Monday, July 27, 2015

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Medical student Mia (Michelle Ang) is working on her thesis for school and has chosen to do so in documentary form. Inspired by her own grandfather who was affected by Alzheimer's, Mia has posted flyers asking for a family with a member suffering from Alzheimer's to be part of her study. She plans on making a film about how Alzheimer's not only affects the person diagnosed with the disease, but also how the disease affects those trying to care for the affected. And that was how the Logan family came to contact Mia. Sarah Logan (Anne Ramsay) gets in touch with Mia wanting them to film herself and her mother. Sarah's mom Deborah (Jill Larson) suffers from advancing Alzheimer's and would be a perfect candidate for the film.

Mia and her film crew - Luis (Jeremy DeCarlos) and Gavin (Brent Gentile) - head out to the small town of Exuma, Virginia to visit the Logans. At first, Deborah is really hesitant about joining in on the study - she wants this to be strictly medical, she doesn't want to be exploited and made to look out like a joke. Sarah pleads with her mother - their family desperately needs the grant money that comes with the filming agreement so Sarah manages to coerce Deb into agreeing. In the beginning it seems like Deb is suffering from usual Alzheimer symptoms - she loses her train of thought, has difficult counting exact change when she goes shopping, and can't recall memories from her young adulthood. But then things begin to escalade in a violent manner.

Alzheimer's is a horrible ailment...but it looks like Deborah has it extra bad. 

Deb starts lashing out at her family and the crew - she lunges at them, screaming that they've stolen things from her. This is still considered normal...but what isn't normal is when Deborah starts peeling off her own skin! She is admitted to hospitals multiple times to receive series of tests to explain her behavior but nothing shows up any more abnormal than before. But then other happenings start occurring that can't be explained by a medical condition. Luis and Gavin set up stationary cameras in corners of rooms and hallways in the house to monitor anything that might happen at night...and they find alarming things on the footage in the following days. Deborah suddenly appearing in rooms where she'll be standing in front of table one second and then be standing on that table the next. What is happening?!

Creeping around at night...something besides Alzheimer's is going on here...

The group has a turning point one night when they find Deborah naked in the attic of her home sitting at the old switchboard that she used to operate for the small town in the 60s and 70s. She's furiously stabbing a connection cord furiously into one of the slots before she starts screaming in a foreign tongue and then the whole board lights up with an electric jolt! Sarah calls Deborah's doctor who arrives immediately and administers a large amount of tranquilizers to Deborah - the doctor suggests investigating more into this switchboard incident and the number that she was connecting to, maybe there's a buried memory there that needs to be released. Doing some careful detective work, the group finds that the number was that of a man in the community who was a pediatrician but was thought to have murdered young women in the community in an occult ritual before he disappeared. Did Deborah know some secret of his that's she's fighting to release? Or is something much darker at work here?

She's not Deborah anymore...

This is a terrifying movie that I totally was NOT prepared for! A few months back I remember seeing a lot of people on Instagram watching this and singing it's praises but I just wasn't sure if I was ready for it. Demonic possession movies always go one of two ways - they're either terrifying and make me not want to sleep for days, or they're lame and I just hate them from start to finish. But not only was this movie terrifying but it's also shot in the found-footage style which adds to intensity. EEEKK!!!! If there was something I'd have to nit pick about this movie it would be that it can be super quiet at times and it's hard to hear the dialogue - but that's easily solved with subtitles. Overall, this is a pretty good movie and I highly recommend it for horror fans who love a good possession movie. This one is STILL creeping me out!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

One of my guiltiest pleasures aside from exploitation cannibal movies, teen comedies, and reality television - wow, I have lots of guilty pleasures... - are giant animal horror movies. I don't know what it is but I LOVE me some big critters!! Especially if they're nasty ones. I don't care so much about tigers or bears or anything like that. I want things with skin and scales - snakes and lizards and alligators and sharks! The good stuff! And one of my absolute favorites was the first Anaconda movie. Huge snake in the jungle trying to kill a bunch of wise cracking Americans? Sign me up! As wary as I am with sequels, this movie has been lurking on the periphery of my Netflix queue for a while and I was too worried to commit. But now that I have, I feel dumb for having not committed sooner!

