and that we can start fresh in the day and age where I love B movies, especially monster movies. And with that said, let's kick off this Grand Godzilla Gala with a bang!

A pilot flying off the coast of Osaka, Japan experiences engine trouble and is forced to make an emergency landing on a small deserted island. While he is being rescued, the two pilots together notice a frightening sight: GODZILLA FIGHTING WITH ANOTHER ENORMOUS SCALY BEAST! Oh no! They rush back to the mainland and report their findings to the Japanese government. From their gathered data, Godzilla has been thriving on this island for some time. And this other beast? It's none other than a spiky-backed Anguilus! What's more worrisome though is that Godzilla could be coming back to wreck havoc on the sea-side cities of Japan once more. So they need to develop a plan of attack to keep this from happening again.

Oh wow! Much yikes!!

Battle plans are drawn up, and there's a chance that these may work. In the past, Godzilla had been drawn to light. So flares are to be released into the Osaka Bay, Godzilla's projected line of attack, and he will be held there. Once Godzilla is drawn into the bay, the neighboring cities will be blacked out and evacuated to further eliminate the possibilities of total destruction. And then he'll be pummelled with the full artillery forces of fighter jets, tanks, missiles, and everything else that the armed forces have to throw at this great beast! But then everything goes wrong.

A freak accident causes a plant near the bay to go up in flames, which draws Godzilla out of the waters and into the city! Oh no! And then Anguilus decides that he doesn't want to be left out of the fun either and he comes shuffling ashore, which causes a rather intense battle to commence between the two beasts! Buildings crumble and fall to the ground - nothing is safe in this battle of giants! But when Godzilla lays waste to Anguilus...the city is left in ruin and we watch as the people of the cities are forced to recover what they can while Godzilla continues to roam the land. They need to find this radioactive beast and bury him...literally!

Watch the temple fellas!

I am so ashamed that I harped on the original Godzilla movie so hard, because I had so much fun watching this sequel! One of my favorite parts was during one of the government meetings when all of a sudden, the vocal track started speeding up randomly and the actors sounded like stern chipmunks - oops! And the battle between Godzilla and Anguilus was COOL! They sped it up a bit, because I'm sure the original choreography had to be a bit slower - but wow! Those hits looked brutal! And I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's something about a black and white monster movie that has a hint of magic - anyone else feel that way or is it just me? If you love the older Godzilla movies, especially the ones from the black and white era then this is a fun one to check out. And make sure to check back tomorrow - my next feature in the Grand Godzilla Gala will be the 1956 American production of Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

Day one has gone well - let's keep this gravy train rolling!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Grand Godzilla Gala

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to our premiere soiree of the year: the freshly appointed GRAND GODZILLA GALA! Within these next few weeks please delight in the sophisticated joys and triumphs of our favorite radioactively-charged Kaiju King; Mr. G. Zilla himself! Help yourselves to refreshments, we have provided spare monocles at the door, and remember to only smoke the finest Honduran cigars on the terrace as the smoke will depreciate our delicate Moroccan artwork.

Mr. Zilla has come dressed to par-TAY!

Beginning tomorrow, I am going to watch every single movie in the Godzilla franchise (minus the Italian rendition that I cannot seem to get a hold of...) and I will be ending with the premiere of the newest Godzilla movie, hitting theaters on May 16th. In all seriousness, I know I am going to lose my mind in one of two ways over the next few weeks. I am hoping that I will only lose my mind with happiness over being CONSUMED by a mass amount of movies featuring my favorite movie monster. On the other hand, during my last franchise stint - see the Friday the 13th FREAKOUT and Marky Mark Mania pages - I sort of lost my mind and got reeeaaaally annoyed with my narrow choice of movies I was able to watch. And while this won't be my most intense theme ever, it's going to be my largest franchise undertaking. WISH ME LUCK!!

Algar the Dinosaur and I are dressed in our best, ready to sip our champagne, 
and get this Gala STARTED!

Don't be shy - feel free to join along! Many of these movies are available for digital download, can be purchased on VHS or DVD, and can be rented through Amazon Instant Video. And if you're a mega Godzilla NUT like I am, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS TOO! What is your favorite movie in the franchise? Least favorite? What was the first movie you ever saw? Do you have Godzilla footie pajamas that you wear whenever you watch one of the the King's movies? What are your thoughts on the upcoming Gareth Edwards remake? I want to hear about it - let's be Kaiju nerds united, let the world hear our unified SKREEEEEEONK!!

