Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Beast

I will immediately go on record saying that "My name is Kjersti and I make very bad decisions sometimes." Why am I saying this? Because this movie was one of said bad decisions I have recently made. I had never heard of The Beast, and didn't even know it was on Netflix until I read a review on this movie done by my beloved blogger buddy The Cinemartyr. In his  review,  CineMartyr  STRONGLY forewarns readers about the horror that is this movie and how it is equal parts boring and disgusting...but I am one of those people who tends to get curious when someone tells me to not do something. And this applies to watching movies that people warn me not to watch. Admittedly, watching this movie was a huge mistake - YOU HEAR ME CINEMARTYR?? I ADMIT IT FREELY!! - but now hopefully I can warn others about this terror.

This review is HIGHLY EXPLICIT, and contains all manner of PERVERSE, BUT SEXUALLY ACCURATE language. Those who are easily offended, or only here for the Disney movie reviews please come back another day. 

Lucy Broadhurst (Lisbeth Hummel), accompanied by her Aunt Virginia (Elizabeth Kaza), is on her way to receive a mighty inheritance left to her by her late father Phillip - a wealthy business man who left his entire estate to his beautiful daughter. And while it's great that Lucy is inheriting an enormous home and money beyond her wildest dreams, there is a catch. Lucy may only be given the estate if she marries a man named Mathurin - the overseer of the family horse-breeding business. Which is far from great. Mathurin (Pierre Benedetti) was never baptized and was horribly disfigured because of this - he's hairy, creepy, and reclusive...hardly the catch that Lucy would hope to tie the knot with. But she's willing to give it a try for the fortune. But there is literally more to Mathurin than meets the eye...

Mathurin has a creepy, hairy secret!

So here you have the plot. Where is the sexually explicit language you ask? Well, allow me to illustrate why this movie repulsed me beyond reason. 

Our movie opens to a solid three-minute sequence of horse breeding. And we see EVERYTHING. Close ups of horse penis, close ups of pulsing horse vagina, insertion...and completion. All close up, intimate, and in your face. Starting off the movie this way is off putting, and it doesn't get better from there. After the horses have their fun, we are treated to 30+ minutes of painfully boring chitchat that I couldn't focus on, Once this chatter subsides, we then enter one of Lucy's dreams where she is sexually ravaged by a hairy beast with a massive erect penis that - for lack of a better word - oozes semen. At the end of her dream she is literally coated in semen. She wakes up from her dream, finds that she is excited by her sexual romp with this beast, and falls back asleep so she can enjoy more dreamland sexual mischief with this beast. And all of this is still interspersed with more horse breeding footage and dreadfully boring bouts of dialogue. That's it, the whole movie. Yuck.

This is the most low key photo I could find of Lucy and the Beast.

So let's just start off with how boring this movie was. It is in French so you do have to pay attention to subtitles, but the dialogue and characters are so painfully dull...nothing draws you in or entices you. There's no excitement except for the lurid sex scenes...which are repulsive and obscene! I can see getting away with the animal sex, I don't know how that stuff is regulated but the stuff that happened between the Lucy character and the beast...oh Lord have mercy! It was highly explicit, detailed, and you get very familiar with Lucy and the Beast's anatomy. It was just too much for me. If you're in to French erotica movies, this might be a fun watch for you but I just can't get behind it. Literally or figuratively. It's dull and far too moist for my taste. And to make matters worse - this is a rendition of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast! Thank you creepy writer/director Walerian Borowczyk for ruining one of my favorite fantasy stories. You're a real jerk. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Fast Five

I'm sure if you're been following my Fast and Furious posts you can understand why I've felt a tad disheartened lately. The original Fast and the Furious was the first in the franchise so undoubtedly it's the best. Then came 2 Fast 2 Furious which was more about the comedy but still was not bad. Then the series tanked with the completely irrelevant Tokyo Drift followed shortly by the less than stellar fourth movie Fast & Furious. So right now I'm in a bit of a hole. Am I ready to try Fast Five? Will it be another let down to add to the disappointment heap? Well luckily for me, the movie gods were smiling down on me because not only is Fast Five insanely amazing, it is officially my favorite installment in the franchise so far!

Finally a gem in this declining turd pile!!

If you have yet to see the 4th Fast & Furious movie stop reading NOW. I'm about to give away major spoilers for everything!!

Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) was finally apprehended on his way to Federal Prison to serve a life sentence for his crimes throughout the entire Fast and Furious series, but Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) and Dom's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) were not going to let that happen. While the prison bus was en route with a load of prisoners, including Dom, Brian and Mia managed to total the bus with some creative driving techniques and flee with Dom in tow. Now we find Dom, Brian, and Mia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil looking to start life anew while in hiding. But life anew cannot be totally new when you have to rely on your old tricks to survive.

Back in the driver's seat again!

After the raid in Los Angeles, during the first movie, Dom's best friend Vince (Matt Schulze) moved South to Rio for his own do-over but he never got out of the heist circuit. Low on cash and not sure where else to go, Dom arranges a job with Vince that involves the two friends and Brian swiping DEA detained vehicles from a speeding train in the middle of the desert. Initially the job starts off well until Vince's crew turns on Brian and Dom!! What?! Luckily Dom and Brian make it back to Vince's garage safely...but now they need to figure out why Vince's crew didn't want them to get away wit the last car in the train. What makes it so special?

Time to find some answers...

Dom and Brian carefully start going over the car until they come across a strange microchip in the system that reveals a delivery schedule to buildings owned by a man named Hernan Reyes. Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) is the king of the drug scene in Rio and keeps his insurmountable wealth stored in cash houses all over the city. And this gives Dom a brilliant idea. He's tired of running , and he hates that his little sister was dragged into this lifestyle - if they were to rob Reyes of all his money they could all disappear forever and life happily ever after. But this is a huge job. A $100 million job. They'll need a top of the line crew to pull all of this off. So Dom calls his friends Han (Sung Kang), Gisele (Gal Gadot), and Leo (Tego Calderon) and Santos (Don Omar) while Brian brings in his friend Tej (Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson). They've got the crew and they've got the plan, now they just need to act! But with Diplomatic Security Service - DSS - agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson)  on their heels and hungry to track down Dom, they're going to run out of time unless the move now!

The plan is set - let's roll out guys!!

This movie is crazy awesome, I am so in love with Fast Five!! Not only did Fast Five deliver the explosive energy that has been lacking in the past 2 movies, but it has officially taken place as my favorite movie in the franchise! First off, I love that they brought back characters from previous movies - that was a fun surprise, and I love the addition of another killer action star  - aka Dwayne Johnson - to the cast. Aside from the cast though, this movie did everything right. The CGI in Fast Five was more developed and polished then it has been, the practical effects and physical violence were over the top amazing and intense - we've got bigger car stunts and chases, we have a heist, comedy, bigger general stunts! And let's not forget about the brawl between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson - I haven't seen a fight that good since Karl Urban and Bruce Willis went head to head in Red! Overall, Fast Five is a perfect action movie that I highly recommend to anyone worried about the direction that the Fast and Furious franchise is going. Your faith shall be restored here - prepare to believe again!


Sunday, November 29, 2015


I have been ITCHING to see this movie for a couple of years now! I first saw a trailer for the movie Grizzly during one of the films being screened at Grindhouse Theater and it looked amazing - an enormous bloodthirsty bear killing campers in the wilderness? I was SO down!! But every time I either went to buy the movie or found a copy on Amazon, either something else caught my eye or it was just too expensive. $20 was not worth the risk of a potentially terrible movie in my book. But, thanks to this awesome new streaming service called Shudder - think of it as the horror movie version of Netflix - I was able to finally check out Grizzly for a low cost! And thank god, because Grizzly was a bit of a let down. 

Something hungry is on the loose in the woods. Indian Springs National Park is a vast untouched wilderness that has barely been permeated by modern civilization, the pristine forests are the same forests that once housed Native American tribes! Now the park welcomes backpackers and hikers freely, but something horrible has gone wrong. Chief Park Ranger Michael Kelly (Christopher George) has recently gotten word that two female backpackers who were supposed to check out with the ranger station before leaving camp hadn't come by yet. Kelly is miffed since he was supposed to go on a date with photographer Allison Corwin (Joan McCall), but Allison is eager to tag along and help search the woods and luckily they find the backpackers...or what was left of them...

Talk about a sucky way to end your vacation!

