Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Period

Guys, I've made a mistake. I've made a horrible mistake. And the worst part is that this mistake I made was 1000% self-inflicted. 9 times out of 10, when someone tells me about an absolutely atrocious movie I will only watch it if it happens across my own path - this is also my fault but not so much as my current circumstance. The Period is a movie that my fellow blogger buddy The Cinemartyr warned me about. He bought it for $3 and couldn't even watch 10 minutes of this movie...but when he went to give it away on his Instagram page, I begged him to send it to me. What kind of demon was possessing my brain that day, I do not know but he warned me that this movie would be the worst thing ever....and yet I did not listen. My mistake: asking for a DVD copy of The Period, receiving it, and then watching it.

Sharrie Heiman (Angela Dix) was no one special. She was your average, edgy, chain-smoking lesbian happily living with her girlfriend Clitoria when everything changed. Sharrie was enjoying a quiet night in the bathtub when she gets her period. Normally, this wouldn't seem like that big of a deal except that Sharrie's body is forcefully ejecting whole GALLONS of blood!! Yikes! That definitely isn't normal! But Sharrie just decides to accept the fact that she's geysering blood all over the place and just goes about her life.

Back to normal life? Good luck with that Sharrie...

Obviously bleeding at this magnitude was bound to affect Sharrie's life at some point. When Sharrie reveals her ailment to her girlfriend Clitoria (Valerie Castro), mostly Clitoria is angry that her sex life and furniture are basically ruined now. Even the gynecologist (Ian Arnold) that Sharrie goes to can't see any way to help her! Weeks go by and Sharrie continues to bleed and bleed until Clitoria finally has enough. Sharrie can't hold down a job without bleeding on everything and everyone in sight, and her sex life with Clitoria doesn't even exist Clitoria kicks Sharrie to the curb.

I would gladly leave the house if she was the one I was dating...
but that's just my opinion...

On the streets with nothing but a backpack full of clothes, Sharrie gets by selling her blood at the local blood bank - gross - and using the money to rent rooms in a seedy motel where she washes her blood-soaked clothes in the bathtub. Running out of options, Sharrie turns to prostitution and heavy drinking to forget about her daily woes and heavy flow...that is, until she has a brilliant idea. Her ex girlfriend Clitoria made money as an artist who painted portraits of vaginas and made decent money at it...maybe Sharrie can expand on that concept and add her own personal "splash" of individuality to her work. But as Sharrie's art starts to get noticed and she quickly becomes famous for her work, she will be led down the garden path of danger, exploitation, and even death! Look out Sharrie! And look out audience!

When I first heard the general plot of this movie I was not expecting top quality comedy, I was expecting something jokey and silly with too many bad jokes and lots of fake blood....but those expectations would have been a cinematic masterpiece worthy of an Oscar compared to what I saw in this movie! The Period is the most poorly made movie I have ever seen in my life. As much as I hated A Serbian FilmThe Beast, and The Best of Backyard Wrestling 4 - all these movies at least TRIED to be good! No such luck here. The Period looks like it was filmed by fresh-out-of-the-gate film school students on a shakey, hand-held camera, with horrific sound quality, and the dumbest plot EVER. Half of the movie makes no sense, the other half feels like it's forcing itself to be disturbing and weird....there is nothign genuine or fun about this movie! And drinking during this movie would likely induce nightmares so I don't recommend trying to make it any better. There is no redeeming quality to this movie. Do not watch this, please! Save yourself and your time, The Period is the biggest movie letdown of my year!!


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Empire Records

Empire Records is the epitome of everything I love about movies. It's got killer music, it's a 90's movie, and it's a teen-based comedy - literally everything I could ever ask for! I first discovered Empire Records when I would borrow VHS tapes by the dozens from my best friend who's Granny would tape movies for her all the time... I learned about all the classics that summer, everything from Cabaret to The Neverending Story...but Empire Records was the only movie that my best friend handed over with disgust. She HATES Empire Records to this day, and when I first approached the movie I had low expectations...which were instantly shot out of the water BECAUSE EMPIRE RECORDS IS FANTASTIC!!!

