Thursday, February 4, 2016

Escape From LA

Remember back in the 90’s when New York was named the maximum security prison for the US in Escape From New York? Well now there is a new city in the US that’s in trouble. Los Angeles, California has become a filthy city devoured by crime and the newly appointed President (Cliff Robertson) could not hate this city anymore if he tried. His campaign for a pure, cleansed America obviously doesn’t mesh with nitty gritty LA. But then the President experiences a stroke of luck. A massive 9.6 earthquake rattles its way up the West coast of America and literally seperates Los Angeles from the continental US – good news for the President, now his real work can begin!

With Los Angeles officially separate from the US, the President makes a case that it no longer be considered part of the US and instead will become the deportation point for those deemed too immoral for life in the new, virtuous America. On this note, the President also proclaims that he will now be serving a lifelong term and to seal the deal he has a massive wall built on the mainland that’s heavily guarded by the United States Police Force. All those who have their American citizenship revoked and are sent to Los Angeles Island will never come back. Which seems great and all…but the President has a new problem now.

Finally! A place to put all the scuz of LA! Yay!

The President’s easily-influenced daughter Utopia (A.J. Langer) has been brainwashed by one of the largest gang leaders in Los Angeles Island – Cuervo Jones. Cuervo (Georges Corraface) has convinced Utopia to steal a top secret weapon from her father and flee to Los Angeles Island where the two plan to reopen the border to the United States and let all the scum of LA back into America! But the rescue team sent in to retrieve Utopia disappeared…the President and his men aren’t sure of what else to do. Until someone remembers the events that transpired in New York

Cuervo Jones must be stopped!!

Snake Plissken – a former soldier for the US army – turned to the dark side years ago and found more fun in causing mayhem than obeying the law these days. Picked up on a gun trafficking charge, Plissken (Kurt Russell) is taken to Los Angeles Island where he is set to be deported when he is intercepted by the President’s men. The President himself approaches Snake and offers him a deal – go into Los Angeles, find Utopia and the Black Box, and return the box to the President…and in exchange Snake will be pardoned of all his crimes and given back his citizenship. But naturally Snake refuses! After all the trouble he was put through back in New York, why should he do anything to help them? Simple. If he doesn’t, Snake will die. The President’s men secretly injected Snake with a fast-acting bio-chemical poison that will kill Snake in 10 hours without an antidote. Snake has less than 10 hours to find the Black Box and get it back to the President in time to get the antidote. And the clock is officially ticking…

Well now that he's been injected with poison, SURE Snake will do your bidding for you!

After my amazing experience with Escape From New York, I got insanely excited when I learned that there was a sequel!! Oh boy! More Post-Apocalyptic America! More action awesomeness!! MORE KURT RUSSELL!!! But this movie pales in comparison to its predecessor. While Escape From LA does have a similar plot structure and the character style flows really well with the first just was not great. Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken was still amazing and he knew how to kick butt and take names in all the right ways, but he was the only highlight. The plot of this movie was dangerously similar to the first movie so it was pretty forgettable and there was TONS of horrendous CGI used in this movie that totally tanked the excitement of this movie. Lame! It also felt unneccesarily long too - not enough action to fill the gaps. But it does have a cool cast - Bruce Campbell, Steve Buscemi, and Pam Grier all star in this movie so that was fun. But overall, this movie was like a wasted breathe. Sorry John Carpenter, you flubbed again!

This movie is far from great, but Kurt Russell is ALWAYS worth it!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ong-Bak 2

I saw the first Ong-Bak movie was last October and my jaw seriously hit the floor - I never in my life saw a martial arts movie so intense and so raw! Tony Jaa became my instant hero and I was so excited to see the remaining 2 Ong-Bak movies. I even found the trilogy box set at Target when my blogger buddy The Cinemartyr came to visit me in October 2015 which would make my desire to see all these movies immediately come to fruition. But then I was told that 2 and 3 didn't stack up at all to the first movie. Dang. But I already own the DVDs so there's no way to avoid them now! But I have to admit, Ong-Bak 2 wasn't bad at all!