One of the young girls was severely mauled, dismembered, and eaten at while the other girl's body was found a ways away inside of an abandoned cabin, also mauled! Judging by the kind of damage done to the cabin, Kelly is guessing that the beast is huge - likely a bear...but bear usually don't attack people, they're skittish. And bears usually wouldn't cause this kind of damage, not even a hungry bear. Panicked, a distress call is sent to all rangers and throughout the park that any hikers and campers must immediately leave the woods and come back to the ranger station to avoid contact with this murderous beast...but even this doesn't help. The bodies keep piling up, and some even go missing altogether which just proves that this bear at these people whole!! What kind of monstrous beast could this be? No bear in these woods is big enough to kill and eat this many people...unless it's not a local bear. And unless it might be an enormous, ferocious bear...

Angry bear is gonna get you...or serenade you! Whichever comes first!

Soooo, as much as I love all kinds of animal attack movies this one was a major dud. Which is pretty bad coming from me because I love junk like Anaconda and Lake Placid! The cast is fine, and the plot is really good - even though it got a lot of flak for being a "rip off" of the shark attack movie Jaws which came out the year before - but it's the little, and big, things that made this movie a bummer. First, the audio in this movie is MESSED UP! The screams, growls, and kill scenes are blaring loud while the even keel scenes that contain all the movie's dialogue are mega quiet - this is one of those movies that will either make you go deaf or turn you into a commander of the remote control. And then there's the actual bear. Oh boy. This bear is advertised as being 18 feet tall but we don't even see the bear until over an hour into the movie - we just see a swiping arm here and there and the occasional close up shot of red eyeballs. The real bear - an 11-foot tall Grizzly named Teddy - was adorable but shot away from the cast and was used in scenes that failed to make him look like a mammoth killing machine. Bummer! I love a cute animal, but when I'm hungry for a massacre I want nasty and scary beasts only!! Overall, this movie was fine but it wasn't as fun as I had hoped it would be. It's worth a shot, but don't get your hopes up.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


I had heard about this movie quite a lot from a guy I was friends with in college. Honestly, I thought it was weird how often he mentioned it....it was like borderline obsession. That, or he wanted to seem cool for liking this movie? I'm not sure which one it was. Regardless, I'd read amazing reviews on May but also found that it wasn't a movie you come across often. Unless I looked it up directly on Amazon I would never see it in stores. Which is why when I saw that it was on HBO Go I leaped at the chance to watch it and finally see what all the hubbub was about...and oh, was the hubbub true!

May is a little weird, but she can't help that because she's always been that way. Growing up, May was constantly being picked at and fussed over by her perfectionist mother who stressed so much over keeping everything exact and right or else it would all be ruined. So May never really learned how to socialize with other kids and couldn't really make friends, it also didn't help that she had a lazy eye that made her different from everyone else. So one birthday, her mother presented May with a very special gift - a handmade doll from her mother's childhood named Suzy. Now Suzy was incredibly special, so much so that she wasn't allowed to be taken out of her glass case and played with. So since May couldn't make a friend, she found a friend in Suzy. And they remained best friends all her life...

Best friends for life - Suzy and May. 

Now May (Angela Bettis) is all grown up and leading as normal a life as she can. She works as an assistant in a veterinary clinic, has her own apartment that she shares with Suzy, she makes her own clothes...it's a small and simple life but it's all May knows. And then she meets a boy. While walking to and from work, May passes an auto shop where she sees a handsome young man (Jeremy Sisto) smoking cigarettes on his break and she is so taken by him...she wants nothing more than to talk to him but doesn't know how to strike up a conversation. She tries passing him on the street, tries catching his eye in a coffee shop, she's even making pretty new clothes to wear just for him! But then it finally happens in the laundromat of all places - the handsome guy introduces himself to May and the two develop a friendship over dirty laundry. May learns that his name is Adam and he likes scary movies and May's gross work stories and splitting sandwiches...and before long this friendship turns into a date. Yay! May did it!

May and Adam sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

At first, things are going great. Adam is intrigued by May's weirdness and May is amazed that she has found a human being to interact with on a romantic level - she's never had friends before, let alone a boyfriend! But then...it all goes wrong. One night while May and Adam are fooling around, Adam cuts himself and starts bleeding all over the place...but before he can clean up his cut, May is licking it up and smearing it over her partially naked body. This officially crosses the line for Adam and he immediately leaves, barely telling May good bye. In the days that follow, Adam brushes off May's calls and rudely snubs her when she comes to his house to find out what's going on. And then May learns the hard way that Adam no longer likes her! No! This can't be! It just isn't fair, she finally made a friend and now he's left her! Well, it's like her mother said - if she can't find a friend, she'll make one instead. And May has an idea of some parts and pieces she wants to have all to herself...