Welcome to Empire Records - an ultra hip and edgy music shop settled in a small, hip city in Delaware. Empire Records is a haven for the young adults who work in this shop - there's best friends Cory (Liv Tyler) and Gina (Renee Zellweger), artistic AJ (Johnny Whitworth), spastic Mark (Ethan Randall), and a flurry of other crazy kids who live and breathe music and the alternative lifestyle. But Empire Records is not without it's rough patches...and it's about to go through a major one.

Meet the gang at Empire Records - such a fun looking bunch!

Late one night, night manager Lucas (Rory Cochrane) was locking up the store when he made a disheartening discovery. While locking up the nightly deposit in the top drawer of owner Joe's desk, Lucas finds a contract for a Music Town Franchise Agreement. Music Town is a loser corporate record shop chain with no heart and soul...but apparently owner Joe (Anthony LaPaglia) isn't making enough money to stay open so his only option is to sell out. Well, not if Lucas can help it!

Lucas is a man with a plan, it's just not a very smart plan. 

Not thinking twice, Lucas grabs the cash stash in Joe's safe - a whopping nine grand - and heads to Atlantic City to try to turn that couple thousand into several hundred thousand that could keep Empire Records as Empire Records....but it doesn't happen that way. Lucas hits his stride and starts raking in the cash...until he loses everything. Every dime of Joe's money.....oh no! And when Joe comes in the next morning and finds that not only is the safe empty, but no deposit was made to the bank the night before...well he's far from happy. And today is not the day to make Joe unhappy.

He's going to slap that smile off your face Lucas...don't mess with Joe...

Needing to make more money, Joe has agreed to host Rex Manning Day - a day where has-been 80's pop star Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield) will set up an autograph station inside Empire Records and welcome masses of middle-aged women who will throw their cash at Empire Records for the chance to meet the heartthrob of their teen years. Rex Manning is hardly Empire Records material, but Joe's gotta do what he's gotta do. And the rest of the day is going to get more eventful from there. Cory - a closet Rex Manning fanatic - plans on losing her virginity to her idol, AJ has a secret to tell someone very special, moody Deb (Robin Tunney) draws attention to herself in a negative way, and the gang also adopts a shoplifter. All just a day in the life at Empire Records...well, while it's still Empire Records.

Is this it for Empire Records? Is Music Town on the horizon? 

This movie is crazy,zany,silly fun and I couldn't ask for a better teen comedy/coming of age movie!! Within the space of only 90 minutes we cover young love, consent, honesty, loyalty, friendship, suicide....all relevant young adult-themed topics but all introduced in a very grungy 90's fashion! This movie is like if the movie Clueless was based off of Kat and her friends from 10 Things I Hate About You! The characters in this movie are all super diverse, which makes the movie that much more fun to watch. Plus - the whole thing is set to an awesome soundtrack! We've got music from Better Than Ezra, The Cranberries, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Gwar....the list goes on and on!! A killer story, filmed in an enthusiastic and slightly spastic way, all set to an upbeat and youthful 90's soundtrack? YES PLEASE!! Empire Records is the epitome of 90's teen excellence - check it out NOW!

Grinning like an idiot BECAUSE I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

An Affair to Remember

Nick Ferrante (Cary Grant), world renowned skirt chaser, has finally done the unthinkable - he's become engaged! Ferrante's fiance Lois Clarke (Neva Patterson), the heiress to a rock and gravel company worth millions...and now she's all Nick's! So Nick sets sail from his current stay in Europe to meet his beautiful fiance in New York.

While aboard the ship, Nick happens to bump into a young woman named Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) who found his misplaced cigarette case. Nick is instantly taken by Terry's charm and spunky attitude, she's loads of fun...and someone he would enjoy having some fun with! But when Nick proposes a fun little romp while the two are aboard the ship, but Terry kindly declines as she is in a seriously committed relationship with a man she's loved for 5 years. A true pity on Nick's part but the two decide to continue to spend time aboard the ship together as friends.

They're stuck on this ship together...why not make the most of it? 