I LOVE owning this trilogy!!

In 1431 Feudal era Thailand there was a kingdom ruled by a kind and noble man named Lord Sihadecho. Lord Sihadecho (Santisuk Promsiri) was one of the greatest warriors to ever live and was well loved by his people, but he met his untimely end at the hands of the corrupt Lord Rajasena. Rajasena (Sarunya Wongkrachang) was a man determined to take all of Asia for himself, and that meant conquering the kingdoms he wished to rule. After the murder of Lord Sihadecho, his faithful servants took the Lord’s son Tien (Natdanai Kongthong) with the intent of keeping him sage from harm but Tien was instead captured by slave traders.

Tien ended up in the wrong hands!

Unable to fight them off, Tien is taken to a slave trade city where he attempts to fight his way free. But all the boy manages to do is make the slave masters angry and they throw him into a muddy pit where he must fight for his life against a crocodile! Tien fights bravely but the effort almost seems futile until he is blessed with a stroke of luck – a band of outlaws attacks the city and Tien is rescued by their leader before the boy passes out from exhaustion.

Watch out kid!!!

Tien awakens to find that Chernang – the leader of the outlaw band Pha Beek Khrut – wants to take the boy under his wing. The Pha Beek Khrut are the most expert martial artists in all of Asia, and after seeing Tien’s strength in his fight with the crocodile Chernang (Sorapong Chatree) wants Tien to study under his men to become a truly great fighter. With the desire to avenge his father’s death and to exact vengeance on the slave traders who tried to kill him, Tien stays on and studies the teachings of the Pha Beek Khrut. And he grows up to become the greatest warrior Thailand has ever known (and grows up to be played by the epic Tony Jaa!). But in his quest for revenge, Tien will unearth a dark secret that will test the strength of his mind more than the strength in his body. 

Go Tien!! Take down those baddies!!

I was so not expecting this storyline for Ong-Bak 2, I was expecting it to take place in the modern world just like the first Ong-Bak did. But this was a welcome change! A different, mystical setting was a really cool spin for a sequel and there were some awesome ancient elements to this movie! The mysterious jungle settings and the nations at war, the costuming was excellent and the slave traders were terrifyingly vicious characters! But the fighting was obviously the star of this show - Tony Jaa with his killer stunts were phenomenal!! And the incorporation of elephants into the fight scenes? Pure genius!!! But I will admit that Ong-Bak 2 was not quite as thrilling as I hoped. The action was good but the story was a little blah and truly only held together by the epic fight scenes. Overall, it was a fun movie but definitely pales in comparison to the first Ong-Bak. So now we'll see how Ong-Bak 3 ends up stacking up....

Crazy-amazing! Tony Jaa is continuously the KING OF MUAY THAI!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Song of the Sea

I originally bought this movie back in early June 2015 on the most insane whim. The cover boasts that it's from the creators of The Secret of Kells - another movie I had yet to watch at the time. But because of the rave reviews I heard for Kells, I desperately wanted to watch it. And the cover of Song of the Sea had a ridiculously plump and adorable troupe of seals on the front - I couldn't resist their precious faces! Now, The Secret of Kells was a beautiful movie but it was also pretty dark for a children's movie - much like Studio Ghibli's Grave of the Fireflies. But this movie was completely different from Kells in all the right ways! 

This was a fun mix that I found at Target - check out previous posts on The Best of Me
Fifty Shades of GreyThe Croods, and the Entourage series! Oh, and my post on
the Entourage movie as well!