"What's the matter baby? Scared of a little blood?"

This movie was wildly explosive, frightening, delightful, and creepy all rolled together and I loved every second of it! Our heroine completely steals your heart by being totally uninhibited and quirky and unsure of herself and how to function around other people, you totally fall in love with her! And then she winds up being this total nut job/freak who talks to her doll and goes all shades of psychotic when her first boyfriend breaks up with her. Wow! If you're looking for a quirky, Frankenstein-esque horror movie with a psycho ex-girlfriend twist then I highly recommend this movie for all horror fans! May is amazing! Or should I say a-May-zing? Sorry, no more stupid jokes I promise.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Let's Be Cops

Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) and his best friend Ryan (Jake Johnson) moved from their small hometown in Ohio to bright, sparkling Los Angeles to make names of themselves. Ryan was a talented football player in college that everyone thought was going to go Pro...but after an injury Ryan felt that he couldn't get into the big leagues and settles for doing odd jobs including, but not limited to, commercials advertising medication to control genital herpes. Meanwhile, Justin majored in computer design in college and wanted nothing more than to go on and develop his own video games...but the closest he's come is working as an assistant to the president of a large gaming company while developing games at home in his spare time. I guess you could say LA isn't exactly panning out for Justin and Ryan...but then one night everything changes.

One night, Ryan and Justin were attending a costume party being thrown by a bunch of people they went to college with but they got a little confused over the invites. Ryan and Justin showed up to what they thought was a costume party and dressed as cops, but really it was a masquerade party...so they stick out like sore thumbs. For the rest of the evening, Justin and Ryan chat with friends of theirs and see just how far behind everyone else they are in having their lives together...maybe it's time to forget LA and move back home to Ohio. The two are walking home through busy downtown when they realize something...everyone is looking at them differently. When they give orders, people standing around them listen...everyone must think they're cops! This is crazy! But also...really cool.

Perks to being a cop? You could say that!

While Justin thought that playing a cop for the night was fun, Ryan isn't quite ready to hang up his uniform. So while Justin is at work all day hoping to get heard and get his newest game idea passed by his boss, Ryan is at home exploring the idea of being a cop more and more. But why bother with going to an academy and legally becoming a cop when he can Youtube maneuvers and code words and wear his swiped uniform! When Justin finds out what Ryan has been doing with his day, he is severely annoyed - he doesn't want to keep pretending to be something he's not. But with a little coaxing, and also some pictures of Ryan wearing his uniform surrounded by gorgeous women, Justin is in! The boys hit the town in their eBay purchases cop car and start cruising the town pretending to be cops and reaping the benefits. But when they accidentally bump heads with a Russian mobster and his cronies, Ryan decides that he wants to land this guy legitimately in jail...but how can he do that without exposing that he and Justin were illegally posing as officers?

It's getting real...you sure you boys can handle this? 

When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was both excited and really nervous. I was excited because Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson are both in the hit sitcom television show New Girl and I LOVE that show....but then on the same hand...how did I know that these two were going to do well in a movie? Plus, the script seemed overly silly and that's just not my style. I didn't want to run into another potential Bridesmaids fiasco that's disguised as a cops comedy movie. However, this movie was pretty funny! The comedy in it was a little silly at times but it came together well and even added in some pretty intense action scenes as well. But I am glad I didn't buy this movie. It was a fun one-time watch but it just wasn't something I would beat down a door to see again. But if you're looking for something fun to rent on a Friday night, Let's Be Cops is a great pick!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Hollow

Something I’ve always found kind of upsetting is the lack of movies made either for the Thanksgiving holiday season, or just centering around Thanksgiving period. Sure, there is the Peanuts cartoon staple and the world’s worst horror movie ever – Thankskilling – but the world of cinema doesn’t really have much else to offer. Which is why when I started seeing ads for the Lifetime movie Turkey Hollow I got INSANELY excited! Not only was this a fresh Thanksgiving themed movie, but this was a movie created using the magical puppet artistry of Jim Henson, if this isn’t a recipe for precious Fall time magic then I was going to eat my hat! Fortunately for me, this movie ended up being wonderful because I wouldn’t want to eat any of my hats. I like them very much and I’m sure all the barbecue sauce in the world wasn’t going to improve their taste.