A team of researchers who work for a pharmaceutical company are desperate for funding for their newest venture - finding and retrieving the Blood Orchid. This is a flower said to have properties that will become the pharmaceutical equivalent of the Fountain of Youth - a flower that can make people live forever. But the Blood Orchid is rare and only blooms for a few months out of the year before it disappears...and according to their research this flower is only in bloom in the jungles of Borneo for 2 more weeks. And without hesitation a team is assembled and sent to the wilds of Borneo to bring back flower specimens. So let's meet our crew!

Don't they look like a jungle-trekking/capable group? 

Arriving in Borneo we have our grad students comprised of spunky Southern gal Sam Rogers (KaDee Strickland), and tech geek Cole Burris (Eugene Byrd). We've got the representatives from the pharmaceutical company - Jack Byron (Matthew Marsen), Gail Stern (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), and Gordon Mitchell (Morris Chestnut). And finally we have the obligatory medical doctor Ben Douglas (Nicholas Gonzales). And all these people are loaded onto a rickety boat captained by sassy Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) and his assistant Tran (Karl Yune). Since Borneo is in the middle of the rainy season, they have to plot their course carefully so they don't get marooned on submerged tree tops - it's going to be a dangerous journey...and will be made all the more dangerous when the team realizes that they're not alone in the jungle.

Welcome to the jungle, it's got scary things!

The don't run into any real hiccups until several days into the journey when the rivers get so high that it's basically impossible to see the river banks...the engine of the boat is put under so much strain that the head gasket blows. Which would be bad enough...except that the gasket blows right as the boat is approaching a waterfall!! Without the ability to turn the boat around, it plunges over the falls and sinks to the bottom of the river below. The crew makes it out alive and waterlogged...but now they're trapped in the jungle miles away from any village. But Johnson has a plan - a friend of his patrols one of the rivers that's about a 2-day hike from the spot they're at. He uses the satellite phone to call his friend who agrees to meet them, and Johnson orders the group to trek through the jungle which will save them a whole day's worth of time. But the jungle proves to be much worse than they had hoped.

Danger lurks beneath the surface...

Hours go by and the group is hacking their way through the overgrown forest when the trees break away and reveal a swamp - they can't go around it so through they go. Everyone makes jokes about creepy crawlies being in the water which scares the girls and makes the guys laugh...until Dr. Ben Douglas is dragged below the water!! When he resurfaces he's covered in gashes...what could have....AND THEN AN ENORMOUS ANACONDA LUNGES FROM THE WATER, TAKING DR. BEN DOUGLAS DOWN WITH HIM!!! There is a huge snake in their midst and they're got to get out of this jungle!! Johnson assures them that there is no way there are more snakes like this in the jungle, but they have to keep moving. UNTIL ANOTHER SNAKE APPEARS AND TAKES DOWN GRAD STUDENT BEN!!! There is more than one snake, and now they have even more reason to get moving faster! But more perils lay ahead, and this journey is no longer for's for survival.


This movie is insanely fun and also really well made considering the fact that it's a sequel brimming with CGI giant snakes! The cast is pretty stereotypical, but that's not necessarily a bad thing since whose really watching the movie for the humans? The plot is also fairly decent, and naturally the British guy ends up being the villain. But the real reason we're watching this movie - THE SNAKES. The CGI is not great, but it's far from being the worst I've ever seen - and these snakes are exactly what I wanted: enormous, fast, and angry! And there's lots of them too!! Fans of giant animal horror movies need to check out this movie, it's totally worth it. And now that I know there are multiple sequels following this one, I totally plan on seeing all of them!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

48 Hrs.

Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) is a cop on a case who is looking for some outside assistance. A man named Albert Ganz (James Remar) escaped from a convict chain gang with the help of his accomplice and partner Billy Bear (Sonny Landham - who played Billy in Predator!). Pretending to be a broken down driver, Billy pulls off to ask for some water for his overheating engine and he and Ganz lock into a vicious fist fight resulting in Billy slipping him a gun and the two fleeing in the pick up. Ganz is a deranged man who was locked up for murder and now he's on the loose! So who better to handle the case than Jack Cates?