After his mother died 6 years ago, Ben’s life has been unbalanced. His father Conor (Brendan Gleeson), a lighthouse operator off the coast of Ireland, has been absentminded and distant since the death of his wife Bronach (Lisa Hannigan) so it’s up to Ben (David Rawle) to help look after his little sister Saoirse …which Ben hates. His mother died giving birth to Saoirse so Ben has always resented his sister for “taking his mother away” so to speak. So Ben spends his days picking on poor Saoirse, who has never spoken a single word all her life, and terrorizing her with frightening fairy tales. But Saoirse is a very special little girl. And she is going to learn that on the night of her 6th birthday. Saoirse’s birthday turns out to be a particularly bad day. Ben gets angry at her for wandering into the sea, shoves her face into her birthday cake in the evening, and sends her to bed after telling her a frightening story about Macha the Owl Witch. But Saoirse is determined to end her birthday on a good note.

You deserve a happy birthday Saoirse!

In Ben’s room is a beautiful seashell with holes bored into it so it can be played like a flute, Saoirse has always wanted to play with it but Ben always stops her before she can. So Saoirse grabs the shell and hides in the bathroom where she plays a soft, low note….which conjures up a trail of beautiful fairy lights! Wow! This shell is like magic! The fairy lights lead a trail through the house where Saoirse discovers a key that opens a chest in her father’s closet which holds a beautiful white coat that Saoirse puts on! Oh what fun! But the lights aren’t through with their magic yet! Playing a couple more notes on the shell, the fairy lights lead Saoirse from the lighthouse down to the beach where she sees a group of seals with their heads bobbing above the ocean waves calling out to her! Saoirse wades out to the seals and finds that she can turn into a seal once in the sea! Saoirse swims about in the sea with the seals having the grandest time until she goes back to the shore. And that’s when everything changes.

A birthday beneath the sea!

Ben and Saoirse’s nasty old Granny (Fionnula Flanagan) finds Saoirse on the beach soaking wet and flies into a rage! This lighthouse is no proper place to raise children! So the next morning Conor packs up Granny’s car with Ben and Saoirse’s things so that they can go live on the mainland with Granny. Ben is heartbroken – her doesn’t want to leave his father, and he especially doesn’t want to leave behind his beloved sheepdog Cu! But nothing Ben says can change his father’s mind, and the children are taken with Granny back to her home. But the minute that they arrive, Ben and Saoirse are sent straight to bed after Saoirse is caught wearing one of Granny’s fur coats in the shower…oops! But this is perfect for Ben – he sneaks out the window to go home and back to Cu…and Saoirse follows quickly behind.  

Ben and Saoirse are off on an adventure!

Ben agrees to let Saoirse come…but when she plays the shell-flute on the street, a group of three strange little men rush up to her and pull her away from Ben! But Ben is quick to follow behind.

The little men take Saoirse back to a small little fort hidden in the brush that is filled with little statues of men carved in stone…and the little men excitedly chatter and sing songs about Saoirse being the selkie who is going to send them home…is this a real thing? Ben is shocked. This is just like the stories his mother used to tell him…but Ben thought they were only stories. A selkie is a magical creature that is human on land but turns into a seal in the sea, and sings a beautiful song that helps fairies find their way home. Macha the Owl Witch – another story Bronach told her son – would send her owls to gather the feelings of fairies which would turn them into stone. So if Saoirse is a selkie…she can release all the fairies from their stony holds! But she can’t do it without her coat…which is still at the lighthouse. So now Ben and Saoirse have to travel back to the lighthouse to save all the fairies from Macha! But Macha’s owls are on the prowl and know Saoirse is about…will Saoirse succeed? We can only hope – all the fairies in Ireland depend on her! 

Sing your song Saoirse - the fairies need you!

The plot of this movie is crazy dense, and I did have to rewind and pause a couple of times in order to full understand the story and the legends within the story - a knowledge of Gaelic mythology doesn't hurt to have! However, the story is perfectly magical and I am hopelessly in love with this movie! All the characters are precious, lovable, and I was to squeeze all their pudgy cheeks! The animation in this movie is also insanely perfect - I cried a lot during this movie because it was just so beautiful that I couldn't handle it! And the best part is that unlike The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea is a wonderful movie for young kids! Overall, the story is as beautiful as the animation and I recommend Song of the Sea as highly as physically possible! Fans of fantasy, magic, Gaelic mythology, and pure wonderfulness will delight in this movie! Watch it immediately!