Tim (Graham Verchere) and his older sister Annie Emmerson (Genevieve Buechner)are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving…but it’s not exactly a happy occasion. Recently divorced, their dad Ron (Jay Harrington) has decided that even though his marriage is over, he would still like his family to experience a wholesome, traditional Thanksgiving. So what’s the plan? Why, leaving civilization behind and heading into the wilderness, of course! Ron’s Aunt Cly (Mary Steenburgen) runs an organic vegetable farm located in the heart of a region of Northern California known as Turkey Hollow – a secluded place far from television, Internet, and any cell phone towers that is shrouded in local legends and home to large turkey farms. Tim is excited for the adventure that awaits them being in the middle of the woods staying with his hippie-esque Great Aunt, but Annie is furious that her connection to her friends and the Internet has been cut off. Great. How could this trip get any worse? Well, Tim has a handle on that.

Thanksgiving in the woods? It could be fun...maybe? 

Now, when I say that Turkey Hollow is a place steeped in local legends I wasn’t lying. And the most notorious of all the legends is that of a creature known as The Howling Hoodoo. The Howling Hoodoo is a terrifying, sinister beast that is fabled to stand 10 feet tall, has razor sharp teeth, and blood-red eyes – it shrieks it’s horrible shriek late at night and eats lost hikers! Terrifying, right? Well their first night staying with Aunt Cy, Tim wakes in the middle of the night to hear strangle garbled noises from outside…honks and shrieks and howls…could it be The Howling Hoodoo??? Overcome with curiosity, Tim grabs his flashlight and heads to the woods but then his bad luck hits. Tim’s flashlight goes dead! No! Luckily, he comes across a fenced gate and enters, hoping that he’ll find someone who can help him…but instead Tim finds that he’s opened the gate of a large turkey pen and he’s accidentally released the birds! Oh no!

 The owner of the turkey farm – a horrible man named Eldridge Slump (Linden Banks) - finds Tim in his empty turkey pen, calls Sheriff Grover (Reese Alexander), and marches the boy back to Cly's home. Poor Tim is so distraught, but Slump is fuming - Thanksgiving is right around the corner and he's now out 175 turkeys to sell. He demands that Cly pay him the $10,000 he would have made off those turkeys within 2 days - as is Turkey Hollow law - or he would have the right to seize her farm and take it away from her. Oh no! Such a small mistake, and now Aunt Cly might lose her farm! Tim feels horrible but his dad and Aunt Cly understand that it was an accident...it doesn't make the situation any better but they don't blame him. But even if they don't blame Tim, he still feels that it's his job to make things right...so Tim sets out the next morning into the woods of Turkey Hollow with a plan. 

A keytar and a diary? What's up your sleeve Tim? 

Aunt Cly's husband - Uncle Ned - had been a Howling Hoodoo enthusiast and wrote extensive journals on how he believed the creature could be found which were stored in Cly's basement. Tim stumbled across these journals, alongside an old tabloid advertisement boasting that the publication would gladly pay $10,000 for a photograph of the Howling Hoodoo - so Tim decides that he will put his Uncle Ned's journals to use, track down the Hoodoo for a photo op, and cash in that photo to save Aunt Cly's farm! Annie saw Tim trying to sneak out that morning and she follows him into the forest, not wanting him to cause anymore trouble then necessary. But while tracking down the Hoodoo, Annie and Tim make an incredible discovery - four magical, musical little monsters who all know where Tim can find the Hoodoo! Oh boy! With the help of their creepy-cute new friends, they'll surely find the Hoodoo in no time - Aunt Cly's farm is as good as saved! Will Tim and Annie find the Hoodoo and get that picture, or is there another secret to be discovered in the forests of Turkey Hollow?

Meet Thrinng, Squonk, Zorp, and Burble - they're going to help find the Hoodoo!