Here are the movies that I physically own, it's a small collection but I love it :)

Here is a full list of all the movies I will be watching so you can keep track of my progress, here I go:

 Mothra vs Godzilla
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
Invasion of Astro-Monster
Godzilla Versus the Sea Monster
Son of Godzilla
Destroy All Monsters
All Monsters Attack
Godzilla vs Hedorah
Godzilla vs Gigan
Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla
Terror of Mechagodzilla
Godzilla 1985
Godzilla vs King Ghidorah
Godzilla vs Mothra
Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2
Godzilla vs Space Godzilla
Godzilla vs Destroyah
Godzilla vs Megaguirus
Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
Godzilla: Final Wars
Godzilla (2014)

**These are movies that have been watched and blogged about before the Grand Godzilla Gala came into being - click on the links and check out my previous posts!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Freedom Writers

I'm being the biggest brat right now, I won't even try to hide it. I started writing this about an hour and a half before I'm supposed to close the spa where I work at and it was a craaaaaazy busy day. Usually in my downtime at work I use the computer I sit at to go on Tumblr for hours at a time, and because of all this Tumbling time I tend to exceed my daily post limit. I find this dumb, but whatever. Well I found 2 awesome posts that I wanted to re-Tumbl...but because I exceeded my limit I can't make my awesome comments and have them be posted. So now I'm pouting. I don't even want to look at Tumblr because it's been mean. Exceed my daily post limit? Internet, I HAVE NO LIMIT!! And since I can't Tumblr, I'll blog instead. IS THAT OKAY INTERNET OVERLORDS?? AM I STILL ALLOWED THIS FREEDOM??? Alright, I'll quit now before I scare you away with my adolescent behavior. 

Me? Immature? happens...

Erin Grumwell (Hilary Swank) is a bright, optimistic woman filled with hopes and brilliant ideas. A recent graduate with her degree in high school education, Erin has been accepted as an English teacher for the freshman and sophomore students of Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. Considering Erin's positive outlook on life and her prim dress - the woman wears pearls! - it's a bit of a shock that she TRIED to get a job at this particular school. The year is 1994 and Woodrow Wilson High School recently underwent a change and started using an integration program, bring in some of the students in the community with lower grades to give them the chance to push themselves. But this integration program wasn't the best thing to happen to the school. 

Not the livliest of student bodies...

While the program has opened the doors of this academically accelerated school to everyone, many of the students that have been brought in come from very tough walks of life. Many of them are gang members or affiliated with some sort of gang violence, they deal drugs, they have behavioral issues, and some are even homeless. Barely 16 and homeless, can you imagine? And while Woodrow Wilson High School used to have the most impressive testing scores in the entire district, the addition of these troubled teens has caused school's standing in the district to plummet and the morale of the teachers to wane. But Erin thinks she has the tenacity and the fresh perspective to help the incoming freshman class raise their grades and take an interest in their education. 

Erin believes she can do it - and she is about to be put to the test

On the first day of class Erin is prepared. Her lessons are planned, her pearls are in place, and she's ready to put her class in the mood to learn. But the second that the students start trickling in, it's obvious that Erin is totally out of her element. The teens grab their desk and scoot them closer to their friends, in fact the entire room is divided into racial groups - no one mingles! And no one pays any attention to Erin either. They read magazines, joke with each other, and harass other students. And then two of her students break out into a fist fight, causing Erin to have to call in the hallway security guard to separate the boys. And this same routine continues for the next couple weeks of class. 

On a typical morning, Erin is trying to teach today's lessons when she sees her student Jamal (Deance Wyatt) become the butt of a very cruel joke that leaves the other students cackling in their seats. This is it. She has had enough. Erin throws her lesson plan aside and demands to know what all this teasing, tormenting, and gang violence is going to do for them all in the future. None of them can give her a good answer, and that's when she tells them a story about the biggest/most successful gang in history: the Nazis. And then she's floored when she finds that only the single WHITE student in her class knows who the Nazis were. Now Erin thinks she can get through to them. She starts using history as a way to teach them - she buys books on Anne Frank with her own money and pushes her kids to question and get interested in history and English at the same time. And while her students grades start to climb and their camaraderie starts to build, Erin runs into plenty of road blocks. 