Beautiful, magical, fantastical perfection!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) is completely floored. Her twin sister Isabel (also played by Rachel Weisz) committed suicide late one night. Busy with her own life as a detective with the Los Angeles police, Angela was not able to visit her sister as often as she should have while Isabel was holed up in a mental hospital...and now it's too late. Isabel is dead. But it just doesn't make sense. According to the footage on the security cameras, combined with other assorted clues, Isabel clearly jumped...which makes no sense to Angela because she knew her sister was deeply Catholic - she would never kill herself! But all the evidence leads to the contrary. Still unconvinced, Angela pours over the surveillance footage convinced that she will find something...and she does! Isabel whispers a single word: "Constantine". And that is how Angela comes to find John Constantine.

Seems like a normal enough guy, right? Wrong!

John Constantine is a man who was born with a gift...or a curse, depending on how you want to look at it. Constantine was born with the ability to see angels and demons on the Earthly plane, something that terrified him as a child and caused him to grow up fearing he was out of his mind...which is why he took his own life when he was merely a teenager. But John couldn't get off that easily. He was legally dead for two minutes before he was brought back to life, but because he committed suicide his soul is bound for Hell no matter what happens. But regardless of this fact, John still uses his gift to try to keep a balance that will hopefully land him back in God's good graces and allow hi soul to enter Heaven when he does die naturally. So what is this balance that he keeps? It's that of angels and demons on Earth.

Pulling out the big guns for the Lord! And Satan too!

John acts as the law to Heaven and Hell, if he finds angels or demons on Earth then he deports them back to where they came. But there are some exceptions - like the half demon Balthazar (Gavin Rossdale) and the half-angel Gabriel (Tilda Swinton) - who are able to remain on Earth and merely act as an influence. It's a delicate balance and John has been keeping up his job well. But lately something has been off. He is finding full-fledged demons on the Earthly plane more frequently now, and in plain sight no less. They're getting gutsy...what is making this happen? John is trying to search for answers when he is approached by Angela who wants to know what Constantine has to do with her sister. He insists that he doesn't know anything about Isabel...but after saving Angela from a flock of demons when she storms out of his apartment, Constantine explains what he does here on Earth and Angela becomes convinced that this man has the answer to why Isabel killed herself. 

Come on Constantine, help a girl out!

From here, John is not only juggling his investigation into what is causing so many demons to be making their way up to Earth...but now he has Angela on his case wanting to learn answers about her sister. Using his supernatural abilities and making contact with his connections in the occult world, Constantine starts to uncover an insidious plot being put into motion but the Devil's son Mammon. Yes, this is terrifying...but John believes he can stop the plan - he just needs Angela's help. Believe it or not, Angela has supernatural powers as well and they're going to be a great help to Constantine. But time is quickly running out, and Mammon has help from some very powerful influences. Constantine may only be a man, but he is a man determined to win his soul back and get into Heaven. Is stopping Satan's son enough? Here's hoping!

They're in this together!

This movie has been a back-burner favorite of mine - meaning that while I don't watch it constantly, I can't turn it down if there's an option to watch it - for some time now, but I haven't watched it in at least 7 years. Why? Who knows! But I'm very thankful I revisited this movie. I love the interesting take on Catholic religion and how the balance between Heaven and Hell is maintained. I love that there is a fantasy element to it - John Constantine, Demon Slayer. And I especially love Keanu Reeves in that role! Why people hate him, I will never understand! Now, all this being said, Constantine is a VERY dense movie. It's got a thick plot and lots of different elements tie into the story, it took me a couple watches to totally understand the whole thing but even then it's kind of hard to explain. But the concept, acting, and CGI are all great! Constantine is a fun supernatural horror-Science Fiction movie that I highly recommend! Demon slaying is made badass in this movie!

