Monday, July 28, 2014


I feel like this movie is hugely responsible for a big part of my personality. I'm a major book worm, even as a kid I loved reading books and turning pages and just having them with me. I think this was because of Matilda. I mean, what little girl doesn't secretly hope for some kind of special bond with the spunky heroine of a movie? But it's not just the book worm thing that stuck with me. Some of the songs used in this song will come back to me at weird intervals of my life and bring a smile to my face, and this movie always makes me want pancakes. Even though I hate pancakes. If you haven't guessed by now, Matilda is infectiously magical in many ways. 

Born to Harry (Danny DeVito) and Zinnia (Rhea Perlman) Wormwood, young Matilda (Mara Wilson) always knew that fitting into her family wasn't something that would be easy for her. Her dad Harry was a sleazy car salesman who sold barely functioning cars at ridiculously inflated prices and her mom Zinnia only left the house to play bingo. Her parents and her older brother pretty much go about their lives as though Matilda wasn't there, but in a way this helped her greatly. From the age of 2, the young girl learned how to take care of herself - dress, bathe, even cook for herself! But that's not all Matilda learned to do. 

Matilda is a rather extraordinary young girl!

On top of knowing how to make pancakes and properly dress herself, Matilda also taught herself how to read. She read everything in the house that she could get her hands on, which didn't take long. And that was when Matilda started going to the library after the rest of her family left the house for the day. She walked 10 blocks, pulling her little red wagon behind her, and on each trip she filled it to the brim with all kinds of books to read. Yes, Matilda loved her books and she loved to learn - but none of these things could cover up the fact that she felt so terribly alone. She had no friends and no one she could talk to. But that was soon about to change. 

Having recently sold a rather unstable car to a woman who acted as principal for a local elementary school, Matilda was gained admission to the school as part of her father's sales agreement. Matilda is overjoyed at the idea of being in a real learning environment and being able to make friends - it's going to be a dream come true! And then she arrives at the school called Crunchem Hall. The building is dark and creepy looking, which is a direct reflection of the wicked woman who runs it. The principal Ms. Trunchbull (Pam Ferris) is a vengeful woman who hates children, she loves punishing them and tormenting them. Upon meeting her Matilda is terrified that her teacher will be just as wicked and frightening. And then she meets Miss Honey. 

With a principal this evil, could any of the teachers be nice? Here's hoping!

Miss Honey (Embeth Davidtz) is the complete opposite of Ms. Trunchbull, she is kind and good and loves teaching and the children she gets to work with. Matilda instantly loves her and wants to do all she can to stand out in her eyes. And Miss Honey instantly recognizes Matilda's incredible gifts for learning and her genius mind - she wants nothing more than to see this brilliant young girl succeed! Matilda excels in her classes, and Miss Honey gives her private reading assignments that are more on her freakishly advanced reading level. But all is not roses. Matilda has a difficult time blending in during Ms. Trunchbull's rants and is often singled out when she tries to stand up for her friends who are being picked on. And that is how Matilda discovers that she has magical powers! In order to defend the people she cares about, she uses her anger toward these mean people to make objects around her move. And she plans to drive Ms. Trunchbull away by using them and freeing everyone at Cruchem Hall from her reign of terror!

With the help of her friends and Miss Honey, Matilda is taking the Trunchbull down!

This movie is probably the first indicator in my life that I have a love for kitschy things - the set designs, music choices, and filming style of this movie all come together to create a super fun retro style that I love! The characters are over the top but still wildly fun for both children and adults. Fans of Roald Dahl's other stories that have been turned into movies like James and the Giant Peach, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will absolutely LOVE Matilda. And if you're like me and used to love this movie growing up, I recommend revisiting it. Now that I'm all grown up, I feel like I appreciate it even more now!

I'm happy to have this movie in my life again. Now let's make pancakes. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thir13en Ghosts

This is a movie that I immediately latched on to in my early days of falling in love with horror movies. I actually loved this one so much that I convinced my mom to buy it for me on VHS...but she didn't realize how violent and gory it was so a few months later she threw it away without me knowing. So rude! But now I've bought my own copy, and I'm pretty sure I've worn the disc really thin because this one I can't just watch one time through - I have to watch the movie, nerd-out over all the bonus features, and then watch the movie a few more times! Sure, it's not the greatest horror movie ever made but it definitely gets my adrenaline pumping!