From no interest to knowing the answers - how could anyone not
see that she's made an impact? 

The head of the English department at the high school sees Erin as a complete amateur since she's never taught a class before. The head, Margaret Campbell (Imeda Staunton), flat out tells Erin that she has to stick to the curriculum that they recommend because it's "a waste of time trying to teach these kids". So with no help from the school, Erin relies on appealing to the president of the school board and even gets two jobs on the side to pay for the supplies that the school refuses to give her. And even Erin's family starts to turn against her! Her husband Scott (Patrick Dempsey) hates that his wife is completely dedicated to her work life instead of their personal life, and her father (Scott Glenn) is thoroughly disgusted by Erin's obsession to improve the lives of these kids. But it's with sheer determination and unbridled love that Erin shows her students a side of education that none of them knew they deserved. And together, they work to change the learning community around them for generations to come. 

Mrs. G did it. She got through. 

This movie was surprisingly good and actually got me to cry 3 times. I thought this was going to be kind of lame, one of those run-of-the-mill "slightly unconventional teacher changes the lives of their hard-knock students" kind of movie. And it totally wasn't! I loved the passion and emotion that Hilary Swank brought to her character, as well as the performances of all the kids who played the students! If movies like Strictly Ballroom and Finding Forrester left a bit of a sour taste in your mouth, this is the refreshment that you need! Drama, violence, and drive! Oh, and did I mention that this is all based on a TRUE STORY? I need say nothing more. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine

This was not a movie I watched willingly, I need to go on record as saying that. Last Friday Bri and I went on a shopping trip for Lush things and shoes and decided to end our day with a movie. Our first choice was actually Dahmer, but Bri wasn't pulled in by the opening scene so we began looking through the free movie options on Comcast. Bri is a huge Vincent Price fan so when she saw that he starred in this movie, the deal was sealed. But the entire time she said I had a look on my face that was a cross between unabashed disgust and shocked bemusement. And this movie earned every second of that facial expression!

Not a whole lot of happiness with this movie here...

Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) is a mad genius who has used the most advanced of technologies to ensure he will remain a wealthy mad genius for the rest of his life. Alongside his right-hand man Igor (Jack Mullaney), they have built a machine that creates femme-bots, sexy lady robots. So how do these make him lots of money? Well Dr. Goldfoot scours the newspapers and magazines for word on the wealthiest bachelors in the world, and then he sends his sexy femme-bots out into the world to meet these bachelors. The femme-bots then capture the hearts of the bachelors, marry them, have the men sign over all their money and belongings to the women who then disappear from their lives with all the riches and are never heard from again! A brilliant plan, yes. And it has kept Dr. Goldfoot living rather comfortably. That is...until now.

Dr. Goldfoot and his nest egg: his army of sexy femme-bots!

Dr. Goldfoot has sent out his trusted femme-bot Diane (Susan Hart) to capture the heart of a rather famous man about town known as Todd Armstrong. But while watching on their spy cams, the doctor and his assistant see that Diane is stripping and swooning over some joe-shmoe named Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon)! Oh no! Turns out that idiot Igor got Todd Armstrong's coordinates wrong and sent Diane into the arms of the wrong man, but with some quick programming he's able to set her on the right path to the right man. But how is Craig supposed to forget about this super sexy woman who kissed him so sweetly and stole his heart? He needs to find her and get her back into his life! Meanwhile Diane is happily on her way to meeting Todd Armstrong (Dwayne Hickman) and screwing him out of all of his money. But Craig is determined to find Diane...but if he learns the truth about her, could Dr. Goldfoot's plans be forever foiled? Stay tuned!

Look out Todd and Craig, Diane is more than just a pretty woman!

This movie was ridiculously paaaaiiiinful! It has stupid cheesy jokes and segue music, much like the Scooby Doo cartoons. And for as many golden bikini clad women as this movie has, there isn't a lot of promiscuity. From an outside view, this movie appears as though it would be perfectly campy and a perfect Trash-Tastic post it just has too many dumb jokes. So much dumbness makes this movie catapult way past silly and into the real of 'Trying Way Too Hard'. If you like Vincent Price movies, or insanely campy movies then you should give this one a try. And while there won't be a Trash-Tastic Minute tonight and Gone Mental will also not be broadcasting tonight, do not forget to tune in to Zorch Radio - your sole champion during tonight's Thursday Night Wrecking Pit! Starting between 6 and 7pm PST, keep your Internet dialed up to Real Punk Radio!