The voyage continues and the twosome spend nearly ever waking moment together, chatting and dining and indulging in cocktails. They talk endlessly about their lives, where they've lived and worked and known. Literally every single detail of their lives. But it's while spending all their time together, it suddenly dawns on Nick and Terry that it could be mistaken that they were having a love affair. Not wanting to start horrible rumors that could disrupt both of their happy relationships, So Nick and Terry decide to be more discrete about their meetings...and that is when they realize the simple truth: they love each other. Uh oh.

Sitting in separate booths isn't going to hide that fact now guys!

Nick and Terry realize the horrible mess they've made...they want to be together, they want to turn their lives around and live happily ever after together! But how can they when real life awaits them in New York City? So that is when they make a pact. Exactly 6 months after they reach New York, they are going to meet at the top of the Empire State Building in New York. If they still feel the same way as they did while aboard the ship then they will abandon their old lives and come together in New York and live out the rest of their days happily! It's perfect! But now they just need to wait for the time to pass...

It's only 6 months away...6 long months until happily ever after. 

Once back on land, Nick decides to make something of his life. Never having truly worked or made anything of himself, he decides to start painting and living off the money he makes selling his work. But he refuses to sell his pieces under his real name - he wants to be known for talent and not his womanizing fame! Meanwhile, Terry's relationship with her suitor becomes more and more strained as she confesses she's in love with someone else. The months crawl by and finally the big day comes...but a tragic accident keeps the lovers from meeting at the Empire State Building! Will they ever find one another again? Will true love prevail? Or has love been lost forever?

Oh come the water works!

The first time I ever heard of An Affair to Remember was actually years ago when I started going through all my mom's old VHS tapes from the 90's. There was a momentary clip for this movie while I was waiting for The First Wives Club, but I had no idea what it was. And then I watched Sleepless in Seattle, the classic 90's romance movie literally based on An Affair to Remember that also mentions the movie could I not be curious? Well all the hype that this movie got in Sleepless in Seattle was totally warranted. An Affair to Remember was everything I could have hoped for - the comedy was witty and sharp, the romance was passionate and deep, and the tragedy of this story was so heart wrenching....we'll just pretend I wasn't wailing like a helpless baby while watching this. If you've been holding out on seeing An Affair to Remember for whatever reason, hesitate no longer! Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are the most perfect old Hollywood couple...they make this story shine!Just don't forget to arm yourself with plenty of tissues!

I need to stop waiting forever to watch these fantastic movies! An Affair
to Remember changed my life!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Joy Ride

Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker) is so excited for summer!! Now that summer break is here and he's preparing to head home from college for a couple of months, he's also excited to reconnect with his lifelong best friend Venna (Leelee Sobieski) who happens to go to a different university in another state. While talking late one night on the phone, Venna admits that she wishes the two of them were able to drive home together - "just us two and the windshield..." - and Lewis decides that there's no better way he wants to start off his vacation. So he cashes in his plane ticket and buy a junker Chrysler and tells Venna to pack her bags, he's coming to get her! But it's while on the open road that Lewis hits an irksome speed bump.

Time for a detour Lewis!

While calling his parents from the road to let them know about the change in travel plans, he learns that his brother Fuller has been arrested in Salt Lake City and his parents desperately want Lewis to bail him out. Disgruntled at the change of plans, Lewis agrees and goes out of his way to pick up Fuller (Steve Zahn), whom he plans shoving out of the car the second he gets back on the highway to get to Venna. But instead Fuller decides he wants to head straight home and that he'll just tag along with about cramping the poor kid's style! But Fuller isn't worried about Lewis's plans and the two hit the open road, managing to have a little bit of fun along the way.