I love the original and I love the remake - but I love both for VERY different reasons.

Math teacher Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) and his family are struggling. Barely able to cover all their bills with his teacher's salary, Arthur struggles with raising his two children Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and Bobby (Alec Roberts) as a single father. A couple years ago, Arthur lost his beloved wife Jean in a house fire and since then he hasn't been able to pull things together. He hired a spit-fiery nanny, Maggie (Rah Digga), to help out around their apartment but it's still tough. But maybe Arthur's luck is about to change.

A lawyer (JR Bourne) comes to the Kriticos house one morning while everyone is preparing for the day with some jarring news: Arthur's estranged uncle Cyrus Kriticos (F. Murray Abraham) has passed away and left his home to Arthur and his family. Wow! Just what they needed, a new home to help them start over! But this house is unlike anything they could have ever expected. Aside from the fact that it's furnished with beautiful artifacts collected from around the world, the house is made entirely out of glass walls - you can see from one end of the house to the other. And the walls are covered in Latin writing. But aside from these weird things, the house is a total dream! And Arthur is seriously considering moving in...until the electrician who asked to come into the house to check out the circuits reveals his true identity. And the truth about this house.

It's beautiful, but there are some skeletons in this house's closets! Ha ha...

The electrician is actually a man named Dennis Rafkin (Matthew Lillard) and he used to work with Arthur's uncle. Dennis was contracted by Cyrus because he is able to sense spiritual energy, and was used to help him hunt down and capture ghosts. Yes, ghosts. Dennis didn't know why but with every ghost he helped capture dozens of people lost their lives and Dennis often became physically sick because of all the hateful energy surrounding these trapped souls. And now that Dennis is inside this house, he knows exactly what Cyrus was doing. The ghosts are all held captive in containers in the basement of the house, and when they entered with the key the house came to life like a machine - one by one, each of these ghost containers opens and the ghosts are released into the house. But there is a purpose behind these ghosts being released into the house.

This house acts like an elaborate machine, a machine that feeds off the energy of these ghosts and can allow you to see into the future, but until all these ghosts are called together to make this happen they are running wild in the house looking to murder any living thing that comes into their pathway. And that just so happens to be Arthur, his family, and Dennis! And right now everyone is running around in different parts of the house...oh, and the walls of the house all keep moving and shifting to accommodate the opening of the ghost cells! Great! So now Arthur and Dennis need to find the rest of his family and find a way out of the house before they get killed by a ghost. But a surprising loop gets thrown into the mix when a woman (Embeth Davidtz) reveals herself and asks for help to stop the machine and release the souls of the house. Save the souls of the vengeful death or the living? Why not both!

Better move quickly, if you don't have the glasses they can still get at you!

If you are comparing this movie with it's original 1960's version they are as different as can be. While 13 Ghosts of the 60s is very fun, playful, and doesn't have too many jumps and jolts - this 2001 re-vamping is INSANELY gory, violent, and eerie! But both are lovable for very different reasons. Especially since this movie was designed to be a remastering, it wasn't supposed to pay homage to the original film so much as branch off and become a different extension of it. Much like the original 1981 Evil Dead compared to it's 2013 remake. If you love a good gory horror movie that pays special attention to terror, the ghosts themselves, and still has a bit of a heartfelt tenderness to it - similar to The Haunting then I totally recommend this one for you!

Once a favorite, always a favorite. This movie NEVER gets old for me!

Friday, July 25, 2014

13 Ghosts

I bought this movie a few months back after I made an amazing discovery at my aunt's house. My aunt is notorious for saving everything and during one visit I was going through her scrapbooks - she had all kinds of cool stuff! A ticket stub from seeing The Beatles back in the 60s, newspaper articles she was featured in for all her academic accomplishments, but one thing stood out to me more than anything else. She had an original "ghost viewer" that was handed out to audiences who saw 13 Ghosts in theaters! I was so amazed that I took a picture intending to save it for this post...but then I lost all the pictures from my phone. And while I don't have the photographic proof, I still think it's pretty awesome that this is one of those kitschy horror movies that featured special promo items for the movie-goers. How neat!

This isn't hers but this is what the viewer my aunt had looked like. 
How cool is this??