I adore this movie to no end - Keanu Reeves is amazing!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Alien 3

My feelings on the Alien franchise so far? I'M LOVING IT!!! The first Alien movie is so chilling, eerie, and a perfect representation for what the Science Fiction film genre is. Then came Aliens, which I lost my MIND over!! Where Alien had been cool, calculated, and creepy - Aliens was in your face action-packed, and vigorously terrifying in the perfect Sci-Fi-Horror hybrid. Even the prequel Prometheus was never terrible. But then I was told that Alien 3 was bad. That it took the series in a weird direction and kind of ruined things. Oh no...was I in for a dud? Was I going to be heartbroken after seeing the amazingness of these other movies? Nope, not in the least. All those nay-sayers can go nay-say elsewhere because Alien 3 was fun!

Does Alien 3 deserve to sit alongside these two? 

Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has done it once again - she has successfully escaped the Xenomorphs, and hopefully this time it's for good. Last time we saw Ripley in Aliens, she had successfully fled Planet LV-426 which was swarming with Xenomorphs, and she managed to take along the severely wounded Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), Newt (Carrie Henn) who is a young girl that Ripley rescued from the planet, and finally the remains of the destroyed android Bishop (Lance Henriksen). Ripley safely tucked them all into hyper sleep aboard the ship Sulaco which was charted for a course to take them far away from the Xenomorph nightmare...but unfortunately the ship didn't make it back to home base.

Ripley made it out alive, again!

The Sulaco collided with Fury 161 - a spaceship functioning as a maximum security prison - and Ripley and her passengers were taken aboard the Fury. Ripley awakens from hyper sleep to find herself in the care of Doctor Clemens (Charles Dance) who explains to Ripley where she is...and also much explain to her that she is the only surviving member of the Sulaco. Something happened aboard the ship while Ripley was in hyper sleep...and she has a horrible idea of what it may have been. Getting dressed, Ripley asks Clemens to take her to the Sulaco where she sees some very familiar acid burns on the sides of the pods in the ship. The same kinds of acid burns that were made by the Xenomorphs...oh no.

Ripley had been so sure she left all this terror behind!

Ripley demands to inspect the bodies aboard the ship but after autopsies there is no evidence of a Xenomorph inside them. And Clemens insists that all tests and clues indicate that a fire started on the Sulaco - nothing could have been done, it was an accident! And Ripley is just about to let it go...when her worst fears come to fruition. Prisoners are starting to disappear aboard the Fury 161, or they're dying unexplainable deaths. Ripley is convinced that there is a Xenomorph loose on this ship but she's having a hard time convincing the others aboard the Fury 161 of this. Andrews (Brian Glover), the man who runs the prison, sees Ripley as a fickle woman who doesn't understand anything and is just trying to get his prisoners riled up...and all the prisoners see Ripley as fresh meat to be played with. Can Ripley get the men to join forces before more lives are lost and this ship too becomes a breeding ground for these alien invaders? But even if that happens, it turns out that Ripley has a secret she is keeping from everyone aboard the Fury...a deep dark secret...that she, herself, doesn't know she's carrying yet...

Can it smell fear?? Does it matter at this proximity??

Now. Let me start off by saying that Alien 3 is not great. It isn't wonderful or on nearly the same level as Alien or Aliens, but it's still a very fun watch! We don't get the same chilly coldness or the gripping horror that I was expecting, but we do get a solid Sci-Fi story with excellent gore and a fun twist ending! So that is something! There is some janky CGI involved, but the Giger design for the Xenomorph is still top notch and I have no complaints there. And I will admit that the setting is weird. A maximum security prison where Ripley is surrounded by sex-starved criminals and murderers who are also founders of their own bastardized religion? Yes, very odd. But I can forgive this movie for that. Overall, Alien 3 is not the most fantastic in the series and it's definitely ranked lowest of all the Alien movies I've seen so far. BUT! I still had great fun watching the Xenomorph claim lives, and spill blood! That's all we really want, right?!