Thursday nights done right, only on Real Punk Radio!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ben X

Today's blog post comes from a bit of a dark place. I don't know what is going on today but for some reason, everything seems to be going wrong. The seat belt in my car decided to break today, the TV at the house where I'm dog sitting is not working, I had a long night at work, and because of my car I can't make the trek out to the Zorch Radio studio tomorrow night. UGH. But I am trying to remain positive. Which isn't that hard to do because the puppy that I'm babysitting is so cute I want to die. And all he wants to do is snuggle with me - could I be luckier? Well, sure the TV could work and my seat belt would magically fix itself but I'll take things in stride. Plus I took the time to revisit this awesome movie that I saw a few years ago, it's an oldie but a goodie to me!

If you're also looking for a little pick-me-up, I'd like to introduce you to 
the adorable Mr. Bailey Beauregard. Isn't he the most handsome/smiley puppy ever? 

Ben (Greg Timmermans) has always had a hard time trying to fit in to the real world. Ever since he was a baby, Ben's mother (Marijke Pinoy) knew that something was different about him. Growing up, Ben didn't like to communicate with anyone, he never spoke or really responded to anyone who was trying to talk to him. For a time his parents thought he was deaf, but tests taken in doctor's offices proved otherwise. Ben's parents thought their son was severely deranged until they found a doctor who understood what they couldn't. Ben was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism - a neurological development disorder. 

Ben grew up not knowing how to be around other people. He felt anxious and scared when touched, and because he didn't know how to function and relate to the other children he was constantly teased. All through elementary school, Ben's classmates poked fun at him and harassed him until he flew into violent, thrashing fits. The teachers knew he was struggling, but none of them could help for two reasons: the kids got wise and only picked on Ben when no grown ups were around, and they knew Ben would never tell because it pained him to communicate with anyone. Functioning for someone like Ben is painful, and his mother could only do the best she knew how. And while being tormented by his peers and treated like a puzzling creature by his family, Ben does have one escape that helps push him through the day: video games. 

Reality is an interesting place, but Ben doesn't want to live there

Ben loves playing video games, especially medieval-themed online role playing games. He found comfort in being able to express himself with no difficulty through his keyboard, he could be anybody in this imaginary realm. He could don any armor he chose, speak perfectly, and interact with other plays so easily - he is able to be all the things here that he can't be in the real world. From the moment he wakes up every morning, Ben is logged into his games - he plays before and after school every day, religiously. It erases the pain of the terrors of the day. Especially now that Ben has made a friend, a girl named Scarlite. Together they quest in these magical realms and talk like they know each other in real life. You could almost say that Ben is happy. But then one day it all becomes too much. 

How far is too far? 

Desmet (Maarten Claeyssens) and Bogaert (Titus de Voogt) are Ben's biggest bullies. They are always touching him, taking his things, and teasing him about being an alien because of his different-ness. They're cruel, which is the nicest thing anyone can say about them. But on one particular day, they push the envelope too far. While their instructor is out of the room during class, Desmet and Bogaert grab Ben and make him stand on top of one of the desks while the other students chant and laugh at him...right before they pants him. And what makes matters worse, everyone takes videos of this act with their cellphones. For days afterwards, Ben is plagued by video messages and emails containing different edits of the video - this latest embarrassment has been plastered all over the Internet! Ben can't live with this kind of humiliation anymore, he wants it all to end. That night while gaming with Scarlite, Ben confesses that he wants to commit suicide but Scarlite says NO! The next day, she boards a train to find Ben and the two of them come together. And that is how Ben and Scarlite (Laura Verlinden) devise the perfect plan to end all of Ben's pain and to get back at those who have hurt him most. 

Having Scarlite by his side has changed Ben's ability to function - how 
can he leave her behind? 

This movie from Belgium is a bittersweet, but brilliant triumph. I originally saw this a few years ago, I stumbled on it out of curiosity and it's memory still haunts me to this day. It's got a very alternative, revenge side to it that reminds me of Gran Torino. But at the same time it also has this light, almost mystical indie feeling to it similar to the movies American Beauty and Babel. I highly recommend this movie for people who love an indie revenge/rise-above-it-all type of movie. This is amazing, and pretty insightful into the whole anti-bullying movement that has recently swept the nation. Watch this movie if you hate bullies!