Cute shirt Ganz...did your grandma knit that for you? 

Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) is an angry cop with a bad attitude but he's got good intuition and an ass that just won't quit. And Jack is put on the Ganz case. His first lead is to check out a hotel where Ganz is reportedly staying under a fake name...but when Jack's men go upstairs into the hotel to check it out AND BOTH OF THEM END UP SHOT AND KILLED!! Jack tries to pursue Ganz as he flees the hotel but he ends up having to flee from the gunfire - damn! Back at the station, Jack is in trouble with the chief for getting his men killed and losing the suspects. Jack needs help on this case, but he needs help from someone who knows Ganz and his people - someone on the inside. And that's how Jack gets paired up with Reggie Hammond.

Off to a good start! 

Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) is also a convict himself, but he's still locked away behind bars for the next six months. Jack approaches Reggie, knowing that Reggie and Ganz knew each other when they both were on the outside. So the two strike up a deal - Reggie will help Jack find Ganz but only if he can get released NOW. Jack is instantly put off and decides he can move forward without Reggie...but he can't. He doesn't even know where to start. With Reggie's help, the two start tracking down the people that Ganz would see first when he's on the outside and the chase is on. But will this partnership between Jack and Reggie cause more problems than necessary? Or will they become the crime fighting duo they are destined to become?

They're either doing everything right or they're going to kill each other...

This was not the movie that I expected it to be. I was told this would be an action-comedy but I got more action-racist humor than anything else. To be completely honest I was not impressed in the slightest. The action and tension is really good in this movie, but I was expecting more laughs...I think this might have been during the time when Eddie Murphy just wasn't funny. Also the term "hotdoggin'" makes me uncomfortable - new fun fact about me! If you're looking for comedy, do not come here. If you're looking for a bunch of racist slurs and cop action then you've found the right movie. But I won't lie, I still wouldn't recommend it at that. I mean, Nick Nolte just looks like a Robert Redford clone gone wrong and he's just angry all the time, and Eddie Murphy just yells and says "Man" a whole bunch. Watch something else, seriously.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The God of Cookery

Last Thursday I was at a loss for what to post on Trash-Tastic Thursday so I hurriedly watched the trashy exploitation comedy Massacre in Dinosaur Valley and called it a day! Well, last Friday when my movie date with blogger buddy The Cinemartyr we settled on watching The God of Cookery - a movie I had never heard of and was a little nervous about watching. This movie seemed like it was going to be stupid cheesy and it wouldn't hold my attention - sorry CineMartyr but some of your picks aren't the best. Well thankfully this movie was actually super awesome! And hilarious! And all around great!

Throughout the world, food and the ability to make it well is held in high esteem. And Stephen Chow is the man who has been deemed as the greatest chef in all the world - bestowed with the title God of Cookery. Chow (as himself) proved himself with his amazing chef skills, with his combination of his cooking talents and his knowledge of good food he lives the life of a culinary rock star. He has a large lavish home, television endorsements, and is on the verge of launching his own line of instant noodles. But all this celebrity has gone to Chow's head...and it's not going to take much to knock him off his high horse.

No one can surpass the talents of The God of Cookery!

Bull Tong (Vincent Kok) is a new graduate from the Academy of Cookery and he is a huge fan of Chow's work - he desperately wants to be Chow's personal assistant! After some embarrassing trials that make Bull Tong look like a fool, Chow agrees to bring the chubby kid under his wing. Which backfires on the day of the opening of The God of Cookery's 50th branch restaurant. While demonstrating how to make a signature dish that will be featured at the restaurant, Bull Tong pipes up that there's nothing special about this dish - he's charging guests $100 for a simple noodle dish! And then Bull Tong points out that the dish isn't even cooked properly!! The God of Cookery has been publicly humiliated...and then Bull Tong out cooks Chow in front of a camera crew!! No!! He has been shamed, his title has been stripped, he has lost his dignity!