"Breaker breaker one nine, this is Black Sheep. Over"

During one of their many pit stops for snacks and gas, Fuller makes a surprise purchase: a CB radio! Now the long trip won't be nearly as dull! At first, it's all lighthearted fun. Fuller pretends to be a macho-hick truck driver going by the handle "Black Sheep" and starts up a couple conversations with some other truckers in the area, including one that goes by the handle "Rusty Nail". Fuller thinks it would be hysterical if Lewis pretended to be a woman trucker and tried to entice Rusty Nail (voiced by Ted Levine) into some sexy talk! Oh boy! At first it's all innocent...but Fuller is rolling with laughter and wants to take this prank as far as they can! So that night when they stop at a motel and have a rather rude encounter with a fellow guest, Fuller gets Lewis to arrange a meeting between Rusty Nail and "Candy Cane" at the room of the rude guest. Oh boy! Let the fun ensue!

Sure enough, the time for the meeting rolls around, and Lewis and Fuller have their ears pressed eagerly to the wall of their hotel room to listen to the encounter from next door. But instead all their hear is some muffled, angry conversation that is abruptly halted and followed by the distinct sounds of someone choking! Oh no! And sure enough, the next morning there are cops at the hotel questioning the patrons about a murder. But it wasn't Rusty Nail who lost his life, it was the rude hotel guest! Feel traumatized that their actions led to the death of an innocent bystander, Lewis and Fuller get back on the road...and Rusty Nail comes on the CB looking for Candy Cane! Not wanting anything to do with this psycho anymore, Fuller gets on the CB and tells Rusty Nail it was a joke and that they meant no harm...but Rusty Nail isn't satisfied with that answer. He wants Fuller and Lewis to feel the same humiliation he had now Lewis and Fuller have to be on the lookout while they try to book it to get Venna and get home safely. And there's nowhere to hide out on the open road....


Years and years ago, I stumbled on this movie when it was being replayed over and over on the Sci-Fi channel and I instantly fell in love! Granted, at the time I was more excited about Paul Walker's bare backside than anything else but now that I've moved past that crush I can attest to Joy Ride being a creepy, but sound horror movie! I love that it has the same high speed, unseen danger that we were introduced to in Steven Spielberg's movie Duel: we can't see our assailant but we know he's dangerous and has a really big truck! There's plenty of suspense, jumps and jolts, and gore galore - this movie is excellent early 90's horror and horror junkies are gonna love it!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Starry Eyes

Does anyone have any good, off the beaten path, horror movie recommendations? Because I need some! Every time I go to Netflix I either see the same 80's horror movies -which are great and all, but sometimes you yearn to sink your teeth into something with a slightly different texture...or all the horror movies are lame-o low budget movies that aren't even bad enough to watch. I didn't even find Starry Eyes on my own either, my fellow blogger buddy The Cinemartyr watched it with me...and it wasn't bad. But it was not what I was expecting either.

Sarah (Alex Essoe) is a bright young woman who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress! In all of her acting classes she's come out on top, and she knows she has real talent...but Hollywood isn't exactly showing her the same kind of love. She hasn't landed a single audition and the only way she's able to pay her rent is by working as a waitress at the ultra-sexed up restaurant Big Taters. But something has to be coming her way...she knows it! So she keeps sending out resumes and head shots hoping for the best. And sure enough, she gets a bite!

Waiting and wondering..."when will it be my turn?"

Sarah is contacted to audition for a horror movie called Silver Scream, and she would be reading for the role of the lead actress!! This is huge for her! She's so excited and tells all of her friends! But then the day of the audition comes. Sarah tries to read her lines but she is getting no kind of response from the casting directors who just stare vacantly at her. And Sarah cannot figure out what she is doing wrong. Flustered, she storms out of the room and takes refuge where she locks herself inside of a stall where she starts to wail and literally tear her hair from her scalp! After her tantrum subsides, Sarah goes to leave the bathroom to find one of the casting directors standing outside. Sarah is given a second chance...but she needs to act out this same frustrated episode that the producer overheard in the bathroom.

A tantrum leading to a call back? When does that ever happen? 

Feeling unsure and wary of her "performance", Sarah is determined to just forgot about the whole thing and go back to auditioning and waiting tables...but then something miraculous happens. She gets a callback! The producers want to see her again!! This is too good to be true! Finally, Sarah's episodes are good for something! But this second audition is much more weird than the first. There's the fact that it is taking place in the dead of night. And once in the room, Sarah is told to strip down naked in a pitch black room and simulate being scared to a blinding flashbulb...what is this??? Sarah is worried and a little scared...but she wants to be an actress and is prepared to do whatever it takes! And it pays off.