Cyrus Zorba (Donald Woods), better known as Cy, is a professor of paleontology who has been pretty down on his luck lately. Barely able to cover the expenses for himself, his wife Hilda (Rosemary De Camp)and their two children; Medea (Jo Morrow) and Buck (Charles Herbert), Cy gets a call from his wife on the day of their son's birthday to learn that all the furniture in their home has been repossessed again because they weren't able to cover their bills again! Yikes! Cy doesn't get paid for another month, and still has more bills to pay on top of trying to get his family's furniture back. But maybe with some help from Buck, Cy's problems will all be solved. 

That night while Buck is blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, the boy wishes for a house that was all theirs with furniture in it. And no sooner does he say his wish aloud that there comes a knock at the door -  a telegram asking Cy to report to the office of Attorney Benjamin Rush in the morning. Cy and Hilda are both worried that a collections agency has hired a lawyer to come after them, but their luck finally turns around! Cy's estranged Uncle Plato Zorba has recently passed away and has left his house, with all the furnishings, to Cy and his family! How wonderful is that! But like most wonderful gifts, there's a catch. And that catch is that there are ghosts in the house. Yep, the Zorbas have just inherited a haunted house. 

A sprawling, furnished mansion with a few ghosts...what's so scary about that?

Not thinking too much about what Ben Rush told them at the meeting about the ghosts, Cy and Hilda waste no time moving Buck and Medea into the house...but it soon becomes apparent there are indeed ghosts in the house. But what's more bizarre than the ghosts being in the house is that belated Uncle Plato lured them there! Apparently Uncle Plato was very interested in the supernatural and had the idea that if you could see a ghost that you could control it to an extent, so he lured spirits into his home to further study them. And that was how he created a pair of glasses that allowed you to see the ghosts - which is exactly the case for Cy and Buck when they see multiple spirits lurking in the house! And these ghosts are mean too!

These ghosts are hogging the kitchen...better not try to kick them out though!

The ghosts mean to harm the Zorba family, but Cy and Hilda aren't willing to let go of the free house. So they try to find a way to get them out of the house. They use a Ouija board, try letting the ghosts go about their own business - they even hold a seance trying to contact them and ask what they want! But nothing seems to help. Cy doesn't want to leave the house and put his family back in severe financial trouble again, but how can they sell a haunted house? Or maybe the house isn't really haunted...and someone close to the Zorba family is just trying to distract them from a hidden treasure buried within the house...

Keep those specs on if you want to find that treasure and avoid those ghosts!

This movie wasn't quite what I anticipated, but I still enjoyed it! I thought it would be more similar to the 2001 remake titled Thir13en Ghosts, that the plot would be more similar and there would be more terror and danger. But comparing these two movies is kind of like comparing apples to oranges, yes both are horror movies but this one is more about spectacle and fun than gore and terror. I love the 60s era tricks used in this movie: airborne inanimate objects, the fact that it was originally shot in 3D, and the overlay photography used to give the idea of transparent ghosts. This movie is fun with plenty of innocent jumps and thrills! Great for classic horror movie fans!

Love this classic horror movie, now I can't wait to 
rewatch the 2001 remake!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

House of the Dead

When I picked up this movie I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. Judging by the pictures of the case I had the idea that this was going to be some kind of horror hybrid that hopefully had elements of Hellraiser and the Saw movies - pretty cool, right?? I was totally wrong. Instead of being met with some gory, nightmare I found myself thinking "If this isn't a Trash-Tastic milestone, I don't what is!" And so this Trash-Tastic Thursday I bring you something completely different than what I've encountered before: a trashy movie based on a video game!

My soul twin Mel convinced me to play The House of the Dead nearly a
year ago and it was fun...I'm glad I played it before seeing this movie though.

A group of Seattle teens make plans to head to a giant rave they've heard about that's supposed to be taking place at an island in the San Juans, but because of their tardiness they end up convincing the captain of a fishing boat to give them a ride. Sure, this means that captain is going to miss his meeting with the Coast Guard but it's not his first run-in with the law so he happily takes the teens aboard. But once they get to the island, it's clear that something is wrong. This island is supposed to be hosting a massive dance party, and there is literally no person to be found on the island. An it doesn't help that the first mate on the fishing boat keeps muttering something about this island having the nickname Island of the Dead. But oh well! The teens leave the ship and decide to go exploring anyway!