Chow has been shamed and banished to the streets of Hong Kong. With no money and not even a title to his name, Chow has resorted to begging on the streets for food and money. But a homely woman who sells noodles on the street takes pity on him. Twin Daggers Turkey (Karen Mok - who is actually super gorgeous in real life) takes in Chow out of pity...and on the first night together Chow is floored by how amazing her cooking is. And then an idea blooms. With Turkey's amazing cooking skills and his knowledge of the business, perhaps they can start up their own business and make tons of money. Chow will get back his notoriety and they'll start making money together...and Chow can even get his title back!! But Bull Tong is not willing to go down without a fight, unfortunately for him neither is Chow - the true God of Cookery!!!

Bull Tong vs Stephen Chow - the battle begins!

This movie is a hilarious combination of kung fu madness and foodie goodness - I don't think I've ever wanted a bowl of noodles so badly in my life! Because I chose to watch the English dubbed version rather than the subbed version, I did get a totally different translation...but at least the food was properly named. The comedy in this movie is ridiculously over the top - beef ball bukkake anyone? - and some of the lines had me scratching my head while giggling: "What kind of accent is that?" "A human accent!" Ha ha ha!! There isn't a lot of kung fu action in this movie, but the intensity with which the characters cook is definitely very aggressive. Fans of foreign comedy and foodie movies HAVE to give this trashy gem a try, it's stupid fun with a side of rice!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

I heard about this movie courtesy of my blogger buddy The CineMartyr who ordered a killer pack of out-of-print cannibal exploitation movies recently and I got instantly jealous! I LOVE any movie that has to do with jungle exploration and cannibalistic tribesmen made during the 70s and 80s, and then I got all the more excited when I learned that The Massacre of Dinosaur Valley was on Youtube!

On the island of St. Sebastian, we are introduced to a photographer and his two models, an elderly paleontologist and his daughter, a sour divorced couple, and a young paleontologist on the hunt for fossils. None of these people have anything in common other than the fact that they're in St. Sebastian's and are planning on flying out from the island on the same flight. While eating at
the hotel bar the night before the flight, the young paleontologist overhears the flight's pilot chatting with the angry divorcee saying that the flight is going to be taking a slight detour to a place called Dinosaur Valley. Dinosaur Valley is a place deep in the jungle said to have an abundance of rare dinosaur fossils, and the elderly paleontologist is paying the pilot handsomely to detour the flight tomorrow. Score for the young guy!

We're going on vacay! Woo!

The next day the group boards the plane, but as they're soaring through the air the plane starts to shake and rattle. The pilot gets nervous and makes a comment about this possibly being the work of Dinosaur Valley - legend says that all who go to the Valley are doomed to be cursed...could this be the work of that curse? Unable to do anything, the plane nosedives toward the ground and crashes in the dense jungles of Dinosaur Valley killing the pilot! Everyone aboard the plane is alive, but badly shaken up...what are they supposed to do? They're stranded in the jungle! The angry divorcee takes the initiative and starts crafting a plan to get them out of the jungle. If they locate the large river they can follow it to a village and get help from there.

Stranded in the jungle! Great!

With no other options, the gang bands together and follows the explorer into the jungle. The journey is difficult and the group encounters all manner of snakes and river critters along the way, but they encounter something else they didn't anticipate...a primitive jungle tribe! They don't encounter the actual people but they tramp through a riverbed decorated with skulls on spears which is a clear sign
that these people are cannibals! Oh no! Trapped in the jungle with a bunch of helpless women surrounded by terrifying animals and a tribe of cannibals, what hope do they have of getting out of this jungle alive? And at the rate that the members of the group start dying off...whose to say any of them have a chance?

Surviving in this jungle? No walk in the park!