Stardom is right around the corner for Sarah!!

Several days after the call back, Sarah gets the call she's been waiting for. She has the part - she's going to be the lead in Silver Scream!! But what's more exciting still is when Sarah learns that Silver Scream is being made by a prestigious production company that is known for casting fresh talent that rocket into super-stardom! It's like her destiny is laid out before her! Sarah can't help but brag to her friends and even quits her horrible job, she won't be needing it once those checks start flowing in! But then she goes in to meet with the film's producer. And that's when Sarah starts to realize something is horribly wrong. The older man she meets with (Louis Dezseran) makes it abundantly clear that if Sarah wants fame she will have to do whatever it takes, she must go through a complete transformation. Is Sarah prepared? Maybe not...but she wants this more than anything, so who is to stop her?

Fame sure can change people...

So, Starry Eyes isn't the most stellar horror movie that I've seen. But it wasn't bad, it was something fun and different. The gore and music in this movie are phenomenal, really gritty and unsettling! But Starry Eyes didn't feel very original, it was like a conglomerate of movies I'd seen before - the gore and modern/Millennial feel of Contracted, the youth and transformation aspects of Twilight's Breaking Dawn: Part 1, all with the supernatural blandness of Rosemary's Baby. Like I said, Starry Eyes is not bad, it's just nothing new or different than anything else I've seen before. But it was plenty eerie which was a nice change from all the action and romance and comedy I've been watching lately. And maybe I'm just jaded and cynical! Who knows! Overall, Starry Eyes is one I would recommend if you're thirsting for some horror on Netflix but don't get your hopes up too high.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Raw Force

If you've been following some of my exploitation/shockumentary posts I'm sure that you are more than familiar with my bizarre into and re-introduction to Savage Man Savage Beast. But what I failed to mention is that, while Savage Man Savage Beast was quickly shut off at the party I was attending, it was replaced by a new movie. This new movie was some type of martial arts movie that featured tons of cheesy action, spin kicks, and naked ladies...trashy martial arts at it's finest! And so here I present some Trash-Tastic nostalgia: Raw Force, the Kung Fu sleaze extravaganza! In the flesh!

Another slice from the Grindhouse Experience pie - 3 movies down,
only 17 more to go!

Three members of the Burbank Karate Club are going on an adventure! Mike O'Malley (Geoffrey Binney), John Taylor (John Dresden), and Gary Schwartz (John Locke) have set sail along with a shipload of other martial artists to see the famed Warrior's Island. Inhabited only by monks who are said to have the powers to raise the dead, Warrior's Island is avoided by Asian locals who say that the island is haunted by the spirits of dishonored Kung Fu about the ultimate vacation destination! But this innocent trip is quickly going to become a literal fight for survival!

A vacation where you gotta fight for your life! Oh gee!!

While a couple of the Burbank boys are indulging in a little "business" at The Palace of 1,000 Pleasures, the whore house is raided by a group of police men lead by a German guy who grab all the girls and load them into the back of their police van while Taylor and O'Malley make their escape! But that wasn't before the German guy told O'Malley to avoid Warrior's Island like the Black Plague. Super weird, right? Well, the weird factor just keeps climbing from there! Taylor and O'Malley find themselves targeted in several fights...and the instigators look an awful lot like the police who raided the whore house! It turns out that the German guy and his thugs are trying to cover up a massive secret that involves Warrior's Island...but can they stop the tourists before they are found out???

Zee German has und secret....couldn't possibly have anything to 
do with all this jade sitting around...