This movie was everything I anticipated which makes me so incredibly happy! Narrated by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges - yes, I was shocked too - this movie is a delightful, family friendly romp that only Lifetime could have brought to life. It's cheesy, all about heart warming family moments, and overflowing with life lessons about treating each other nicely and not being a jerk to those who love you. This tone could have gotten overbearing and cheesy if it hadn't been for the darling puppets and magic that could have only sprung from the genius of the Jim Henson Company. The puppets used in this movie are delightfully adorable with just a touch of creepiness too them - very Dark Crystal and Labyrinth-esque - and they add a silliness, and a touch of darkness that helps to keep this movie enticing and fun for all viewers of any age! Turkey Hollow has earned the title of my official favorite Thanksgiving movie, and I could not be happier that this darling work has come to life! Highly recommended, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and Burble - my favorite of the monsters!
Have a happy holiday and enjoy that turkey!! Or rocks, depending on who your guests are :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fast & Furious

Alright, this is where all my experience with the Fast and Furious franchise officially ends. I've only seen the first three movie - The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - but I've been buying each movie as they've come out because I have to be up to date! But after watching this movie, the fourth installment, I am feeling less than positive about the franchise.

So far it's an even split with good and bad, hopefully 5-7 will be better? 

Our movie picks up in the Dominican Republic where we find Dom (Vin Diesel) and his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) working their same high speed hackery but this time they're stealing gasoline from moving semi trucks. With a new crew consisting of two local boys named Tego (Tego Calderon) and Rico (Don Omar), and a guy named Han (Sung Kang - whom you'll recognize from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) - they're successful in their work...but after a job that winds up being more dangerous than anticipated Dom feels like he has to do some thinking. With more and more of Dom's garages being raided, he's running out of places to run...but on top of that, anyone associated with him will go down too if he's caught. So Dom tells his team that he's leaving...and in the middle of the night, Dom just leaves Letty.

After all they've been through Letty was willing to be Dom's "ride or die"!

Meanwhile back in the States, we find that Brian O'Connor is in Los Angeles once again and has been reinstated back into the FBI, and he's working on one insane case! Arturo Braga is a legendary heroin smuggler that the FBI has been trying to catch for years, but no one has ever seen the guy so Brian has been working tirelessly pounding the streets in hopes of finding something out. All that he's managed to uncover is that Braga uses street racers to transport the money and the product...so that's going to have to be Brian's in to get close to Braga and busting him. But Brian isn't the only person out for Braga's blood - Dom is hungry too. After Dom left Letty alone in the Dominican Republic, he moved on to Panama City and Letty went back home to Los Angeles...but one day Dom got a panicked phone call from his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) weeping into the phone that Lettie has been murdered. So what does Letty's death have to do with Braga?

Back on the raceway...oh how Brian has missed this!

When Letty came back to Los Angeles, being the talented driver she is, Letty signed on to be one of Braga's transporters...but she was double crossed and shot down in the street. Through a little bit of investigating and roughhousing, Dom finally pin points the man responsible for Letty's death - Arturo Braga. And just like Brian, Dom decides that the best way to get to the man at the top is to hire himself out incognito style as a driver. Naturally when the two meet up at a rally where Braga will choose his new drivers based on a test, Dom is less than friendly because of their shared past but the two have their own agendas and decide to just ignore each other. But when both Brian and Dom are hired and start making transport runs across the Mexican border, they need to get access to this nut job - Brian wants to take Braga in and Dom wants to squeeze the will to live out of his body. Who will get what they want? Or will both Dom and Brian be able to put aside their past differences and maybe work together to avenge Letty's death?

Definitely not the most friendly of reunions, but these
boys have work to do!

As cool as this movie could have been, unfortunately it fell waaaaay short of my expectations. It did have good action, but as far as the franchise goes there was a lot less street racing than I am used to. So that was a huge let down. It was really cool seeing the original cast back together but I have some gripes about that too. So, in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the Han character was in that movie but he also died. I don't know if the timeline of these movies is a little off - like they're trying to depict this 4th movie as occurring before the 3rd movie, because Han did make a comment in this movie that he was interested in going to Tokyo which leads me to believe this theory - or if the filmmakers are just trying to ignore that Tokyo Drift ever happened. So that was confusing. Also, I was annoyed with the fact that they seemed to be trying to create a larger role for Jordana Brewster's character - she's really irrelevant in the scheme of things and just a distraction from the actual plot. But that's just my opinion. Overall, the racing is practically non-existent and the action is fine but not the best. There's lots more CGI in this movie than I wanted and I was left feeling underwhelmed. Such a bummer...

Fast & Furious was fine...that's it. That's all I've got.