This movie was tons of fun and definitely not what I was anticipating at all! Most 80s era exploitation movies dealing with cannibals are really badly filmed and have lots of dull moments in between the carnage..but this movie had tons of hilarious moments to break up the gore! The acting is over the top and ridiculous, you just can't take the characters seriously at all. The gore is obviously fake but there is plenty of it so my appetite was sated, and the cannibals were relentless and there were tons of death scenes! Yay! My only gripe? THERE ARE NO DINOSAURS IN THIS MOVIE!! Once the movie got going and I understood that this Dinosaur Valley had more to do with fossils than actual dinosaurs I was kind of okay with it...but I was still pretty bummed. I mean, cannibals and dinosaurs in the same movie? That would be the movie of my dreams - like Dinosaur Island but better!! Fans of 80s era exploitation movies with tons of violence and cheesy gore - much like Eaten Alive and Cannibal Ferox - are going to LOVE this movie!

Watch the full movie here!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Breaking Bad

This is a television show I held off on watching for the longest time simply because I didn't know what to expect. Lots of people loved and raved about the show when it was on television and I remember seeing my Facebook news feed explode after each episode . But was it really for me? I knew the basic plot and I knew that there was lots of drama...but I generally don't watch dramatic television. I tend to stick to sitcoms and comedies and things of that caliber. But my co-worker Nick finally broke me down. He told me that it was one of the greatest shows on television and that I was committing a crime by not watching it. FINE! So I went ahead and watch the first episode...which turned into the first season...and now I am almost done with the fourth season and I. AM. HOOKED.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) leads a very quiet simple life that could have been a whole lot more. Walter works at a high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he teaches chemistry with a passion - he excelled at chemistry in school and dreamed of going on to become a brilliant scientist. But that never happened. So now Walter goes to work every day and teaches classrooms filled with half-sleeping teenagers about formulas and chemical bonds. When he finished his day Walter returns home to his family - his pregnant wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and their teenage son Walter Jr. (R.J. Mitt). They're a happy family and get along well, they're close with Skyler's sister Marie (Betsy Brandt) and her DEA agent husband Hank (Dean Norris), they have a house with a pool, and they make enough money to take care of their bills. This is Walter White's life.

It's not extraordinary, but this is what Walter has. 

For a couple of weeks Walter has been suffering from an annoying hacking cough which was manageable for a while but then one day he started coughing so violently that he blacked out! Not good. So he made an appointment to go to the doctor..and it was during his appointment that the doctor asked if Walter was a smoker. He never smoked a day in his life, why would his doctor ask him such a thing? And then the CAT scan he issues tells Walter why. Through no fault of his own Walter has contracted terminal lung cancer and it has advanced to such a brutal stage that he may only have weeks or months to live. Walter is devastated! He has no money in savings to pay for chemotherapy treatments, and his insurance company won't cover is he supposed to tell his family? And worse yet, how will his family carry on without him once he's gone?

His days are numbered...what is he going to do? 

Walter is the sole money earner of the household, Skyler is 7 months pregnant with an unplanned baby, and Walter Jr. has Cerebral Palsy - if he were to die within a matter of months they would have no means to support themselves! Walter needs to think of something, anything to fix this. And the idea comes to him one night over dinner. With his brother-in-law Hank being a DEA agent, Hank is in charge of finding and bringing down the drug lords of the town. One night over dinner, Hank is talking about his latest conquest where him and his partner uncovered a meth lab in a guy's house alongside of several hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash at the scene. Walter is stunned - that much money from cooking meth? And then it dawns on him...that much money for cooking meth. Because Walter is a brilliant chemist, he knows the formula for cooking meth and with his scientific mind and knowledge of chemicals he would be able to cook up batches that this town has never seen before, meaning he could make more money than any of these jokers...but how to get started?

Being a methodical man, Walter asks Hank if he can go on a ride along with him one day just to see what it's like. Hank thinks this is funny because Walter is such a wimp and an obvious dork, but Walter needs details..and what he ends up with is a partner. Fleeing from a scene, Walter sees a young man who used to be one of his students: Jesse Pinkman. Jesse (Aaron Paul) was a loser student in Walter's class and coasted all through high school, he was also really well known for selling weed in high school. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Walter approaches Jesse and asks if he's interested in becoming meth cooking partners. Naturally Jesse is freaked out - this has to be some kind of set up! But Walter proves persistent and determined, the fastest way for him to make a ton of money is to start cooking meth. And with some trepidation Jesse agrees.