Oh man! What a doozy! I wasn't the biggest fan of The Kid With the Golden Arm, and I really hated Ninja Checkmate...but Raw Force totally takes the cake for King of the Kung Fu Trash Heap!! Between the horrible video quality - someone adjust the tracking on my DVD! - and the insanely dull plot, I was really let down by the actual fighting and violence in this movie. Everything is overly staged and there's nothing to get caught up in or excited's just lots of Kung Fu noises with very little physical damage. Especially when our "bad ass babes" of the LAPD SWAT Team decided to bust a few moves. Wah wah! And being a sleazy action movie you'd think there would be plenty of gratuitous boobs to balance out the bland fighting....nope. Nothing spectacular here. Raw Force serves the right function for how I originally saw it - background imagery. Nothing more. There's better Kung Fu out there, see anything else but leave Raw Force on it's smelly garbage throne where it belongs!

Raw Force tried...and it also failed...oh well! On to the next!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wild Wild West

Ready for some serious nostalgia??? I was OBSESSED with Wild Wild West when it first came out on VHS back when I was in elementary school. I didn't have a crush on Will Smith, and I didn't have an affinity for Old West movies like I do now... I just seriously dug it! I remember this being a frequent watch for me alongside Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me and Predator...please don't judge my taste. But when I started buying DVDs, this ol' VHS tape sadly fell off to the wayside. Well, thankfully, when I went to revisit this movie it was just as fantastic as when I first saw it all those years ago!

In the glorious days of the old West, particularly in the year 1869, United States Army Captain James West (Will Smith) is a cowboy on a mission. After his family was involved in a mysterious mass murder in a settlement known as New Liberty, West has sworn that he would track down and find the man responsible for the death of so many freed slaves. After months of searching and hunting, West has finally found his target: former Confederate Army member General "Bloodbath" McGrath (Ted Levine). But the night that West nearly has McGrath in his clutches, his plan is knocked askew by another man trying to get his hands on McGrath: United States Marshall Artemis Gordon (Kevin Kline). Both plans are foiled and McGrath manages to get away. Shortly after this unsightly incident, both Gordon and West are called in for a meeting with the United States President who has a new assignment for them.

Their first was barely dressed and the other was in a dress. 

President Ulysses S. Grant (also Kevin Kline) explains to West and Gordon that something weird is afoot in the U.S. The country's top scientists have all been kidnapped, and a strange cake arrived at the White House along with a message to surrender the United States government...oh, and the cake is covered in live Tarantulas. Something weird and creepy is obviously afoot. And because President Grant needs his top men on the case, he's assigning both West and Gordon to work together to find the missing scientists before he is due to hammer down the final spike in the Transcontinental Railroad. Well this is sure to be interesting...

These goons gotta work together? Fantastic...

James West is a man who prefers to get his answers by force - he loves a good fist fight and any excuse to whip out his trusty pistols. Meanwhile, Artemis Gordon is a scientist and inventor who prefers the use of gadgets and disguise to help him crack his cases. These two literally couldn't be more opposite, and now they have to work together! But thanks to Gordon's book smarts and West's street smarts, the two are able to put together a series of clues and find that their man "Bloodbath" McGrath also has his hand in on the missing scientists...what could possibly be going on? Also accompanied by a beautiful young woman named Rita (Selma Hayek) who is searching for her father, one of the missing scientists, the threesome start travelling across the country from New Orleans all the way to Utah to learn the truth about why these scientists have all gone missing...and what spiders have to do with anything...

With everything West and Gordon are trying to solve, why not
throw an 80-foot mechanical spider on top of it all?!

Wow!! Can we talk about how fantastic this movie is?? Despite the fact that it's based off of a 1960's television show, the plot and the overall story are really killer! This movie effortlessly blends this Wild West-Science Fiction-Steampunk hybrid together into this uproarious, action-packed comedy... I'm already raring to watch it again! Kevin Kline and Will Smith are the ultimate opposites-attract, dynamic duo, and they play brilliantly off of each other. And can we please address the CGI in this movie??? How is it that a movie made back in 1999 has special effects that look a billion times more fine-tuned than those used in movies now, in 2016??? This is why we must never forget all the amazing things that the 90's gave us! There once was beautiful CGI and well-plotted stories storming the theaters, and Wild Wild West was one of them!! Fans of Westerns, Sci-Fi, Will Smith, and action comedies need to revisit this classic!