"Hey guys, check out this old book! Maybe we can find the answers in here!"
Hmmm...didn't you learn ANYTHING from Evil Dead??

It doesn't take long before all the teens figure out that there's a reason no party-goers are to be found on the island - the whole place is crawling with zombies!! This island is obviously cursed but the zombies outnumber the remaining humans so greatly that there is likely no chance for escape - what are they going to do? Simple, the survivors of the continuous zombie attacks all take refuge inside this enormous castle and decide to wait for help to come...which doesn't happen because the zombies keep popping out of the woodwork! And it's in the catacombs of this castle that the reason behind the zombie infestation of the island is revealed. A man from Spain with great magical powers has been hiding out here and creating these zombies so that he can have eternal life. Super. Is anyone going to leave this island alive? Probably not, but there's nothing wrong with trying!

Getting away from this freak would be task number one!

This movie is a strange combination of kind of good and painfully terrible. Some of the gore and action and suspense is pretty good, but then these shining moments are countered with terrible acting, lame-o CGI, and a soundtrack that doesn't have the "get pumped" factor that I think this movie was looking for. Acting as a prequel to the video game House of the Dead, I would say that the game totally didn't need this movie to exist. The plot isn't very creative, and it doesn't lend a lot of back story that would usually make the game more appealing to play. I've played the game and it was cool, but I would still think the game is worth playing without this movie being a thing in the universe. So I'm not sure what to tell you... if you're interested in horror/action movies with moderately alright gore scenes and pretty lame techno-rock soundtracks then you are free to give this one a go. But don't get your hopes up.

A bit of a stinker...might go good with a few cocktails though!

Oh, and because I have to mention it...this is another movie the mind of Uwe Boll. Yes, the same mastermind who birthed killer movies like Rampage and Stoic...but also barfed Blubberella into existence as well. Man, Uwe...pull yourself together!

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Lots of good stuff on Real Punk Radio tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Walked With a Zombie

Several years ago when I started buying mass quantities of DVDs I remember coming to the realization that I could buy horror movies and feed my quest for my next big scare. What an exciting revalation! And because of this revelation I remember that my first haul not only included tons of vintage horror, but also 6 Val Lewton movies! I was first introduced to Val Lewton's work when I rented Cat People and from there I didn't question anything his name was on, I was hooked! After that I saw Bedlam and The Curse of the Cat People, and I have been equally pleased with all of these movies. So I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that I am just as pleased with I Walked With a Zombie.

My mini collection of Val Lewton movies - check out my previous

Nurse Betsy Connell (Frances Dee) has taken on a very glamorous assignment for a woman in the medical field - she has been contracted by a wealthy family in the West Indies who are searching for someone to take care of one of their sick members. And it's hard for Betsy to resist the idea of working in a tropical environment where palm trees and sandy beaches are just a normal way of life. So without much hesitation, Betsy boards a ship for the island of Saint Sebastian to meet the Holland-Rand family.

Betsy only signed on for a nursing job...she ended up getting involved in so much more!

Paul Holland (Tom Conway) and his brother Wesley Rand (James Ellison) own and operate the sugar mill on Saint Sebastian, an island where their family is in the minority in a world where the entire population is made up of colored servants who work in the cane fields and at the sugar mill. And it's Paul Holland's wife that Betsy is to be tending to. After being stricken down by a nasty tropical fever, Jessica Holland (Christine Gordon) fell into a vegetative state. She can obey simple commands but other than that Jessica cannot speak or show any sign that she wants to communicate and is completely devoid of emotion - Betsy's job is to look after her diet and exercise and make sure that Jessica doesn't wander into any trouble. Easy enough right? Everything always starts out that way...

Dressed in white and silently wandering like a ghost...

After only a couple days on the island, Betsy soon learns that there was some serious family drama happening in the family before Jessica took ill. Apparently, Jessica and Wesley had fallen madly in love with each other but once Paul found out the two were separated and Jessica became ill before any further action could be taken. A devoted husband, Paul still sees to it that Jessica is taken care of but Wesley still slinks around mourning for his lost love. Betsy does her best to stay uninvolved in the private matters of the family, but as her own mounting feelings for Paul begin to build she finds it hard to stay distant and not work to make him happy. But the only thing that will make Paul happy is to see Jessica get well and return to Betsy decides to make that her selfless mission.