White and Pinkman - new partners in crime

At first things are going well. With Jesse's help the twosome purchase an RV and Walter steals equipment from the chemistry lab at the high school that they used to start cooking ...but it's not enough. Walter wants to make more and sell more so he can bring in faster money. And the only want to do that is through a distributor. And the minute that Walter and Jesse enter the major leagues of meth cooking and selling they are plunged into a world of deception, thievery, murder, and general mayhem. But Walter wants this, he needs the money for his family. It doesn't matter if Skyler thinks he's having an affair or if she catches him in his lies. And Jesse doesn't want to back out because there's no future for a drug dealer like him, he doesn't fit into the world...and all this incoming money doesn't hurt. But Walter's health condition starts changing, when will he find the right time to pull the plug? Or does he even have the power to do so anymore?

All this money and all this meth...could Walter walk away from this life
even if he wanted to? 

Since starting this post I've begun the fifth season of Breaking Bad and I am trying so hard to take my time because I'm not ready for it to be over yet! This show is massively intriguing from start to finish and very rarely are there any dull moments - the suspense in this show is ridiculous! Something I have found interesting about my experience with Breaking Bad however is that I don't like any of the characters. I don't hate all of them - although Skyler is the worst and I will hate her and the things she's said and done forever - but I definitely am not rooting for any of them either, basically this show has just become some voyeuristic pleasure for me where I sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see if someone is going to get caught during the current episode. It's an odd dynamic, but an insane thrill ride! If you're into dramatic thriller television shows with strongly violent and book smart plots I do highly recommend this show. It's worth all the hype and has been an excellent watch - don't let Netflix delete this one before you have a chance to check it out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


George Marsh (Jeff Fahey) is turning a big corner in his life. After working for over 30 years in a coal mine, he is finally retiring and stepping away from work for good. The night before his last day of work his daughter Samantha (Kelly Noonan) throws George a retirement party so he can spend a night out with his co-workers. It's during the party that Samantha also announces that for her dad's last day on the job, she's going to go with him into the mines and basically prove to all of his joking co-workers that she could do the work her dad does! And sure enough, Samantha shows up bright and early at 5am the next morning at the job site all ready to go!

Alongside the rest of George's team, Samantha climbs into the elevator that takes the men several hundred feet beneath the earth's surface where the real work is. The men are armed with pick axes and drills, all looking to pry hunks of coal out of the earth. It's labor intensive, and Samantha instantly realizes that she's nowhere near as strong as any of these other guys. But in the midst of joking around with a miner who used to be a best friend of hers from childhood the mine shakes. It's not huge, but it's enough for everyone to worry and start making their way back to the elevator...but before anyone can board the the violently shakes again and rock stars cascading down around them!!

Hold onto your helmets boys!!

Once the rumbling and shaking stops, the men survey the area and find that the elevator shaft has been completely blocked off and that the only way of getting out of the mine is to wait for those on the surface to rescue them. Sure, some would see this as a time to panic but the men stay calm and do their best to keep Samantha calm as they all move into The Chamber. The Chamber is a little stronghold filled with dehydrated food, water, and oxygen tanks that the miners are designated to stay inside of should the mine collapse and they need to wait for rescue. The team moves into this little room ready to wait for help...but then they hear it. Voices. Someone else must be trapped down there with them and needs help! But then the weird things start happening. Someone starts tampering with the oxygen tanks for the Chamber, the voice keep shifting and moving...and then the members of the team all start seeing horrific things that aren't really there. Is it a person or some kind of evil force trapped underground with them? And will they survive it's presence long enough to see daylight again?

There's something down here...and it's not going to sit quietly. 

This movie had some really good jumps and jolts in it, and I tend to be a person who HATES movies whose plots consist of characters trapped underground - I was not a fan of The Cave or The Descent. I can't lie, the plot of this movie was much less than stellar and the acting is not great. But according to this movie it is based on true events, so that amps things up a notch. Overall though, this movie is pretty mediocre but it does have a few moments that had my heart racing and me wishing I had chosen to watch it in a dark room. It's a fun little horror movie but don't anticipate anything too memorable.