Super fun! I have to see the 4th Alien movie...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Pound of Flesh

Shocked awake by the severe cold and his disjointed memories of the night before, Deacon (Jean-Claude Van Damme) wakes up in his hotel room in Manilla, Philippines disoriented and engulfed in searing pain. Deacon woke up in his bathtub which is full of ice and blood...the bed in the room is soaked in blood as well...and that's when he finds the source of the pain. The pain in his body is emanating from a large, stitched up incision in his mid back which can only mean one thing: Deacon's kidney has been stolen.

You'd think waking up in the ice bath would have been his first clue...

Knowing he needs help, Deacon calls his old friend Kung (Aki Aleong) for some assistance. Deacon is a Black Ops agent specializing in kidnap and rescue missions, and Kung is one of his favorite connections in the Philippines - he's the right man to help Deacon track down his lost kidney. Now, at this point we are all thinking "What's the big deal? The guy has two kidneys, just walk away and be grateful you're alive!" Well Deacon can't. He promised that kidney to someone else.

Deacon is not a man to go back on his promises. 

Deacon's brother George (John Ralston) is a widowed professor who lives in Manilla, taking care of his 9 year old daughter Isbella (Adele Baughan). But Isabella needs a little more care than George is able to provide for her. Diagnosed with crippling kidney failure, Isabella has been in and out of hospitals her entire life but the disease has finally come to the point where if she doesn't receive a transplant soon she will die.

Luckily for Isabella and George, Deacon's blood type matches up perfectly with Isabella's and that is why Deacon came to Manilla in the first place - to give his niece the kidney!But now Deacon's spare kidney is gone and time is running out for Isabella. That is...not if Deacon has anything to say about it. Fueled by a dark secret from his past, Deacon will stop at nothing to get his kidney back for young Isabella.

Get him Deacon! You do the splits against his car until he caves!!

After his shining career in the 80s and 90s, I didn't know that Van Damme still made movies! Pretty silly, right? Well I bought this movie completely on a whim because I've loved every Van Damme movie I've seen so far, so why wouldn't I love this?? Little did I know that Van Damme's career has pretty much dwindled down to straight-to-DVD films since he lost soul to his crack addiction. Oh how the mighty did fall...BUT!! Despite all of this, Pound of Flesh was a great movie!! Van Damme still kicked butt, showed off his butt, and did the splits - granted, not with as much vigor as he did in his youth, but still! I'll take it! This story was also really interesting, and it had a couple of crazy twists that kept me enticed the whole time! Overall, it's not the most superb Van Damme action movie I've ever seen in my life but it's still a great watch that I do recommend.

Excellent action, Van Damme's still got it!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Furious 7

I was so not ready to take on this movie but I had to just take the plunge. After the lame-fest that was Furious 6, I was not in the mood for another stinker. And this installment of the Fast franchise just looked like it was going to be way too over the top. Dwayne Johnson wielding a machine gun? Someone flying a car between massive skyscrapers? After the cars-launched-out-of-an-airplane stunt in Furious 6, I felt like all that would be left of this franchise was silly over-the-top gimmicks. BUT I WAS WRONG! What Fast Five did for the first four movies, Furious 7 is doing for the entire franchise! This movie has taken everything to the next level!!

I've made it to the end....for now. Soon there will be 3 more...

Furious 6 ended with Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew successfully saving the world and then getting back to their own lives. Roman and Tej went back to Spain while Han went to Tokyo, leaving Brian (Paul Walker) and Dom to return home to their original house in Los Angeles, California. Everything was great when Furious 6 ended. But sadly, Furious 7 doesn't start out in such a happy place. Yes, Letty and Dom are back together but because of Letty's memory loss she feels like she's only disappointing Dom since their entire 15 year relationship is a complete mystery to her. Unable to handle feeling like an outsider in his life, Letty breaks off thier relationship. Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Brian, along with their young son Jack, are also back in LA with Dom and living in the Toretto house but Brian is having a hard time adjusting to life as a dad. He misses the fast cars, danger, and bullets from his old life as a cop - he misses the arenaline rush! But the biggest hardship of all comes one morning while Brian is getting Jack ready for school.

Action and danger are far behind them...right? 