Paul and Wesley's mother Dr. Rand (Edith Barrett) is the practicing doctor on the island and Betsy seeks her out to see if anything can be done for Jessica's condition. Apparently this isn't the first time someone has asked, but Dr. Rand is kind and tells Betsy that there is no way Jessica can be brought back to her previous state of being and chuckles about Jessica being a "zombie", not quite dead but not quite living. But then Dr. Rand lets slip something that triggers a new adventure for Betsy. The slaves on the island, all of whom are direct descendants of the slaves brought on the ships from Africa, all believe in and practice voodoo rituals. Betsy has never heard of voodoo before but is amazed to learn that the slaves all believe that their ceremonies and superstitions can cure any ailment - and possibly even Jessica's! But now Betsy has to figure out how to get Jessica to their priestess for help without the rest of the family finding out and firing her! But voodoo is not something to get trifled with, as Betsy quickly learns...

Voodoo is not something to be trifled with Betsy!

This movie is a solid classic horror movie, but it does have some elements that I wanted more of. Firstly, this movie is barely an hour long and wish it could have had more packed into it! And secondly, I wanted more shadow and darkness - this movie seemed to focus more heavily on the family drama in the beginning and saved all the creepy voodoo stuff for the most end part of the movie. But despite these minute details, I absolutely adore this movie! I love the acting, the ease with which the story unfolds, and the tense suspense moments! This movie is great for a cloudy day and a lazy afternoon, not enough starts to make you jittery but just enough to keep you intrigued and engaged.

Forever a Val Lewton fan - can't wait to watch the other 3 movies I've been stockpiling!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's so crazy to think that this time last year I was freshly tattooed with John Wayne's portrait on my leg - it's amazing how time flies! And it's even more amazing that somehow I became anointed as the family John Wayne obsess-ee? Since last year I've acquired some of his movies, but I've been gifted more of his movies as well as a giant portrait of The Duke, and his signature that was given to me by my Great Aunt Elvina. I may not be the biggest John Wayne fan in the world but thanks to everyone around me, I'm definitely on my way ha ha! And I can't complain because I love The Duke's movies, just like this classic from my childhood.

A portrait, movies, my tattoo, phone case, photos and even John Wayne's signature!
I'm not the biggest John Wayne fan in the world but it looks like I'm on my way!

John Chisum (played by John Wayne) owns the largest plot of land in Lincoln County, New Mexico but he's by no means a selfish man. On top of also owning vast herds of horses and cattle, the Pecos river runs right through the center of Chisum's property which he has allowed other ranchers in the area to irrigate so they can water their land and animals as well. Chisum believes in helping your neighbor, but some people have other ideas about what needs to be done with his land. Lawrence Murphy (Forrest Tucker) has come to Lincoln County and sees the land as having massive potential - so much room for booming business in stock and trade and manufacturing...but he can't do any of those things with Chisum owning so much land. But Chisum won't accept a buy-out so Murphy has to figure out a different way to get the stubborn rancher off his hands...

This is his land, and John Chisum isn't letting go easily.

It all started innocently enough, Murphy passed word along to some bandits to steal some of Chisum's livestock and preoccupy him while Murphy swoops in to take over his property. But that doesn't work, and what made it worse is that an innocent man got hurt. Henry Tunstall (Patric Knowles) was a kindly man who lived in the county and had taken on a former outlaw as his protege. That outlaw had once been known as Billy the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel) but Tunstall did the best he could to educate him in the ways of reading and manners so Billy the Kid simply became William Bonney. But when Tunstall found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was shot dead by a couple of Murphy's cronies. And this sets William off the deep end. Abandoning everything Tunstall ever taught him, William is hell-bent on exacting revenge on Murphy and his men - but he has reverted back to his outlaw ways instead of seeking justice. So now its up to Chisum to intervene and save Lincoln County from Murphy and William Bonney, and to save William Bonney from himself!

If it were up to William, he'd let this city burn.

Loosely based on the Lincoln County land war, this is a great classic western. Per usual, John Wayne plays the infallible hero who conquers over the evil men and imparts wisdom and kindness on the lost souls of the territory. There are some awesome action scenes, sweet romance between some adorable young lovers at a town formal, and the ending shoot-out of this movie takes some shocking turns that tie this movie up with an amazing finale! John Wayne fans who love his later movies, and those who love classic westerns will also enjoy this movie. And how can you hate a movie that has it's own theme song?

Another killer John Wayne movie, and one with a great song to boot!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have something embarrassing to say. For some reason I thought that this movie was a sequel to WYATT EARP up until a couple of years ago. And now that I've re-watched both of them I feel like a total bone head. How can Tombstone possibly be a sequel when Wyatt Earp ends WITH THE END of Wyatt Earp's life?? Man, I think I need to get my head examined. This weekend has been extremely stressful, I'm babysitting some rather high maintenance dogs in the land of no cell service or wifi and I did good by choosing this movie to unwind with. Tombstone is one of the most INSANELY epic Westerns I have ever seen in my entire life. 

Following along with the happenings of the legendary Wyatt Earp, our story begins with Wyatt's need to get away from law enforcement and try to create a better life for himself and his brothers. Wyatt (Kurt Russell) alongside his older brother Virgil (Sam Elliot) and Morgan (Bill Paxton) have decided to distance themselves from their famed peacemaking ways in Kansas and start life anew in Tombstone, Arizona. Silver mining has just become a booming business in the desert town and Tombstone is building upward and becoming a well-established city for class and those who strike it rich. Wyatt figures that with the help of his brothers, they can find a way to get their hands on some of this easy cash and live comfortably in the Arizona sun for the rest of their lives. But there's one problem: The Cowboys.

So much for the nice small town the Earps had hoped to settle down in!

The Cowboys are a band of outlawed rough riders who all band together with the same low principles: take what you want, the law can't touc you. And to some extent it's true - the Cowboys have grown so large in numbers that most deputies and marshalls let them get away with murder, literally, as so not to stir up too much trouble. But that's not the way the Earps have ever done business, and they are not shy about this fact. Wyatt and his brothers are actually approached multiple times by the county marshall and Tombstone's mayor to get involved in law enforcement for the town yet again. But Wyatt is convinced that their future is paved with silver instead of handcuffs so he continues to decline. His brother Virgil on the other hand cannot help but feel a tug at his heart...

These desperados aren't looking to make life in Tombstone quiet!

Virgil feels helpless whenever he looks into the eyes of the people of Tombstone - he has a history in keeping the public safe, and it's hard to deny what he feels in his heart. So against Wyatt's wishes, both Virgil and Morgan agree to take over the reigns of Tombstone and try to set things right. But this angers the Cowboys,and especially angers their leader Curly Bill Brocious (Powers Boothe). This is Curly Bill's town! No one is going to take that from him, and no man would be fool enough to stand against the Cowboys! Wyatt is also enraged by his brothers' decisions to right the wrongs of Tombstone - it's none of thier business! But when the Cowboys start taking dirty shots and hitting too close to home, Wyatt realizes what needs to be done. 

"You tell 'em I'm coming, and Hell's coming with me!"

With his younger brother murdered and his older brother left crippled, Wyatt has decided to call down the thunder. Any man wearing the trademark red sash of the Cowboys is fair game to be shot down in cold blood, Wyatt has guaranteed this. Armed with his famed Peacemaker rifle, Wyatt is joined by former members of the Cowboy band who have seen the light and his trusted best friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) to bring justice to Tombstone and end the tyranny of this wicked gang. And through this venture, Wyatt will learn the true meanings of love, friendship, family, and duty. 

Hell hath no fury...

As much as I love Wyatt Earp - which is a whole lot - I love Tombstone even more! It is weird seeing these familiar characters begin played by such different actors though. I always have Kurt Russell pinned in my mind as this hunky action actor from the 80s who stole my heart in John Carpenter's The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China, but I loved his strong performance as Wyatt Earp! Amazing! Plus, what Western fan in this world doesn't automatically love a movie starring Sam Elliot? It's basically a law of the universe. Overall the acting and actors in this movie are spectacular as well as the beautiful setting, the well-written plot, the jaw-dropping suspense, and the adrenaline filled soundtrack. Nothing about this movie sucks, it's totally goosebump-inducing and every second of it is picture perfect. 

Smiling like an idiot because this movie is SUPERB!!