Brian is buckling Jack into his carseat while Dom and Mia chat on the front porch. A package from Tokyo - likely from Han (Sung Kang) who moved to Tokyo after Gisele (Gal Gadot) died in their last adventure. But as Dom is saying his goodbyes to Brian and Mia his phone rings, it's a number calling from Tokyo and a British man on the line says "You don't know me, but you will...". And with the end of that strange call the package on the porch EXPLODES and engulfs the entire house in a massive fireball! Dom is being targeted again...but by who? Luckily for Dom, Special DSS Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has answers. But Hobbs is in pretty bad shape too. Hobbs has been hospitalized with a broken arm and leg he sustained after engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a man he found hacking into his computer case files. That man was Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw's older brother.

What kind of man could put Hobbs in the hospital!?

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is an ex-British Special Forces Assassin and one of the most lethal men in the world. After the Special Forces tried offing Deckard for knowing too much he went into hiding. That is, until he found out about the crippling damage done to his little brother. Deckard swore he would avenge his battered brother and make the men responsible pay for what they did. So Deckard broke into Hobbs' computer and got all the information on Dom and his team to start taking them down...which is why he was in Tokyo, Deckard's first target was Han. And it was a direct hit. Dom and the rest of the Fast crew - Brian, Tej,and Roman - all come together for Han's funeral...and they all agree that they will come together to take down Deckard Shaw. And luckily for them, the Brit is never far away.

Watch your back fellas...

During the funeral, Dom spots Deckard cruising through the cemetery and he doesn't hesitate to jump in his own car and give chase! Dom chases Deckard into an underground parking structure and is so sure he has the guy cornered when suddenly a wave of FBI-looking agents descend from the walls and all start firing at Deckard! In the hubbub, Deckard gets away and Dom is furious...and then the leader of these trigger-happy goons comes forward. A man who calls himself Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) has a special proposition for Dom in which everyone will come out the winner. Known terrorist Mose Jakonde (Dimon Honsou) and his private military company have kidnapped well known computer hacker Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), the creator of an advanced tracking device called God's Eye. If Dom and his gang agrees to bring Ramsey back safely to the U.S. government along with her technology, then Mr. Nobody will happily let Dom use God's Eye to find Deckard Shaw and take him out. This is bound to be their biggest ride yet, but Dom and Brian are eager to get back in the driver's seat. Ready or not - here the Fast crew comes!!

Suited up and ready for adventure!!

 But now let's talk about the most important component of this movie. As you may or may not be aware, Paul Walker tragically pass away during the filming of this movie but filming still went on with occasional additions of Paul Walker's brother to make up for the absence. So. Did they manage to pull it off? A bit. You don't really notice Brian's absence until the end, and then it's pretty obvious. We don't see any straight on shots of the character and his lines are spoken without him being in the shot so it's obvious the dialogue was spliced in from other films. But, the ending of this movie - Vin Diesel's character gives an absolutely beautiful speech about parting ways - was absolutely perfect and I really wish this had been the last movie in the franchise. I seriously don't see how Fast 8 is going to pick up the series after this insane gem, but I'll still see it and hope for the best.

I cry so hard during this part - such an emotional ending, but it's so perfect!

Now let's talk about the fun stuff! FURIOUS 7 IS BIGGER AND BADDER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED!!! The stunts in the trailer made this movie seem way too over the top to be fun - exactly like Furious 6 - but they were all brilliantly choreographed, executed, and the CGI was far from hokey! The action, chases, and stunts were all intense and gripping! The cast was sheer perfection, I loved the addition of Jason Statham and I also loved that Dwayne Johnson's role keeps getting bigger and bigger! This movie legitimately left me insanely excited and I loved it so much, I put this on par with Fast may even be my favorite movie in the entire franchise to date! Those who lost faith after Furious 6, prepare to have your faith restored! Furious 7 goes out with a BANG and gives the ultimate send off to Paul Walker, franchise perfection! Signed, sealed, delivered!

Furious 7 is PHENOMENAL!! A perfect end to the franchise!!